ғαтмα αмαяsнα @amarsha
Love is imperfect... Patience is experience. Morocco/Kuwait♡
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♔αsκ мε αηчтнiηg ♔
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Have you ever loved someone that you thought you could be with them for the rest of your life?
What do you mostly regret that you have done?
People that I regret meeting. But time healed everything
Do you miss her?
I miss her a lot!
How was your sisters wedding?
Do you have instagram then?
I don't have one
What's your twitter?
I barely go on it but since you asked here you go ‎@Tamtumii
Where were you born?
If a guy ignores what do you do?
That "ignoring each other" game can turn into "never hearing from me again" game reaaal fast
Favorite chocolate?
Do you know me?
I should be asking you that
Fatooooommm ♡ I miss you :(
Now you remember me :( Bring your beautiful face back asappp bruh
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
I hate schooool
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
I never got a bad gift before
What is your best feature?
Followed ♡
Are you on twitter? Shu l account name tb3k?
3ndi bs ma bft7o kter
I don't love you. Don't talk to me :(
Wallah same :P
Holy you are gorgeous ♡
Thank youuu ♡
OMGGG ♡ was that you at avenues today with a blond girl. If I'm not mistaken you had a blue top on?
Haha yes that was me
Your life story in a picture?
Your life story in a picture?
What are you most excited about right now?
Nothing excites me no more
Remember me we used talk so much before?
Lol who are you?
Do you know Abdullah?
Abdullah meen?
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When you love a guy do you love them from your heart?
What type of dumb question are you asking me?!
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Can I be your friend?
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