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Aleah LeBeouf @aleahlebeouf
16 & Pregnant; Season 5 <3 Nothing will be answered about Noah's mom. Ask away ((:
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are you and shawn engaged
I can't get over how freaking beautiful your kids are!! I hope one day I have kids that cute! Your doing a great job at being a mother❤️
Awe! Thank you. ((: my kids are my heart.
How's ur day so far  Ashley Lincoln
Eh, could be better. Just wish my baby girl was feeling better.
Your little girls eyes are beautiful omg!
Thank you (((:
If your ex was getting married and was engaged but he broke of the engagement because of u would u feel bad?
Depends on why he ended it..
That's so stupid. 19 and on 16 and pregnant. No matter what you weren't 16 when you were pregnant lol that was 3 years ago. That's bullshit false advertising
Rant to someone who cares...
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is school hard? Are you doing that 9 month program for MA?
My program is 15 months.
I'm thinking stop the college for one year and get pregnant. I dream with be a mom, and I want so much baby, but Im scared of people will think. I wont talked about it with anyone, but I'm afraid to the reaction of family if I get pregnant? What adivice you get to me? Idk what to do.
I would suggest staying in college during your pregnancy. I can't stop you from getting pregnant and I'm not going to tell you you're stupid, plenty of teens purposely get pregnant daily because they want a baby who will love them forever but none of them understand what that love really is. They long for something they have no clue about.
I hope you help me!!! What I do if I want be a mom with 20 years old? I'm in college yet but I love so much kids and I see on tm and 16 and pregnant the love the baby takes to a mother. I know its really really hard, but in thinking abou this so many times. I want the incondicional love my baby!
It's fine to want a baby, I guess. As long as you can support the child. But the only problem you're going to have is finding a good father for your baby. I've met some men who I was SURE would be great dads and they were dead beats. It truly is impossible to know what kind of parent someone will be. And it's unfair to your baby to purposely give your child a bad father. Sometimes things happen and people end up single parents, but this isn't an accident for you so you need to really think about it.
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Peyton and Noah are so cute! My daughthers name is Noa! You have a beautiful family! Love from Holland!
Thank you!! Noa is an absolutely adorable name for a girl!! ❤️❤️
If you've had diabetes since childhood. Is it better to get pregnant earlier like early 20s? I'm t1.
Depends on how aggressive the diabetes is. My diabetes was uncontrolled for years because I was too angry and stupid to realize what I was doing to myself. So yes, it was better for me to have a baby young. Had I waited any longer it wouldn't have ended well for me or my baby.
how tall are you?
You afraid of bugs n shit?
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How old were u when you found you were a diabetic? And do u have any types for someone who just found their not a diabetic yet but there body can no longer process sugar correctly.
I was 7 when I was diagnosed. And just try not to let it control you. Don't let it become who you are.
What's your insta?
Omg I love greys anantomy too!! Who's your or was your favorite?
Mer & Christina! Bailey cracks me up, too, though!
You're so down to earth and such a wonderful person. Your children are lucky to have you.
Thank you! But no, I'm lucky to have them! ❤️
If you didn't have Peyton would you and Shawn still be together? And you were such a beautiful pregnant girl. You had that glow.
Yes, we would. We were stable and loving way before I got pregnant. Shawn's a good man. & ew, you think so? My face was soooo swollen! Lol
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How old was Noah when you first met him? And does it annoy you when people say he isn't your son? Blood relation means NOTHING people. My dad was adopted so was his siblings they are still my aunt and uncle and cousins just like my moms side of the family even thou they are blood related. Get over i
He was ten months old. It doesn't bother me. None of those people talking shit raised Noah, so how can they bash me? Lol they weren't the ones covered in shit, throw up, blood, and anything else every other day.
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I just have to ask this.... Are you a McDreamy fan? LOL (greys anatomy)
Bahah. I was in the beginning! But his character seems really douche-y now. Lol
You are so pretty. I wish I was as pretty as you.
Awe! You are so sweet. ❤️ EVERYBODY is beautiful in their own way. Never doubt that
Peyton does look just like her daddy even though she looks like you as well! She is such a baby doll, so cute!
Thanks ❤️❤️ ((:
How many times have you been ditched by guys for someone else?
Not often. I wasn't really big on relationships before I met Shawn. My longest relationship before him was like 3 or 4 months. Lol
What do u think of girls getting pregnant at 14?
I think that anyone can be a good mom. Where there's a will to provide for your baby; there's a way.
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Hey Aleah. I'm 16 year old girl and I was wondering how do I let my parents know I'm pregnant? How did you tell your mom
I just told her. But my situations different; with my health it was probably better I got pregnant young rather than later. I just didn't think I COULD get pregnant. At least that's what some idiot doctors told me.