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Your eyes are cute:)
Shankkk you
How yaa doing gorgeous xx<3  Robby
Im doing well! How are you?
You are cute:)
Thanks mah dude(:
Heyyy beautiful xx <3  Robby
I don't know what this is
Pap of you and your best friends
Pap of you and your best friends
Social media?
Twitter: alexhmrck
Insta: alexhmrck
Snapchat: alexhmrck426
Vine: alexhmrck/ Alexandra Hamrick
You're pretty!
Thanks yo!
Bestfriends list? And I'm your 400th question!
Emily, Makayla, Katelyn Marcus
Abby Squire
Hannah Paschke
Jasmine Daily
Alex Z
I have a lot but these are the people that first came to mind.
And you're one lucky poop!
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What three things in life you want more than anything else?
the alphabet: bcefghijklmnoprsvwxyz oops sorry i forgot uraqt damn it im missing one more oh ya ill give the d later
Haha(: I like you already!
Hi! I'm from Perú and I need your help! Please, Would you do this survey? It's for a homework from my institute. This survey is only for people who lives in the USA. Thanks!
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How to find true love?
Let it find you. This shit is funny
what lol
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
Fried eggs and bacon Hottest guy at acs
Did it Vote for the prettiest girl at the academy
Did it
Prettiest Mexican at acs Prettiest American at acs Prettiest Asian at acs In your grade
Mexican- Paola
White/ American- Bobbi Jo
Asian- Amanda Thai
age? instagram?
14 alexhmrck Vote for your favorite girl (:
No thanks(: Vote for yourself or for someone (:
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