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Share something you're grateful for today.
My princess ❤️
Share something you're grateful for today.
Thoughts on Danielle Brown making fun of someone three years younger then her for going out with her ex when they broke up a year ago?
Describe your ex!
Are you going to Thomas amusements this year? If so when?
Plans for Father's Day today
Going up my pops later
What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?
I stay home all the time
Pap of something that makes you happy
Pap of something that makes you happy
why do people get hate?
I don't know
Pap of ootd?
I'm in bed
Are you working anywhere this summer? Or have you applied for anywhere, if so where?
Nope staying home with my daughter :)
Thoughts on Johnny and faith breaking up?
None of my business
Because you always spread shit and talk about people all the time. Maybe you should learn to shut your mouth and keep quiet about things you hear about people. Just saying
Ok? I don't spread shit for one, the only people I talk too the most are Shianne and Alicia, oh & maybe you should try telling the people that tell me things to shut their mouth also lol
Why must you be in everyone's business like learn to fuck off for once nosey cunt
Where's this coming from lol
who is going to school?
I did
Show us your favorite emoji!
weekend plans?
Going to my dads today & nothing tomorrow
how much do you weigh? pap
Idunno haven't weighed myself since I had the baby
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View right now?
View right now?
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what do you want to do after high school for a job/career?
Court officer
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share some facts about yourself
How bout no
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What is paradise for you?
My sweetpea
What is paradise for you?
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Who's ms may 2-4 this year?
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pap everyday makeup or makeup collection
Don't really wear makeup much
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