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What is the best song of all time?
Acid Rain by Chance the Rapper
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tbh: you're a homie  Blaize Kreuger
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Because it's none of your business who i text (:
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Pap of texts?
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Rate:// bms(:  Caitlyn.
Thank you gorgeous(:
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What is a weird question to ask a girl?
There's too many haha
Well I'm not just going to assume it's someone!
No its not  Trenton Miller
Yes it is!
Do you know who the ACS ask account is?
I have a good idea, but no, I don't.
Hammy... why do you bully me?  Trenton Miller
Cause it's fun
thoughts on me? (sent to all I follow)  Amanda™
I love you! You're so sweet and nice! (:
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Who's the last person you texted?
Blaize even though I hate him
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What do you hate
I hate when people assume things about me. I hate when people think that "I talk shit about them" but they never confront me. I'm not that hard to come up to! I just really hate when people listen to what others say instead of finding out for themselves! But otherwise I don't really "hate" anything or anyone!(:
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Tbh// you're the coolest brother ever  Aaron
Thanks sister(: I'm still sleeping go away
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U a dime plus 99  Allie Falagrady
thx homie. Hmu sometime(;
I don't have one:( but you can text me! Haha
age you became pretty?
I never became pretty haha, at least not yet!(:
Sorry but for some reason every time I post the picture, it comes out really blurry!:(
Why do people call you hammy? Haha iv always wondered this!
Cause my last name is Hamrick, so I guess Hammy is easier to say!
Um I don't think we've ever talked before, but he goes to my school and we should talk more I guess haha!
Marqus s
Your sister is your best friend on snapchat? Haha
Heck yeah! I love my sisto(:
Amanda thai
My world geography buddie(: I love her!
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