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rusty hair you awake? LOL
whats up nosey bitch?
Fuck off
What is your favorite movie?
I can't pick just one
Hey rusty hair.
Oh hey
How did you come up with your username?
It's my name
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How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting up?
I don't
Screenshot texts?
View rn?
View rn?
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Yeah I do wanna know why she don't have no clothes on in that picture.
She's teething bad today and when she teethes bad, she sweats and there's no point to put clothes on her if she's gonna sweat cause she'll get to hot
Video I meant to say  Alicia Hillier
What do your baby got the flu? No clothes on her again today. She got good lungs tho, she can breathe really good.
Do you really wanna know why she doesn't have clothes on in that picture
Why are people so stuck up? It amazing how people can be so rude to people they don't know.
I know ... This Alicias grad dress guys!!! I'm SOOO jelly! I wish I had it for my prom! It's GORGEOUS.  Megan Caines
Yes guys that's my grad dress isn't it lovely
Pap of your grad dress. Where did you get it?
Kathy Evans in town and no haha you're gonna have to wait till grad day to see it
Where did you get your Grad dress? What site?
I didn't get it online
thoughts on?
View rn?
Braelyn playing with her toys
who you texting rn
What's up with you and the grade 8s tonight lmao  Damian Stacey
Like where did they even come from??
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Someone asked zoey about it and she said is this Dakota and you said probably
Wtf are you even talking about? I didn't say one thing about you Dakota, I forgot you even existed
Why did you think it was me that was asking things about Curtis peach??¿¿!!!!  Dakota carroll
WHAT? LMAO first time I'm hearing this
Good songs?
Don't know any haha
Hey girl  Kayla Haskell❤️
You got askkkk
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Oh ok
Hahahaha you're caught bitch
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I had you blocked and then I unblocked you, so it's obvious who this is