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Who was the last person you gave a gift to?


Why do u cut lol

There was no "lol" needed.

You're Gorgeous :)

Thank u

Would legalizing marijuana be a good thing or bad thing?

Fantastic thing

Hahaha that guy down there is thirsty!! Why can't he just talk to you over Facebook or Twitter or something hahalol

Really though

What's with the name calling? I did nothing wrong.

Ok srry. But really who are you?

Would you ever fuck someone who one of youre bestfriends have fucked?

Fuck n000

You should FaceTime me. Okay? It'll be a great time. ;)

Ok you should just tell me who you are and stop being a cuntmonkey

What about a black dude?


Have you dated every race?

Not really

Let me take you out on a date. Sound good?

Depends who you are. I don't like dating

So does that mean you're not fucking guys with skills?!

Heh I guess I just chose the wrong ones

Favorite sex position?

Doggy ontop idk every

Have you ever faked an orgasim?

Haha not really. Never had an orgasm by sex doe

What is your preferred dick size for a guy?

quantity doesn't matter it's the QUALITY;) but preferably large

Which cities would you like to visit around the world?


Still jealous of tanner he got to fuck the shit outta u


If I text you it's someone you know lmao

why don't you stop being a fag and tell me who you are, I'm not posting my number on here.

You met Lucas vercetti?!!!!!!!


Are you single?


Can I text you

Who's this?

Aye girl

What it is what's up

You're joking about Sammie right?

I don't play.

Do you like Aaron

No he's a tool

Best part of your day

My little brothers friend prank calling our house phone and I figured out who it was Tehe


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About Alyssa:

i like to have a good time and fuck shit up with my best friends. legalize. Punk. Sex. Ok? Idk I'm baked. Oh yeah zombies too.