ryles @allsmilesryles
please don't be too mean
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when did you become single?
I am not single
are you and Jeff going to prom???if so do you have a dress yet??
yes yes
why does everyone cheat on you
you act like I'm supposed know or care LOol
u playin soccer this year? I wish u were still on my team...
nah I shoot guns now
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what about your sex life?
virgin sorry bout it
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Who are you going to prom with? :))
Jeff Blom
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If you could change one thing about Ask.fm what would it be?
the haterz
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do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?
no I only have two older sisters and I only beat them up;) ahhahaahha
Is there any girl in your school that you'd go bi for?
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What stores do you do most of your shopping for clothes and accessories?
to be completely honest like forever 21 or goodwill, I hate spending money
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U goin to Mod and Mac?
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Who are your best friends?
both brand and type!
uhm I use revlon foundation and revlon telescopic mascara with elf gel eyeliner and elf blush
You're the most beautiful girl ive ever seen
that means a lot honestly thank you so much <3
Do you have a thing with Jeff or are you like officially together like boyfriend girlfriend
HE is my BOYFRiend ehehehh
You are the definition of perfect.
far from it but thank you sweetheart<3
Are you and Matt Jungwirth still friends?
what type of makeup do you use
like brand or type what
do you use some sort of face wash? your skin is flawless!
I just wash my face when I'm in the shower that's it!
that booty talking to me what that shit say
you have a gorgeous eyes <3  yusef
thank you so much:)!
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What is your height?
lol my permit hehe
What is your height?
Every time I see you all I can say is wow. You're perfect
thank you so so much..
Who are you dating? Or have a thing with?
Jeffrey blom
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I wish I was your friend, but you are too popular.
I am far from popular trust me I have like 4 friends just talk to me please I really would love that so much I'm pretty sure I would never not want to be friends with anyone
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