fels katic ♥ @alwaysandbeyond
fels katic ♥ @alwaysandbeyond
i just want pretty things and a pair of wings <3
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Which is your fav song? :)  Fine
i have a lot really. it's so hard to choose one. but right now i have afire love by ed sheeran and prodigal by onerepublic on repeat
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fav accounts on twitter ?
im so bad at remembering usernames so i'll just say the ones i can remember haha mystickatic, katicparillas, flawlesskatic, agent_katic, badasskbex, randomris, katicsbabe, kelliwellijelli, and basically everyone else i follow bc theyre all hilarious
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How did you come up with your username?
i didnt! the wonderful ‎@Indrani_S suggested it to me back then and i've been in love with it ever since
What is your fav song at the moment??? #DubtrackFM
i have shots by imagine dragons stuck in my head rn
Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!
this angel :)
Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!
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Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
What are you terrible at?
What do you think of makeup?
theyre great haha but i dont wear them unless im in the mood then i put on lipstick lol
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
i have school that day so.. maybe i'll just skip it and sleep all day lmao
ily2 so much  Mary
staaaaahp *le blush* <3
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u are one of my faves babe :*  Mary
ashfkjgsfd you are one of my faves too, darling. ily. :*
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What was the last movie you watched?
the best of me :)
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What's your age?
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Where do you attend law school?
here in the Philippines :)
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Your twitter account is fabbbb. xo
aww thank you darling xx
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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
dark, usually. but if i need to be up in a few hours i sleep with the lights on so it's easier for me to wake up lmao
why are you popular and im not :(
who told you that? dont believe it it's not true :)
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
neither. haha not a fan of sodas
What are you most excited about right now?
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What is your fav song?
ohgod i cant choose just one but right now my faves are clean by tswift, belong by the cary brothers, and wings by birdy :)
What do you order at Starbucks?
grande skim latte 2 pumps sugar free vanilla
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did you see the jamaican sea otter?? https://www.facebook.com/1543734552572030
ohmygod hahahaha thank you for sharing that it's hilarious :))
What is your favorite waste of time?
hmm fangirling? or sleeping. butidk theyre really not a waste of time so..
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What was the best movie of 2014?
uhmm big hero 6? :D
Who is the funniest comedian?
uhmm ellen degeneres?haha but robin williams will always be one of my faves <3
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