Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
Ask away!
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Did ya know jordan Stacey knocked up his girlfriend,?
Oh ic haha
How many followers do you have?
post a recent sc ss?
I don't have any haha
When are you due
October 18th
Ss messages
where r u
Do you miss anyone u used to talk to
Not really.
plans for dahhhhhhh nite:-)
With Damian bc he's fab
View now:-P
View now:-P
Single / OTG / Taken?
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Thoughts on damian stacey
He's so funny, and he's always there for me no matter what. I love him, he's my little brother :)
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Plans ftd/ftn?:)
I already answered this haah
Ootd pic?
I'm lid down and too lazy to get up + it's getting hard to get up out of bed so id rather not haha
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View rn
Plans ftd & ftn?
Netflix today and wharf tonight hopefully if it's not gross out lol
Ss texts?
Nah too personal tonight for that
Hows It Goingg :-)
Not so good
What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
My brother <3
What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
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Describe yourself in eight words
What did u do lastnighttt babee?
Watched Netflix with my boyfriend and ate chips lol
Ss your texts.
Nothing interesting
Ss your texts.
Plans ftd/ftn
Literally nothing lol