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When you are out what do you usually wear?
It depends where I am going. I always dress up
Ahliiin, mnwraa :) ❤️
Ahla w sahla w mnwr bwojodik/ak :)
Something you hate about people
Lying to me
What time did you wake up this morning?
I don't remember
Do you wear lenses or la2?
Eh sometimes
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I don't have instagram
Entay t7ben l kl?
Eeh a7b kl eli y7bounih
I'm lovinnn thisss
شيء يقهر :  ليان ي مان.
شي يقهر لما أكلم صديقتي وماترد علي الا بعد فتره
الفلوس :  ليان ي مان.
نعمه الحمدالله
نحب الي :  ليان ي مان.
While growing who did you look up to the most?
My beautiful mother ♡
Are you in love?
I'm in love with myself
How are you gorgeous
Chilling, how about you love
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I want to talk to you in skype
You can say it here I don't have skype
Why are you so cool
Bruh I didn't choose to be cool it chose me lool
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
A crystal swan :(
Do you like Lil Wayne? I don't like him
If you don't like him doesn't mean that others don't. If you don't like him then don't listen to him as simple as that.
When you are sleepy what do you do
What a stupid question offcourse I go sleep
Haha awee me too I like Jasmine
Lool aww
Was Ariel always your favorite?
Lol yes and I also loved Jasmine
Your favorite Disney girl character?
Ariel ♡