Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
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plans today/ night?
Taking my brother for a walk now in a few and idk what I'm doin tonight
fav part of summer?
last night of summer basically!! :( thoughts?
I don't care, this summer was shit, I just can't wait for October
Anyone you miss talking too? If so who?
pap the 59th photo in your camera roll
pap the 59th photo in your camera roll
thoughts on the everyone your texting?
Not texting no one
last person you texted, called, and snapchatted?
Last person I texted was mom, last person I called was George and the last person I snapchatted was Megan
sports do you play
Hahahahahah that's funny
ss msgs
Who would you like to get closer with? names?
plans ftd? ftn?
Hanging out with Kayla and Michael tonight
last thing you laughed at?
ss msgs?
thoughts on? or tbhs?
fav food?
Peanut butter lol
Ppl send you names, you post pics with themm?
Nah I don't take pics with many people
Post A Selfie! :)
Post A Selfie! :)
Screenshot msgs?
Seeing how you don't stop asking, I suppose
Screenshot msgs?
who do you want for a homeroom teacher
No one in particular. Not like you're gonna be in your homeroom all the time, besides I already know who mine is
hows your labor day weekend going?
view rn?
Giving Jaxson his dummy
view rn?
ootd pic?
I'm still in my pjs lol
3 girl & guy bestfriends?
I only have one best friend lol & that's Kennedy