Aleah LeBeouf @aleahlebeouf
Aleah LeBeouf @aleahlebeouf
If anyone asks me a question about Noahs mother it wont be answered. Its irrelevant to me and no one elses business. (: but othed than that--ask away!
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How do you feel sweetie?
Much better. Thanks for asking (:
if you woke up one day, years down the road and your diabetes was all of a sudden gone, would you ever want to have another child? maybe when Peyton and Noah are older?
Idk, really. I don't spend my time wondering about "what its", I'm diabetic and I'll always be diabetic.
How dose pey & noah interact ?
Great! Noah loves Pey so much it'd unreal. And Pey thinks Noah is just the funniest kid ever. She loves to watch him run around and laugh with him.
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I don't get why people say Noah's not your son! He is your son just as much as Pey is your daughter, even if you and him aren't biologicially related. People should see that that handsome little guy has an extra person in his life who loves him very much, and that is a good situation all around.
Nobody can tell me he's not my son. I did EVERYTHING for that kid and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Noah and I have grown together. I'm the one who had him everyday ALL winter when he's sick back to back. I've cleaned up his puke multiple times. I put band aids on his boo boos and made them better. I potty trained him. I worked with him on his sign language. Whenever he was in the hospital with pneumonia I NEVER left his side and when he begged me to sleep in the hospital bed with him; I cuddled him close. He's my first baby and all of these people saying he isn't weren't the ones who stepped up to do what's best for him so eff them.
you went to middle school with Sam Tevlin? holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yupp. We hung out quite a bit. I went to her baby shower, too.
Do you mind explaining the hospital visit? Hope you get some sleep tonight
My inset (where the tube from my pump goes in my skin) was bent and didn't go through the skin. So I wasn't getting any insulin for like 10 hours and I didn't even know it. So I started to go into diabetic ketoacidosis which is a deadly diabetes complication where my blood starts to become acidic. Its hard to explain. I usually have to stay at least a day in the hospital but they were really diligent and got me outta there and home to my babies. (:
When did you and Shawn meet? When did you become bf and gf?
We met in April of 2011 & started dating July 23, 2011.
Do you feel comfortable around Shawn when you don't feel you look your best? Like on "lazy" days?
Everyday is my lazy day & I don't give a damn what Shawn thinks. Lol I'm too busy dealing w two small humans to have time to fix myself up.
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How old is Peyton in your ask profile pic
I think like two or three months! Not 100% sure.
would you say contractions or pushing hurts worse?
Contractions for me cause I did it for so long w no pain meds.
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Is it scary having a newborn? I feel like I'll be a nervous wreck and won't know what to do
Its scary the first couple says when you and your baby are just getting to know each other. But the longer time goes on the easier it gets..
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Can we have a pic of Noah? :)
Sure can (:
Can we have a pic of Noah? :)
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My friends sons name is Peyton. It works just as well for a girl.
It's unisex. People are acting like I named my daughter David lmao
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You have such a pretty complexion. Do you use face wash? What about foundation?
Nope. I was just blessed with good skin. I probably get a pimple every two years. Lol
You're extremely pretty !
Awe. You're making me blush! But thank you. (:
I'm watching your episode. Why didn't you take Peyton when you guys got into it?
I had her at my moms for two days prior to the fight. He hadn't seen her so that's why he wanted to keep her that night. But we actually met up that night and talked things out. So I didn't leave Peyton at all.
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Has Shawn got any more speeding tickets? Lol
Nope. (: he's been a good boy!
What tv show do you play in?
16 & Pregnant
I'm seriously getting the biggest kick out of reading all these questions people are asking you. I just made an account, and this is hilarious! you're a great mother, and nobody can tell you different!!  Samantha Millette
Exactly! I just laugh it off. Lol
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From what I've seen you're an amazing mom to both of your children and a great role model! You're so sweet. Sending love from Germany! :)
Thanks! ((:
Aleah I'm so sorry you're sick hope you feel better soon.
Awe! Thanks. I'll bounce back soon. (: always do!
I felt for you in your episode when Noah wanted to come with you and you told him "not my call to make." Does it bother you that you don't have those rights?
Of course it does. But really, I probably could have taken him with me and Shawn wouldn't of cared cause he was at work but I didn't want Shawn's mom to flip so I just told him id see him in a little bit and I wouldn't be gone long.
I was raised by someone who started dating my father after I was born because my mother left us to start a new family with someone else. We have the same last name because she married my dad and that's enough. She didn't adopt me but it doesn't matter, she is my mother. These people are so silly.
Someone doesn't have to birth a child to be a mother. I lost sleep, changed diapers, cleaned up throw up, potty trained, and THATS what makes me a mom. (:
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Aleah you're so sweet always, I wouldn't waste time answering these questions from people who are clearly just trying to get a rise out of you. Of course you want to defend your children but they're seriously not worth your time.
It's funny for a while! But then it gets just down right annoying. I can only listen to dumb shit for so long before it just irks my nerves.
The more questions I read the more and more I like you. Great mom and person, way to not let anyone get to ya!  Kristen Reynolds
They don't bother me! lol I don't have time to sweat a hater! Only people I have time to worry about is my kids. lol
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