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Like=ow;beauty ❤️  gнα∂єєякα .. ∞
Thank you lovely ❤️😚
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Why do you like Kylie Jenner so much?
Idgaf she's HOTTT 🔥😭❤️
Why do you like Kylie Jenner so much?
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Bf; everything 😍❤️  SFH'♡.
7bebte ❤️❤️😚😚
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What was your first paid job?
Let's just say the first job didn't go that well 😂
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Like= first impression Really pretty and great answers ❤️❤️😊  Janvi
Thanks love and likewise❤️
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A message for your man ? 🌹
Words can't describe how much I love him and how much he means to me. I wouldn't ask anyone but you to be by my side, because you have been since day 1. You know I will always always have your back and be there for you. I love you my mango 🙊😍❤️
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Like = I like your ....
Okk selectively x
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How are you?
Not feeling that good tbh
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Pap :p?
Story of my life 😂😂
Pap :p?
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Something that drives you nuts about your friend?
I hate it when she's not in the same mood as me. Like I will be in the mood to bitch slap someone and this girl goes dancing around. WHYYY 😂😂
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•Like/ I like your everythaaangg boboo 😍😍  YS♚
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•Los Angeles ❤️❤️
7bebte 😚😚
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like=tbh mo 3arfe mn wen ablsh enty kter 7elwe w betajene♡♡ mahdome w kol eshi fiki 7elo 😚 allay ye7miki 7abebty😚😚
7bbt albiii ❤️❤️ enti l a7la :* W y7miki ya amar ❤️
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Pap :p?
Lmfaoooooo I'm dying  
Pap :p?
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Why don't you get close to a lot of people?
I don't get close to so many people because I've seen them talk shit about everybody they cool with.
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I love your music taste ❤️
Thank you ❤️
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most of them I guess
Well not all guys are the same
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fee mno ! Arab guys will never learn how to treat women
Not all guys are the same.
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why do you get a lot of stupid questions ?
People are thirsty as fuck.
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Then pap your feet?
Weee3 shutup and kill yourself.
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Bang or nah?
Bang yourself bitch.
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Hey beautiful ❤️  Summer Love❤️
Heyy doll ❤️:*
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Some good songs please?
Option x Partynextdoor
West district x Partynextdoor
Persian rugs x Partynextdoor
Recognize x Partynextdoor ft Drake
Her way x Partynextdoor
King of fall x The weeknd
Earned it x The weeknd
Or nah x The weeknd
High for this x The weeknd
Often x The weeknd
Legend x Drake
Energy x Drake
Know yourself x Drake
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Like= ow??
T3bt mnha :p
Like this one ✋
Like= ow??
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•Like/ tbhh; My beauty😍 you are single handedly the only person in this world who truly gets me., you are the most precious person in my life. Not only are you always there for me, but you are for everyone, you do it all because you have the most beautiful heart. I love you beyond measure 💜  YS♚
Walaaahh guurrrrlll👌👌 ❤️galobi. I love you with everything in me 👏 Every second spent with you is priceless and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. You know I will always always be there for you buubbs ❤️
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