Alicja Paczkowska @alicjaax
Alicja Paczkowska @alicjaax
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Whos jar jar?;/
jar jar you bitch
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I know you do jabba;*
omg jar jar was that you?!;O
Such a bitch
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Your sarcasm is just rude.
Thank you we're all refreshed by your unique point of view;* xoxoxo
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Who has the best sense of fashion in your year? Boy&Girl?
obviously me pfft
closest friends?
I have none
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oh fair enough
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what do you mean that she has some really nice clothes?
ermm she looked nice at the confirmation thingys?:L
opinion on Emily Cuscito?
she has some really nice clothes...
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top 3 girls and boys?
i have no friends:'(
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you are a very beautiful girl
hahahahaa I'm guessing this is Dom trying to be funny?;)
Whos jar jar?
awh jar jar
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Guess who jabba
Jar jar?
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on monday, can we meet at our designated spot and exchange our hand crafted easter eggs? I've been excited for yours all year now, the one I've made you has stars on it, be excited
hand crafted easter eggs? sounds fabby
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#donthatemehatemyswag #2skwl4kl #yolo #lol #dontjudgeme #youknowmynamenotmystory
you're so sa$$y these days alicja, you should be locked up
tell me about it, didnt want to intimidate anyone before but im just #2©00l4$©h00l
Who do you trust most in your life?
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Hottest year 11 boys?
not you
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Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?
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What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?
find a cure for cancer and some other diseases