Alicia Hillier @aliciaroxanne
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Congrats! Your baby is gorgeous! You are going to be a great mother
Aw thank you :)
Post a pic of the back of your hair, not try to see your but at all, dont worry!. just wanna seee all your gorgeous hair! ( with and without extensions if you have them)
who you with
Kennedy and george
Are you in labour
Thats for me to know and you to find out
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When is u having ur baby
Any day now
so why did he comment cant wait to meet my princess
Because, me and him are like brother & sister so we consider her his niece
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is damian stacey the baby daddy
Wtf ?! Omg he's my cousin ya dirt
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Whats your hair like, right now?
Gross I've been in the hospital all day so
when are you due
are you going to shool this week
Is your bed comfyy
Yess I got 4in memory foam
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cutest couples(:
Alison & Justin, Michael & Kayla, Megan & Evan
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Post the last sweet text you gott?
Ain't got none
Pap of you and your bestfriends! College if you have too! No creep:)
Pap of you and your bestfriends! College if you have too! No creep:)
Ss texts ?
No fuck off
Ss unanwsered questions
Don't have any
pap of your room pls?
My room is upstairs
last person u kissed
Boyfriendd :)
Just had a bath lol
ootd pic? Pretty!
Didn't take one lol
pap of you and a sibling
pap of you and a sibling