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What moment?
It's just funny that you asked me that bc you wouldn't of wanted to see my view rn
view rn?
Hahahaha funny that you ask me this at this moment
screenshot txts?
Got none
1 thing that annoyed u about your class lastyear?
I had more than one class but the ones that bothered me was world geo cause half of the people smelt so bad and the same thing with design, every time I'd go in that class, all I could smell was b.o, it was fucking nasty. And math sometimes because the people in my class used to fight all the time and they didn't really do much work
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Thoughts on Kaylee Harris?
She's alright, idk her that will but she's nice
Plans ftn?
Nothing, with George probably
plans untill tuesday!
Not a thing
Are ya done school shopping
something youre looking forward to? (:
October 18th
Pap of ur wcw?
Pap of ur wcw?
Ss messages?
Are you fuckin serious? No
I was out walking today and saw 2 women wrapping a Arabic man in bacon and porkchops. The man sounded like he was yelling "Aloha Snackbar!" I couldn't help but laugh. What would you of done?
Lol wtf
View rn?
This is what I do with my life when George is working
View rn?
Ss msgs untill you get to yesterday?
I don't have any, I delete them all
Plans for the rest of the week?
Going out for cheesecake tonight, going to the school tomorrow to get my schedule, nothing Friday, going to sandy cove on Saturday with a few
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Pap of you and a sibling?
Pap of you and a sibling?
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did you see what damian Stacey said about gays? he came out to a bunch of people
Okay, no I didn't see what he said but I can assure you that Damian isn't gay. But who gives a fuck even if he was
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
Transformation pic?
Transformation pic?
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SS texts
What political party do you side with?
Idk lol
What are your thoughts on gays??
they're just like regular people
Do you wear a watch?
I don't even own one
If girls are just not taking the pill or the shot or the patch or ANY kind of birth control PLUS not using condoms and they have lots of abortions to deal with the accidents that is sickening. But like I said, some girls don't have supportive family and have no choice.
That's what I said "things like that" if you aren't financially stable and if you don't have a supportive family then there isn't much you can do. But, it seems like you're talking about yourself in my opinion, and if that's the case, you can come and talk me.
But what about in cases where the girl isnt financially ready to raisea child? I know you felt you ready for it and that's awesome but some girls aren't blessed with good situations to raise a child. In my opinion it's up to the woman what they do, just Not if theyre using abortion as birth control.