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16 & Pregnant; Season 5 <3 Nothing will be answered about Noah's mom. Ask away ((:
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Do Shawn and Noahs mom share custody now? Has it always been this way or was it a recent change? If it was recent, how did he adapt to it?
We alternate weeks now. This just started about 9-10 months ago. He seems to like it. He likes having a sister in each household.
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What's Noahs middle name?
Do you want anymore kids? If so, how many and when?
We don't want anymore.
what were some other names you considered for Peyton?
If she was a boy, she was gonna be Peyton Marshall. But I considered Amelia but Shawn didn't like it. Lol so Peyton it was!
Do you hope it will be a season 6 of TM2
Since I'm in night college I never get to watch it anyways so I don't really care either way. Lol
How many months is Peyton
10 months old ((:
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I love Peytons eyes! Does her daddy have blue eyes too?
Yes, he does. (: we call them the twins!
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What did they name her?
Can U post a video of what Peyton is doing now? She is so cute by the way!!!!
This is Peyton RIGHT now. (:
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I seen a pervious answer you made saying your stretch marks make you self conscious, if you use "lavender oil" and rub it on your belly, or wherever your stretch marks are it helps them fade A LOT! Within a month mine were super faded - worth a shot anyways:) PS you have the cutest babies!!
Thanks for the advice!! I'll try it!
Have you, Shawn or Peyton cried when you had to drop Noah off at his mothers house?
No. I don't think we've cried; but we definitely miss him when he's gone. We talk about him all the time if a show he likes is on or we see his favorite food at the store, etc.
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What was the first pic u took of peytons and the lattest
My baby girl ❤️
What was the first pic u took of peytons and the lattest
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How long were u in labour did that effect ur diabetes what's her full name
23 hours. No. My blood sugars were fine. Peyton Reianne Burke
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Why did u choose peytons name
Was the only name we could agree on for boy or girl.
Why did u get peytons ears pierced
Because girls usually have their ears pierced? Lol
What's ur fav perfume
Can Can by Paris Hilton! Smells like Heaven in a bottle. ❤️
Do u prefer vintage or new
Vintage ❤️ (:
What causes u to panic
Not knowing where my kids are=INSTAPANIC!
Would u like to live by the mountains or the sea
The sea. ❤️
What makes u want to lose ur temper
When I feel like I keep talking and no one is listening or getting what I'm saying..
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post a picture of you and your boyfriends most recent texts!
I'm sorry, I can't do that. Lol
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U seem really down to earth
Thanks! It's cause I am, I'm just me. Always have been, always will be. ❤️❤️
What's the last cd u brought
Lil Wayne The Carter III
Did Shawn's brother have his child yet?
Yupp. She was born on the 17th ((:
I'm going to trap my ex with a baby.
Lmao. Good luck w that. A baby won't keep a man, trust and believe that.