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What is the most exotic place you have been to?

idfk, epcot at disneyworld

Describe a perfect night out!

idk me and my friends go to eat, shop, and see a movie a lot. so i guess that. an alternative: going to your friend/SO's house to eat junk food n watch stuff and listen to music together. my perfect night out is a night in somewhere else, i guess

Who is the most underrated ASKfm user?


Where one can find the truth?

within themselves

What's the best way to apologize?

recognize what you've done wrong, analyze it, figure out how you can continue friendship or whatever with the person without doing that again, sincerely apologize to the person, perhaps offer to do something for them??

Who are you in a parallel universe?


PAP your favorite view!

im too lazy but anywhere from the highest point

What you know that others don't?

why would i tell you! then others would know

Do-over day! Tell us about three things you would do differently!

- not get into that one relationship
- not eat so much growing up
- idk maybe exercise more

What is the most interesting invention?

the internet. it's so amazing that my oldest friends live across the country from me and i've never even touched them

Who has the most beautiful eyes?


What was the last thing you got for free?

a pin from american eagle. it's actually a really nice pin. real cute

Are you living your dream?

no lol

When was the last time you spent an entire day without your phone? What did you do?

i honestly couldn't tell you the last time i went without my phone for a day was probably in middle school when i had no friends and an alltel scoop

Which fictional character would you date?

jon snow

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Describe your neighborhood!

too many kids, at least two of them own guns, a guy was shot on the street adjacent to mine a few years ago. it's swell

What are you good at that nobody knows?

concealing my crying whimpers

Do you believe in happy endings?

no. i believe things fall into place, whether they're happy or not. things can't be in limbo forever

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

filler words, "(my) dude," and in some cases swear words

Have you ever been overdressed to an event? Post a pic!

i dont have a pic but i wore the only dress i own to an event (forgot what it was for) and felt extremely overdressed but w/e it was all i had

What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?


What is at the same time funny and sad?

funny memories you have with those who are now deceased

What are you really curious about?

if there really is nothing after death

What makes you feel really uncomfortable?



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