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I knew it haha I just didn't wanna say it and look stupid
Haha. Well you were right.
So it's Jordan??
So tell me who oomf is now please haha
Well oomf caught onto the hints lol
I did it a minute ago
I saw lol
I'll favorite one of your tweets
Go for it lol
What grade and school?
You still never told me who this is?
No I asked first
I'll do the last initial, M
Give me a hint. His first and last name initials
Tell me who this is and I might tell you
Who is oomf?
They'll get the hint eventually
Who do you like?
Is your favorite time the past, present or the future?
do you want mixed babies :D
I think I know who this is? Lol.
what do you want to be when you grow up
Idk. I wanna own my own business I know that for sure.
what do you like in a guy
Honestly, faithful, tall, athletic, good smile, and knows how to treat me right.
Im glad you have respect for yourself to not do all that nasty stuff people hav been asking here xD
yeah I respect myself. And because I don't wanna end up on 16 & pregnant. But thanks!
do you want kids in the future :)
Yeah after I go to college!
do you have a crush on any other person? you're too beautiful to have your heartbroken or to deal with bitch niggas :D
I wouldn't say "crush" lol. But there's some guys I think that are cute. And have my eyes on.
are you a virgin
Yeah. What kind of question is that? Lmao
do you dislike alexis holliday?
Lol. You shouldn't even I have to ask that.
Actually get your facts straight because i was their the whole time. the whole weekebd actually so i know what really happened. that twerking rumor is bullshit so that is irrelevant. its over with now, yall are done so fuck it move on!  gvldbottlesss
If you telling me to move the fuck on then why are you still talking about it? I haven't brought it up or talked about it all morning. Whoever was on my ask started this. So you can stfu. I don't care if your trying to stick up for them or not.
You and Nate dated to many times. You always say your done with him but go right back to him. Like I'm tired of y'all bull shit. Maybe it was for the best
Well isn't it a good thing it isn't your life or your bullshit and I'm so done I deleted all the pictures of us and everything.
Alexis never did that on the bus I was sitting right beside him the whole time  Nate Barez
I don't think people would lie about that but okay. Either way he went to the movies with her.
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How did he cheat on u
He went to the movies Alexis Holliday. And she was twerking on him on the bus and he didn't push her away. And I had some close friends tell me that they were lowkey talking and he didn't deny it.
Okay so what he cheated on you. Yeah, its wrong but uou dont make it any better by acting childish & posting about it & saying all this stuff about him. Just like 2 days ago you were " inlove " w/ him & saying you loved him but now he's a bad guy. Act matture about it, your better than that!
I'm childish? I'm not. What he did was childish. He had all day before the movies to break up with me and he didn't. He's cheated on me more then once. I'm hurt and tried of it. And completely fed up with it. You try an. Take a step in my shoes and see you would act the same way. Yeah I'm in love with Nate. But that doesn't change the fact he cheated on me more then one and I was nothing but good to him. Yes I am better then that. And he doesn't deserve anything I gave him. After he's done nothing but wrong to me. And treated me like crap. But I would fall for it all the time. But I'm moving on now I should have in 8th grade, but I thought he could change, I was wrong. SO NEXT TIME, you or anyone else wants to come at me saying I'm childish and this and that. Get the facts straight and know the WHOLE situation. Thank you have a nice day!✌️
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how long were you dating him for?
We've been on and off since 8th grade. And he's never changed! Should have known it'd end up like this.