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DMs on Twitter?
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what if a guy gives you a surprise kiss?
Depends on the person and if I like him or not!
Because it's still none of your business who I text
Pap of texts
No once again
Rate~8β€Ž  Jay Flex
Thanks 😊
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Oh, my brothers a wide receiver!😊
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I guess, go for it☺️
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alexhmrck426 😊
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Who's your best guy friend?
I have a few, but Blaize would for sure be my #1
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Favorite person in each class?
Spanish- Hannah and Katelyn
TA- Mr. Rovere haha
Art- Angel and gabby
World Geography- Amanda
Computers- Jamel
Math- Torrie
Biology- Jasmine, breann, Garren
English- Meerue
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Tbh// brother you're a cool brotherβ€Ž  Aaron
Thanks sister(:
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Sure (:
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If you had me shrunken down tiny and u were holding me between your fingers and I was a guy u really didn't like what would u do
Take you on adventures with me
Another good song?
I know by Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko
What is the best song of all time?
Acid Rain by Chance the Rapper
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tbh: you're a homieβ€Ž  Blaize Kreuger
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Because it's none of your business who i text (:
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Pap of texts?
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Rate:// bms(:β€Ž  Caitlyn.
Thank you gorgeous(:
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What is a weird question to ask a girl?
There's too many haha
Well I'm not just going to assume it's someone!
No its notβ€Ž  Trenton Miller
Yes it is!
Do you know who the ACS ask account is?
I have a good idea, but no, I don't.
Hammy... why do you bully me?β€Ž  Trenton Miller
Cause it's fun