Can I get money if I press charges against my rapist?


I am looking to buy a small dog. My only concern is I work part time, and would have no one to watch the dog while I'm gone. I only work about 4 days a week but my shifts can be up to 9 hours. What should I do with my dog during this time? Thanks!

Buy a large dog kennel and put the puppy in the kennel while you're gone, with a blanket, lots of food and water and toys! Or a bed if that's what the puppy would rather :)

What school did you get accepted to?

Academy Canada

I am 15 and I think I am pregnant due to rape. I do not want an abortion . What would you do in my situation?

Do you want a baby?

What did you do this weekend?

Nothing really lol

Best friends!?


Can have more then one bestfriend ✋🏼

Alright but she's not pregnant

It obviously is your her ""bestfriend"

She's not pregnant and Kennedy is my best friend

To stuck up to answer ? Gotta get Kelsey to post it on FaceBook? 😂

It's none of my business

Do you or have you ever smoked weed?

I have

Why is there so many immature people in this world 🙄 Kennedy Kearley

Ugh right

Nah I got better things to do I just like giving you shit LOL

You clearly don't have better things to do haha

How's chunky monkey ?

My god just fuck off

Don't remember me do you?

Yeah actually I do. Can you get a life and leave mine alone? You clearly have nothing better to do then sit there and say shit to me so it's time to get a life

Your hair what's up with all the rust?

You're so immature lol

What's up got any rust check left?


I heard that there is a such thing as abortion so you dont throw yur life away. Then again anyone havin a baby wit George Rose is NOT that smart HAHA LOL!

I don't throw my fucking life away. So shut the fuck up, I hope karma bites you in the fucking ass and you have a baby or have to raise one and then you'll realize how hard it is, but I would never trade Braelyn for the world, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I'm pretty sure Braelyn is taken care of very well and I'm pretty sure she do bath her baby! She is the cutest thing around😋 and you have every right to brag about finishing high school

Thank you :)

Isn't your child the same age as your moms? Haha lol wasn't you like 14 when you had it? And you brags about finishing highschool?

No lmao Jaxson is 2, I was 17 when I had Braelyn and obviously I'm going to brag about graduating high school, you don't know how hard it is to graduate high school and taking care of a baby so shut the fuck up

Yur child is as ugly as yur monkey looking boyfriend, and looks like she needs her hair washed about as bad as you do! Lol

Braelyn is in the bath every day, she is absolutely beautiful. Do you really think I give a shit about what a stupid anon has to say? Cause I don't

Your on FB telling how you shouldn't judge someone raising there child, but last week you had NO PROBLEM making fun of Chelsea Coombs and judging her... Just think about that

And you were probably saying shit about her too so you have no right to tell me about it, I don't judge parents for raising their kid differently, she was yelling with her kid around , now come on

What school are you going too

Academy Canada

what do you want to be when you grow up? why?

I am grown up. I'm going to school in September for law enforcement

Do you have a valentine?☺️

Yeah my daughter


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