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ғαтмα αмαяsнα @amarsha
Mind full of money; got a heart full of Demons. Morocco/Kuwait♡
♔αsκ мε αηчтнiηg ♔
RSS answers
What's your zodiac sign?
Can I have your number?
High-heels or slippers?
Slippers :P
Who means the world to you?
My beautiful mama ♡
Can you ask me questions?
k later .
You think your cool
I don't think I know I am
Your life?
Thug life ...
Not here. I want to know you better
Well there is no other place that I can talk to you. User?
Can I talk to you?
Go ahead
Do you miss anyone?
What's the one thing you can do all day?
Loool your such a loser but in a cute way ♡
Omg lol how mean
What old song do you still listen to?
Sean Kingston- Fire burning haha
Can you speak Arabic?
Yes I can
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Why Spanish music?
Sexy vibe tbh
What type of music would you listen to if you just came back from work?
Spanish music bruhh
how i am contact u
You don't have lol
do u have skype
Thank you xx
What's the cutest thing that you see?
When I see guys being protective and writing about their girl it's so adorable!
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I know it's dumb ask but what does mula mean?
It means money
I like you
Thank you! and can I know who you are?
If you were dating what's the one thing you would promise your man?
If patience is something he has for me, then time is something I'll always have for him
Nigga how old are you ?