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Most athletic 8th grade girl you know?
Your the best ally, lub ya  Mackenzie O'Neill
pretty much everyone i text
Who were some of your first friends when you moved to lynnfield?
Mackenzie and my neighbors
a true friend, i love her
Brendan bey
Hes the class president and hes chill
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Such a good dancer!!
Mike c
Really tall and hes a smart boy :)
Matt welch?
Miss him and hes so smart i cant even
Cailin Nelson?
Shes nice and really funny :)
Andrew Bunar?
Hes so sweet and funny and such a good actor! :)
Water bugs?
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I love you  Shannon
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Who do you know that has the prettiest eyes?
Rachel Collins or Caitlin
Who's your favorite friend?
I dont have one lol all my friends are my favvss
Ally you will always be my bestestest friend i havent seen you in a while cause chu no.. But i love youuu
ily too katiee <3
Who's your best friend?
You <3
You post the picture then don't answer my last question... Smh.
Lol whuttt
what are you doing today
Hangin out with some friends at canobiee
Ooh what type of canon and when did you get it?!
T3i and in may
What type of camera do you have?
How was your day girllll?
Fabulous! Wbu?
Fav 7th grader
You <3
Top 5 softball players on ur team
Everyones wicked good lol its an amazing team :D
Who do u look up to?
My grandma <3
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