KEBAB-bey ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @alansleep
valar morghulis
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
still. not a big carbonation person
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
the one mother nature gave me when i was about twelve
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
i don't remember a favorite one
What is your best feature?
all of them
What is the weirdest word in your language?
ALL of them
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
How do you communicate most with your friends?
i don't tbh
Post a picture of your shoes!
im barefoot
Can you truly love more than one person?
absolutely. in more than just one or two contexts, actually.
What would be the title of your autobiography?
What would be the title of your autobiography?
Do you play an instrument? Which?
my vocal chords
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
i dnt have 1
Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
Post a 360 video of where you are right now!
????????/ i can't
What is your favorite type of flower?
all of them
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
too little
What's your favorite holiday?
probably christmas or halloween
if your boyfriend had a foot fetish, would you let him lick your feet?
sure why not
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
i've never seen star wars
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
what the hell is instavideo
Do you prefer vintage or new?
If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?
a camera that would hold up well in space
What is your favorite sport to play?
What do you splurge on?
Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
school, my parents' bed, the couch