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But what you are doing is wrong, I'm just trying to tell that just take my advice!
Don't teach me how to live my life eh? And keep your advice to your self.
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Piercings? Smoking? Drinking? Really Fatma that how you were brought up? You should feel ashamed your parents didn't teach you this!
Why the fuck do you care what I do with myself? Are you my dad? mom? brother? sister? NO! My parents raised me really well and they know what I do. They trust me in what I do. So bitch fuck off, if you don't know shit don't open your mouth. Swerve.
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When your 40 what will you do?
Watch strippers twerk and get money with bitches :p
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How are you so funny?
Idk ..
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Bf; eye xx  ÐAQ'
Thanks love ❤️
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What's the one thing that drives you crazy about people, they way think?
When people think muslim is your nationality ..........
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Bruvv I don't get it? :p  YS♚
LOOOOOL :p KAS has no tarbiat what so ever kerim ba kuniy bakhuda :p
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hay ana nseet 7ot esme :p  λmαl→3βδαllα
Haha :p❤️
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Like=Tbh- your sweet, funny i love your personality w inte mshalla 7lwe w allah y7meke
7bebte Amal thank you w y7miki❤️
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Your mood?
Bruhhh :p
Your mood?
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Selectivelyy xx
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•Like=first impression; ratchet mango❤️❤️  YS♚
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Can give me some good songs please❤️?
Ayo x Chris brown ft Tyga
Hotel x Kid ink ft Chris brown
New flame x Chris brown ft Usher and Rick ross
I don't mind x Usher ft Juicy j
Drunk texting x Chris brown ft Jhene aiko
Body language x Kid ink ft Usher and Tinashe
Don't tell em x Jeremih ft Yg
Earned it x The weeknd
Or nah x The weeknd
In vein x The weeknd ft Rick ross
Drunk in love x The weeknd
Hookah x Tyga ft Young thug
Truffle butter x Nicki minaj ft Drake and Lil wayne
Preach x Drake ft Partynextdoor
Know yourself x Drake
0 to 100 x Drake
Made me x Chris brown ft Trey songz
Touchin lovin x Trey songz ft Nicki minaj
Shanghai x Nicki minaj
Feeling myself x Nicki minaj ft Beyonce
Flawless x Beyonce ft Nicki minaj
Yonce x Beyonce
7/11 x Beyonce
Dnf x Drake ft P reign
Aint worried about nothing x French montana
Gifted x French montana ft The weeknd
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Song your listening to?
Earned it x The weeknd
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God bless u, you're beautiful.
Thank you❤️ God bless you too❤️
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how old are you?
I'm 21
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A message to the person you love❤️?
Let me start of by saying that I am very blessed to have you in my life❤ I love you so so so so much! Your so special to me and you being there for me is always always cherished. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for teaching me how to smile again. Thank you for the long talks that go on till morning. I owe you my life. Your heart is clean and your soul is kind, I wish you nothing nothing but the best in life and know for sure I will always be there for you. Know that I will have your back, know that no matter what my loyalty is yours. You teach me new things everyday. I have grown so much with you❤ This is just the beginning of our story together❤
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حبوبه الله يحفظكم و يبعدج عن الحساد شكله وايد ناس ما تعرفج بس مقهوره منج و الله يديم المحبه و يديمه لج سند <3
حبيبتي ❤️
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Ente 3ayshe el door la sho? Shefte 7alk bl awal? Ana b3rf bnat mtl ashkalk bs Allah ystor 3aleki sho 3amle bl kel!
Loool da7ktne walah :p Shu wd3k bl awal? Leh ma2hora hal ad :p ? Ya 7bebte bshof 7ali wla ma bshof 7ali ana akid a7la mnk :p
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What pisses you off about people?
I hate when someone asks a question and when you come to answer back they cut you off while talking. Like what the fuck?
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•i like your• everythiingg hbb❤  yɑrɑ'mɑnsur❋
7bebte Yara same here ❤️:*
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10 Facts about you :*
•I love rap/r&b
•I love to dance
•I love to draw
•I love shopping
•I love love chocolates
•3sabye o btnfrz bsr3a
•I'm the sweetest girl until you piss me off
•I'm honest
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Ro7i mote
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Like = bf / ur eyes Wel ba2e between us a7san ;p ❤️  _BoB-JR
Hahaha mashi mashi :p ❤️
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like + A❤️  Malaak ahmed
Thank you doll ❤️
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