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This will be the last that I will be writing this and I have said it before. Stop talking shit whoever you are, talk when you have proof! Its stupid enough that you are sitting behind a screen and being a pussy and not facing me. Don't bring my sisters or anyone in this , it's between me and you. O bla ma tb3to ashya2 bla user.
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Oo rabe feke marad ente! Tdrabi sho enk ma btstahle 7ada y7kelek kelme mne7a. Fkrtk wa7de mne7a o btfhame bs kelo ra7 hala2! Shofe 5awatk kef o ente kef? Ma bynfa3 ma3 ashkalk 3'er hal osloub. El 3ama!
Khalsti 7aki fadi? Yalla hla2 ana eli b7ki, ana l mareda wla enti? 3m ts2le as2le bay5a mitel shaklk. Bla falsafe zeyade enti l bt3rfene wla bt3rfe 5awati. Loool w shu 5as eslobe bl mwdou3? Mo 3ajbk eslobi? Ya 7bebte rou7i ndabe l 3ama t3meke nshalah! Lw wa7de gherek kant ejet w btbyen l user bs enti 7abbe tetfalsafe ma3 Fatma. Yalla n2l3e o kman so2al tani tshofi shu bser. Tfih!
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Like: starbucks + Nutella  Amal 3bdallah
Thank you gorgeous ♡
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Like = ???
Like this;
Like = ???
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Tbh: you're awesomee! Fatima, I like your personality, or like the one which you show here, haha. Bio rate: 10/10  Lilith.
Aww thank you so much love ♡ and your amazing!
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ow; cutiee  Malaak ahmed
Likewise sweetie ♡
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Post a quote!
"She wasnt simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She had flaws and that was ok"
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You think I don't know you? I know you very well lol. Why are you always negative towards people, don't you know you will end up alone one day? Be nice. Acting all tough and shit and swearing at people like be a normal people!
So you think you know who I am from my answers on ask? You don't know a single thing about me. Why am I negative towards people? Ask yourself that question? I treat people the way they treat me. Why do I curse a lot ? Why the fuck do you care? I will end up alone? Lmfaoo kkk no problem let's see.
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Post a picture of the best cartoon character ever!
Lmfaooo kill me nowww :$
Post a picture of the best cartoon character ever!
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What the hell is wrong with your sisters? I'm talking to you not them! I don't like this
O meen 2alk eno ana bedi e7ki m3k? O shu jawak ma3 5awati?
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•ow• beautiful❤  -yɑrɑ'mɑnsur
That's all you love ♡
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How can someone say that you are mean? Nigga you mad or what? Your such an adorable girl honestly. Your drop dead gorgeous and stay blessed sweetheart♡ ♡
Awhh thank you I appreciated ♡
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Which fictional charecter would you say it resembles you best? Do you like this character? What characteristics/personality traits do you both share?  
Uhhh Alison from pretty little liars lol. She's mean and I am mean. She likes being the villain and I'm like that too. Shes always in trouble and Im exactly the same :$ and I lovee her character lol
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What does the fox say?
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How do you deal with your haters lol? You have a lot
Lmfaoo lord give me patience or else I will slap the next bitch the messages me
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Can we bang?
Can we not?
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Are you a leader or a follower?
The queen is here, bow down
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Are you not majoring in business marketing wtf are you dancing for? I mean your dancing sucks! You have failed in life, you can't be successful!
Lmfaooooo I'm dying! What the fuck does my studies have to do with me dancing yo? Why you jealous nigga because your dancing sucks and I'm a pro at it loool! How did I fail in life yo? You upset because I am more successful? Loool judge yourself first. I busted my ass to get where I am today so can you.
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7ywana wallah!
Lel2saf omk mrabaya 7ywan fa etha feh 7ywan howa enta
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Knte kter 7ilwe lyoum :*
Lool ballah? Meen 2al ana bl Kuwait asln?
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•short compliment• beautiful and i really like your personality and how friendly you are❤'  -yɑrɑ'mɑnsur
Likewise sweetheart ♡
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Like= tbh + first impression
Kayy I'll do them by tonight I promise x
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like=I like your; hair and eyes xx  Linda
Thank you sweetie, likewise ♡
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Taken ?
Ma elk da5l
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Post a picture of your dream car!
Maserati bruh #vroom
Post a picture of your dream car!
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