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Opinion on me?  Wank Material
you're fabulous and ily
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hi i'm such a big fan of yours can i please have a follow  blaargh
I always knew you were a fan girl
'14 others'. That's very precise! Have you got a global STD alarm or something? 'Cause if you do, I need to buy that high-tech shit.  blaargh
is it you that gave ryan from runshaw a std. he has now given it to 14 different skets. ha ha
yeah I'm the one
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It be a song
do you think its true that black guys cock and balls make white guys cock and balls look tiny?
probably not
are you in love?
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Because I played the fool for you.
Did you now
Who have you got closer to recently
no one other than caius rly
How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?
watched lotr with my cat and 6 year old sister
Happy birthday :)  Hakuna Matata
Thank you! :*
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Why are you ignoring me?
I'm not ignoring anyone -.-
Any boys you have go close too recently
Caius, matt, jake dno
sam temple's not my real name but my love for you is real
If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?
LOTR ofc
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Are you in Love?
With alex turner yeah
sam temple- my alias
I am v confused
and she sat there in class, not a beautiful girl, but a fallen angel who's smile forever brightens up my depressive day. her figure that of a goddess, her beauty immortal and everlasting. she radiates pure kindness and brightens up my lessons every day... - sam temple, your secret admirer
sam temple?
i like...
Oh the boy's a slag.
no, i'd rather not.
oh, it doesn't matter now
Do share
Incensed means 'furious', 'angered'.
why where you incensed then
Which boys do you like in looks and personality ?
Loads paha
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Lisa says, "Take time for me."/ Dropping him down to his knees.
does she now