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Positive vibes and bad influences. Morocco/Kuwait♡
♔αsκ мε αηчтнiηg ♔
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can you post a pic of you please?? or change your dp and put your pic, I wanna see the real you...
No and I don't even know you
is that really you in the dp??
No it's not me
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Fatom are you on a diet?
Me and diet? Please I love my food lol
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like = tbh umm idk you but you seem nice and you're beautiful too, hope to get closer c: xx  Rakan A.
Thank you, likewise♡
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Mana mashkal howa ppl are taking this ask thing to know grls thinking that all the girls ir5as w min hal 7aki not for there fun and joyment... Welcome lal 3alam il 3arabi either wana have a gf or have phisycal relation nthn such as friends w fun with the other gender  Mohammad Farhat
Sho malik za3lanah ilyoum w mitday2a, bitrodi 3al nas bidoon nifis ... Il naharda il 5amees meen imza3liik inbistii :D  Mohammad Farhat
Loool feh nas bla tarbaye o I have to reply in a rude way
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From ?
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Enti habla
Yasmeen to you?
My baby girl, my other half ♡
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Your two worst subjects in school?
History and geography
Are you trying to start a fight? You can't win I will make you a loser lol
You know what's funny you don't realize how lifeless you are. If your looking for a fight go and fight with someone your age and your size. Don't test me
Your annoying as hell! You think you are popular by getting all the haters and likes
Lmfaooo! First of all if I'm annoying you great! Second of all I'm not desperate to get people liking me I keep it real with everyone unlike you hiding my user. Third EXIT!
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You act so childish?
Loool dkm
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What song are you listening to nowww?
Drunk in love x The weeknd
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I used to like you but your ignoring me and being mean. I don't like it
Lool awesome I will keep doing it to you.
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Bs ana bedi a7ki m3k darori
Bla bla bla bla
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6yb n7na lesa ma 5alsna?
Loool ok keep waiting
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What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
The truth
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hehehe allah y3enk xD sheli el anon mn 3endk ray7i rask  Hamed Tabele ♡
Haha eh
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Lmao ur profile :D  Hamed Tabele ♡
Nas zbale
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3alek w 3la shaklk
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E7terme 7alk please. Leeh heik nafseye
Loool rejle 3a heik nas yalla n2l3
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6yb la tbki 7abebte b7bk wallah
Ya baba n2l3 mn hon
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Followed..nice profile  Abood Shalabi
Thank you w followed back x
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hahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha malo abo el shbab ? kter mnz3ej mnik:P
Hahaha shayef :P Allah yhde bs
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