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Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
Ask away!
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Jeans and a hoodie
Im really worried about it. but im not quite sure
Message me on facebook
Aw thats good. thank you :)
You're welcome :) are you pregnant ?
We're they upset?
No, mom was disappointed at first but now she loves her and my father was shocked, he wasn't mad or upset , he just brought me for a drive and talked to me about it that's all
How did you tell your parents
Mom came to the doctor with me to get the results of my test and I didn't even tell my father, someone else did
Were you expecting that
Idk really. I mean, I didn't get my period and then I was getting sick so I kinda figured I was
So you didn't get your pierod?
Did you bleed at all during the first few weeks?
I bled at 10 weeks
How did you know you were pregnant
I was late for my period
What was it like when you were first pregnant? Did you get sick during the day (not morning) or in the night?
Yeah, it's called morning sickness but if can come at any time, I did get sick mostly in the mornings though but there were some times when I got sick in the after noon and before I went to bed
Who you talking to rn?
No one
Tbh ur hot, ily, date me   Shianne Stacey
You're hot & ilyt :)
ss texts
r u a jew
No Damian
Plans for the weekend
U r hot  Shianne Stacey
Lol thanks b, u r to
Ur hot
Hi george
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single? otg? taken?
thoughts on
Send me names
Plans ftn?
Which sport do you do? Name some people who are good at that sport
Whos bedroom is next to yours in the house?
My daughters
do you have to shower tonight? or have you already today?
I already did
What season are you on for the tv show you are currently watching on Netflix/tv? And what show is it?
Re watching the 100
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