Aleah LeBeouf @aleahlebeouf
Aleah LeBeouf @aleahlebeouf
16 & Pregnant; Season 5 <3 Nothing will be answered about Noah's mom. Ask away ((:
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Whats your nationality?
White and black.
Does shawn still get lots of speeding tickets
Was your mom mad when she found out you were pregnant?
No. She was worried.
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Are your parents still together?
My mom & step dad? Yeah. They're together.
How old is shawns brother and his girlfriend?
17 & 16.
How has life changed since doing the show?  Lissy Kathleen Foard Alexander
Shawn and I got our own house. Shawn kept his word and paid off all of his tickets w taxes. We're still together and better than ever. He's a great dad and he helps anytime I need him. Peyton crawls around, talks, pulls up to furniture. & Noahs 4th birthday is in two weeks (((:
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Did shawns brother have his baby?
No. She's due in the beginning of November. She might have the baby early. She's on bed rest. But I'm praying for her and Lyssa. I have faith she'll be alright. ❤️
Did you have to pay to download your own episode on itunes??
Yes. Lol but idc. It was only $1.99
Is MTV going to put your season of 16 and Pregnant on dvd? I was looking forward to buying it.
Idk about DVD, but I know it's on iTunes. I have my episode downloaded on my iPad.
If Noah were older and asked you to adopt him, would it be something you consider?
Of course. If he asked me to, I would in a heartbeat. But I want to let him choose. By adopting him I would be forcing myself into his life and I want him to decide.
Does it bother Shawn that people on here have stupid ass opinions on you raising Noah? I think your an amazing momma to both YOUR kids. Noah and Peyton are incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents like you and Shawn! Dont let the idiots get you down. I think your amazing xxxxx
No. He just laughs about it. He has always fought in my defense that I was the one who raised Noah. His mom has learned to have no problem with my roll in his life. I know him better than anyone. So if she doesn't have a problem idgaf who does. Everyone who knows Noah, knows the truth. Including her.
What TV shows do you watch?  Caitlyn Ann
Pretty Little Liars, Greys Anatomy, House, Criminal Minds, TM2, etc.
Whats the theme in the kids room (:
Noah's side is Cars. Peys side is the lion king stuff from my baby shower.
who was the first person u told u were pregnant
My mom. Lol
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do u like obama
Idk if I "like" him, but he hasn't completely effed up like some presidents.
which one of ur babies is more shy and which one is more like adventurous
Noah is more shy. Pey is my outgoing kid.
how are ur sugar levels going lately
They've been alright. I've been battling low blood sugar lately but for the most part--good!
what other languages can u talk
I'm almost fluent in Spanish.
whats ur dream date night (without kids)
Going out to dinner (preferably a steakhouse), getting a massage, and just having a romantic evening. I prefer intimacy over adventure.
whats the weather like today
Rainy //:
whats ur favourite food
which european cities would u like to visit
London, Amsterdam, and Paris!
If Noah's bio mom put him in danger are you and Shawn going to stop her getting him as often?
Already have.
I know you don't think it's needed to adopt Noah because he loves you the same, but if he's bio mom is putting him in harms way wouldn't it be better if you could legally make decisions for his protection . Clearly he's bio mom shouldn't have that privelage! Your obviously way more responsible
No, because if I adopt him, she won't have to pay child support. If she doesn't physically care for him as much as we do; she should at least have to help financially. She has to know that she can't just keep having babies and not accepting responsibility for them. She already signed over all rights for one of her three kids, we're not gonna let her drop two kids. If she wants to keep popping them out, she needs to provide for them.
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How were you on 16 and pregnant if you're 19.......
I'll let you think about that one. Lol
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