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ur face is a lie
what did you dream of (:
hahaha. not of you, it's that's what you're implying
LOL I literally just woke up, please not in the morning ✋
from the window ~~~(0_0)~ to the wall ~(0_0)~~~
you will eventually be thrown to a wall, bas 5ala9 LOL
ok ~~(^_^)~~
away ~~(^_^)~~ away \(•_•)/ away \(._.)\
finally a senior sad wla excited
LOOOL I'm excited now go away
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LOOL what?
Where are you
oops... I think I did it again
who is the one person you can tell absolutely everything to?
they know who they are :p
studying in kuwait or bara?
im stuck chosing between the two
are you really gona leave AIS?
no wth? where did you get that from :/
started from desert now we're here.
kingdom hearts
I am obsessed!! :p
what did ya have for f6oor today
i dont remmeber. i just saw food and attacked :p
do you miss the US?
after hearing about the crickets and the heat and how pinkberry doesnt have my fav flavor anymore.. yes
are u gona travel anytime soon? or stay in kuwait up till school starts?
maybe, maybe not. but for now i think im staying in kuwait, i mean i already travelled for a month and a half -.-
Be honest do you think JB is a good singer
his entire Believe album yes, anything before that no
fav. state/city in the US?
what r ur thoughts on Cory Monteith's death?
his story is kinda sad :(
Don't die lol
lol okay
Do u think grade 11 would be fun
Sure! It's one more year closer to senior year closer to graduation
If a barn was on fire, which one member of ur family would u save?
That is such a stupid question, why the hell would I be in a barn full of cows and chickens to begin with -.-
How's the U.S?
It's fun!