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ala y2wmek bel salame nshalaa yaraab❤❤

Kotaiba al sabbah

Allah ysalmk ya rabb ❤❤

El 7amdelah 3a salamtik 🌹❤️

Allah ysalmk ya rab ❤️

People talk bare shit about you what do you do then? Get yourself straight sweetie

Hal shi raj3lhom w I simply don't give a fuck. Ldenye dawara 7yser kel had b bntak aw e5tak. N2l3 ya baba

Why do you hate me so much? I hear so much about you but I never said anything about you :(

Mota5lefen 3m bzedo hal ayam sa7? Y3ni I don't even know you to hate you w you don't even cross my mind 😂

bf--Everything 👍✋

Zeid Al-Dawoodi

Mercii 😊

•bf; everythinggg habebe💋


Hbbt albii 💗💗

7amdelaa 3l salamee yaraabb ♡♡ w nwrteee ❤😙

Kotaiba al sabbah

Allah ysalmkk w mnwar bwjodak ❤️❤️

l7mdela 3l salamee w welcome back ❤😙

Allah ysalmk/ik , Thank you ❤️

•Like/tbhh; My mangoo💋 My childhood bestie💗 I have known you for the past 22 years, through all these years it's hard to think of a time that you weren't by my side. With every year that passes our lives changed but our friendship stayed the same. My beauty I love you beyond measure 💋 ❤️


Galobi 💗 I treasure every single minute that I have spent with you! I love you hbbt albii 💋

•ow• flawlesss💋


Hbbb 💗


Okk ✋

Welcome back gorgeous ❤️

Thank you ❤️

Welcome back babyyy ❤️💋 Nwaaar 😚


Ya rou7 albii ❤️ Mnwar bwjodik 💋

Welcome back😊❤


Thank you 7bebte ❤

Like=ow;beauty ❤️

Thank you lovely ❤️😚

Why do you like Kylie Jenner so much?

Idgaf she's HOTTT 🔥😭❤️

Bf; everything 😍❤️

7bebte ❤️❤️😚😚

What was your first paid job?

Let's just say the first job didn't go that well 😂

Like= first impression Really pretty and great answers ❤️❤️😊

Thanks love and likewise❤️

A message for your man ? 🌹

Words can't describe how much I love him and how much he means to me. I wouldn't ask anyone but you to be by my side, because you have been since day 1. You know I will always always have your back and be there for you. I love you my mango 🙊😍❤️

Like = I like your ....

Okk selectively x

How are you?

Not feeling that good tbh

Pap :p?

Story of my life 😂😂

Something that drives you nuts about your friend?

I hate it when she's not in the same mood as me. Like I will be in the mood to bitch slap someone and this girl goes dancing around. WHYYY 😂😂


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