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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I lose my best friend to leukemia 8 years ago, the anniversary of his passing just passed Feb. 5. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, but I can tell you that you will get stronger. I will pray for you.

Thank you. It's been harder than I could have ever imagined. I still miss her every day. I love you so much, Hanna Boo!

hey aleah! when is your birthday? loved ur episode!!

It's coming up in March ((:

Hey Aleah how are you feeling girl? Just stay strong

I've been better. Some days are good and some days are unbearable. But thank you. I'm trying to.

post a pic of all your piercings!

I justhave my tongue and my belly for now.

Do your and Shawn's tongue rings ever bump into each other

No. Lmao. They never get Luke stuck or anything.

Did you ever get into a fight? Like physcial

Yeah, that's why I was in juvenile.

I'm watching a 2 month old baby right now and she won't stop crying, I fed her and changed her and burped her. What else should I do?!

When Peyton was fussy it was always one of three things: hungry, diaper, or sleepy. Just try to rock the baby and make her comfortable and she'll probably fall asleep. She might just be fighting her sleep.

Did you see the video of Jenelle from TM2 telling a military vet she wished he died in combat? What do you think?

Yes, I saw it. My brother is a Marine and is deployed right now so I'm gonna keep my comments to myself because I don't like to be hateful.

why would she say that than

Idk. But MTV hasn't decided anything or "selected" anybody.

autumn said that MTV told her that she wasn't basing it off ratings

Look at my previous answer cause I feel like I give that answer five times a day. Lol

before autum deactivated her ask she said that MTV told her that of there is a tm4,that its her summer Jordan and savannah

MTV hasn't told anybody anything. Lol

Since you don't want anymore kids, have you ever considered tying your tubes?

No. I've known quite a few people who still got pregnant after getting their tubes tied. And it's not that I don't "want" anymore kids, my body just can't handle it so I cant afford to get pregnant again at all.

Shawn must have strong genes because his kids look exactly like him without a doubt! Peyton & Noah are both adorable (:

Who are you telling?? Lol. I already know! And it kinda irks me cause when I'm mad at Shawn I'm still surrounded my his clones (the kids). Haha I pretty much have three Shawn's in my house.

Are you & Shawn married ?

No we aren't. We will be one day. ((:

What other names did you have picked out for Peyton?

None really. Lol

I laughed so hard on your episode when you & Shawn said "she came out of my vagina" "well guess who put her in there? This guy." Lmao

He's always got something smart to say. Lmao

What time do you usually go to bed and wake up?

Whenever my kids do and wake up when my kids do. They dictate every aspect of my life. Lmao #MomLife

Aww! Ok, where should I message you to say hey? :)

Twitter. Tag me and ask me to follow you & you can DM me. I'm going to bed got the night but I'll write back first think when I wake up. Good luck!

Having diabetes do you pee a lot? If so how many times a day/night?

I pee at least 20 times a day, no exaggeration.

I've followed you on ask for a long time and I remember you answering a question that you liked tuna through pregnancy. Hopefully this isn't weird, but how did you like to eat it? Like, with mayo? Plain? On bagels? Lol and what kind? Like solid white etc? Just curious !!

Any kind! Tuna Helper, straight from the can, tuna subs from Subway, I loved it all I just had to pace myself. Lol

When you give birth, after, you basically have a "period" for like, 2 months?? Omg. Ahhhhhhh!

Yessss. It was horrid. /:

You could do the TMI tag on YouTube! Not sure how to find the questions, but a lot of popular YouTube people have done it

What's a TMI tag?!??

Do you remember the date you and Shawn began dating? :) if so, what is it?

07/23/2011 (: ❤️

Would love to see a makeup tutorial!!! Have seen you wear makeup in some pictures on insta, and although you are gorgeous without it, I'd love to see how you do it!!!

I just put mascara on and put eyeliner on my TOP eyelid. But that's the only make up I've ever owned. Lol so I think I'm ill-equipped for a make up tutorial. Lol

Coming from a girl who is completely straight lol you have the most adorable nose lmfaoooo ! Haha

Hahah. Well thank you! My daughter has my nose and it's pretty stinkin cute on her! (Get it? Stinkin? Lmao I'm so cheesy). But seriously, thanks, love. ❤️(:


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