KEBAB-bey ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @alansleep
on more than one account, i have seen a french fry on the floor and have been tempted to eat it
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What do you think is the new online trend right now?
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
skype, twitter, tumblr, instagram, line play, vine, and facebook
Have you seen anything weird lately?
my own artwork
At what age you kissed for the first time?
i have not
Which is your song of the week?
probabbly....... hacker by death grips
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
my ex broke up with me because he said i was too weird
What is the last thing you picked up off the ground?
a red and sparkly doll-sized high heel shoe
If you could own any building in the world, which one would it be?
the statue of liberty. .. .....???? i don't know
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
me and danny sexbang. obviously. ;-*
What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?
the obvious
How would you describe your perfect sandwich?
idk i dont rly like sandwiches but i'll eat them
Who knows you the best?
Beardo from Animal Crossing
What is one thing you will never do again?
i was about to make this about a past relationship but who cares
Post a picture of your pet!
idk which one you'd prefer so here's a pic of one of my dogs
Post a picture of your pet!
What is the next big thing that will blow people’s minds?
universal blow jobs
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
mika or danny sexbang
If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?
How does society brainwash the youth?
very easily
Which celebrity you would follow on
Why do people kill each other?
i don't know. various reasons.
Post a selfie!
Post a selfie!
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
i cant download anything onto my laptop because it is a chromebook and it is garbage
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
no one probably lol
Why do zombies attack?
food??? white people are out of control
What is your relationship status?
lonely and a little bit hungry