Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
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weekend plans?
Can you post it?
Do you have a picture of your grad dress?
I thought u guys had your own house
Lol yeah we do so why'd you ask if I live with my mom or his
I meant with our parents or his
who Is it that surprised you that is graduating this year?
Lots of people hahaha
Where do u an George live?
I'm not telling you that
Are you the Alicia that is pregnant for Stephen Hodge
HAHAHAHAHAH ew not fucking likely
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Thoughts on anon?
I just want to be famous
Chiptole is my life
Liquor and whores
Ass n tittes
View rn
I'm in bed
Opinions on sluts?
You're getting dick you go girl
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Relationship status
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aw that's a good thing now! you've got a beautiful baby girl
Thanks, & yes I do :)
how did you get pregnant lol
Missed a few pills
Were you before you had braelyn
are you on it?
Is being on "the pill" bad?
How's school? Who babysit your bb girl?
Good and george doesn't work in the winter cause of his job so he's home with her
Kinda toys Ya have (bikes and sleds)
None lol
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
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What are your siblings names?
Jaxson & Madison
Is your grad date your boyfriend??