Take your pants out for a walk! PAP

it's 1 in the morning

Summer vacation is perfect for what?

summer SAD

Give us your best ALPACA pun

muhammed al-paca punch


Would you want to bike the Tour de France?

too lazy

Scale of 1 to 10 how crazy are u?

um 11

When you are super bored, how many times you open the refridgerator?

probably once, if ever

When has science been wrong?

idk tbh probably when they thought the world was flat. is that science. i dont Care

Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

all day every day

What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone?

i'd try to find a way to return it to them. i'd be very curious to see if they had any other celebrity contacts, but i don't think i'd look without their knowledge

#selfiesunday PAP

i havent taken a decent selfie in months so have this one from my laptop

PAP your favourite Pokemon!

this question said "what nerdy theme would your wedding have?" and when i opened it it said "pap your favorite pokemon." idk which one to answer so i'm gonna answer both.

1: i don't want a nerdy theme but if i had to pick one it'd be uuuhhh game of thrones themed. why not.

2: i don't play much pokemon but i think ditto is cute so here

Which are you: very fun or just immature? What's the difference?

i like to think i'm very fun. fun people have better judgement of when it's appropriate to act certain ways than those who are just immature. i can't be around people who are immature for long. i start to lose brain cells

Name your favorite french snack!

lemon tarts! i also love beignets n cheese

How would you change your name to make life a lot more fun?

idk i like the names jude and june/juniper. maybe those

What is your fave sweatpants brand?

all of them

Is there a story behind your profile picture? What is it?

i looked cute. i took a pic with the dog filter

Why do you or don't you smile back at strangers?

i do sometimes. i don't if i'm not in a good mood or if they look like they want me dead. i do smile though bc it might make them feel better idk

Do you think forgetting is the ultimate revenge?


Have you ever given up on someone? Why?

yes. i've given up on some people because they just don't change. you can't force someone to change, even if it is for the better.

What do you know to be true?

that death is inevitable

Tell us about your first kiss!

it has yet to happen pls chill

PAP your before and after!

...before and after what?

What do fireworks make you think of?


Name something from the past that you hold on to!


Aliens are coming - what peace offering do you bring them?



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