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chocolate or gummy bears?  M♦X
What about chocolate covered gummy bears?(:
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ok sexy no problem :*  JAKENATOR
pap a pic of u with ur mouth taped..... ^_^ its a dare nothing else............  JAKENATOR
Lol no thanks
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Who do you like ?
Text me and I'll tell you!
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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
On the couch?
You're really perfect
Thank you very much(:
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Damn, lemme holla :)
Anytime bae(;
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plz like some of her answers, if they r worthy enuf,atleast 5-10 likes? tyhhnx n stay blessed :') like here :)
No thanks
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why do girls talk about other girls and down them?
I don't even know the answer to that my friend.
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do you smoke?
Never, absolutely not
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Age and do you smoke?
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I lost a bet and have been set tonnes of dares which I've got to do on Skype before the end of 2015, if i dont then I have to give the guy I lost to £1000. So are you interested? All you have to do is watch & laugh. And I will do loads of funny dares for you and buy you askfm gifts & do u fan signs!  Badass Motherfucker
No thanks
Pap of hoco group
Pap of hoco group
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aww, so sweet of you
a happy anon, which thinks that you very attractive!
Why thank you, you're quite attractive yourself, anon.
one word is enough <3
Now tell me who you are anon!
Your life in a sentence.
How about one word?
Yay! I want to be your pet! What would you name me?
Depends, are you a boy or girl?
If I were a goldfish, and you knew it was me, what would you do to me? Would you fry me up and cook me? Would you flush me down the toilet? Would you make me swim for my life? Would you drain all the water and have me suffocate? Would you set me on the ground and squash me to death? Please tell me.
I would put you in a bowl?
Pap of texts
Pap of texts
Dumb ass it's obviously 190  Ori Chavez
Duhhhhh. Haha
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What's 9+10
I was just wondering jeeze
Oh sorry! I went to a football game and then after I went to Sonic for like 2 hours with Michayla Morris, Allie Falagrady, Dez Padilla, Devon Caswell, Billy Maes, and Gabby
What did you do last night?
What does it matter?
can i text u im asking for a picture of peoples hsnd just for fun im 22