Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
Ask away!
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Pap of you Kennedy and damian
I don't have one of all three of us
costume pic?
pap of costume
I don't have one
R u dressing the baby up for halloween
I have a pumpkin onesie for her
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What are you being for halloween?
You really think I have the time to actually do something for halloween?
who yu talking to rn?
Kennedy, Damian and george
Are you gonna have anymore children
When I'm older! when I forget about the pain lol cause that ain't gonna happen anytime soon!
ss texts
Last sweet text
Got none
Last person you texted.. snapchatted.. & called? (:
Kennedy, Damian, mom
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Pap of your baby rn
Pap of your baby rn
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Ss messages?
Your baby Is adorable❤️❤️
Thank you :)
How ur baby?
Perfect :)
Thats good hahaha! :)
A friend of mine lived up there. They had to get out cuz there was mold and the kids were getting sick..
Ahahaha well there's no mold and my child isn't sick.
Do u live up on Pearson place?
Yeah why? Lol
Ss msgs
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Fell asleep on me
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Post a ss of somebody :)
Don't have any
Kind of phone do yu got
Iphone 5
Who have you texted today?