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spam for spam for everyone who likes?

Well.... let me think

upload a photo of you then

Im on a nook. I cant take pictures on it.

But I is a gurl

Please just come off anon !! I wont post it


I think you are talking about yourself anon

I don't want to.. Sowwi

Come off anon and i promise i wont post it.

Omg you're so hot..

Omg come off anon :) please come off anon so i can thank you :3

I returned those likes x

яуαи мєяяєтт

Thankyou :) and btw you are amazing and reeally sweet :3



Okay guys. I have been thinking about being lesbian for way longer than what you know. I have made my desicion and i am staying straight. I feel stupid for making some of you think i was turning lesbian or was lesbian. I am 100% straight. Sorry if i dissapointed any of you

What is the first line of the last song you've been listening to? What song was it and why do you like it? Does it have any special meaning for you? :) xx

"You know the bed feels warmer, sleeping here alone." Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. It describes my life. It makes me stronger! <3

Honest Opinion Of Me?xxxxxx

Nichola xx


Got told to send a heart to everyone i follow, so here's a pointless heart ^-^ ♥


Aww thankyou :3 i follow you too <3

WTF,a min u love your best friend,another min he becomes your bf,another min u break up with him, then u get another bf & break up with him,then u get a 3rd bf & say u r gonna be a lesbian & wanna break up with him,then u arent sure if u wanna be lesbian!

WTF the last boyfriend i had broke up with me. I broke up with my best guy friend bc it was ackward. Im not positive that i want to be lesbian or not. Im staying with my boyfriend for now. And i clearly stated that i was not sure if i wanted to be lesbian.

Skype cell number anything?

It depends on who you are. I dont have skype but i do have a cell phone.



I am not sure if I really want to be lesbian or not. Im going to try it



Do u like licking pussy

I never have

What are you going to tell your boyfriend?:/.<3

Charlie Chickenstrip

I dont know. Honestly im still considering if i really wanna be lesbian bc i dont know if i really want it

Are you a lesbian now?:)<3

Charlie Chickenstrip


Ask Me Questions About Anything?! xxxxxxx

Nichola xx


be mine <3

Who is this ?? Please come off anon



One second can change your whole attitude
One second can change your whole life :(

Do for likers:? If we kissed:[]quickie []Tongue [X]Make out []Cheek []Softly bite ure lip []We wouldnt []Long and meaningful. Sex?[X]lets hit the bedroom []dont know []Friends []Possibly in the future. Would I go out with u?[X]Yes OmG []No []maybe []just friends. Rate: 10 xxxx

Nichola xx

Thankyou <3


Who is this ? And why should i watch porn ?

Do you watch porn?

No -___- should i ?

post a line from your favourite song?

Call Me Ishmael

"If i was your boyfriend, i would never let you go"


Ask @allie44:

About Allie:

"You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and MOVE ON." - Tupac Shakur