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Love is imperfect... Patience is experience. Morocco/Kuwait♡
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Remember me we used talk so much before?
Lol who are you?
Do you know Abdullah?
Abdullah meen?
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When you love a guy do you love them from your heart?
What type of dumb question are you asking me?!
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Can I be your friend?
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How though?
You have to eat healthy and if it's only for your stomach then do exercise for your stomach
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How can you get a small waist?
You have to workout
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Name a boys favorite line?
"Babe I love you and I will never leave you" biggest joke :P
Ente mn wayen ya amar?
Mn l Maghrib
Where you in Kuwait for your birthday?
Yes I was
Your favorite song?
Waleed Al Shami- Majnoni ♡
Who you in love with?
Lool ghasb y3ni
Your boyfriend. Mo msa7be?
Mo msa7be
How is he doing?
Ahleeeeen :)
Mar7abten :P
Where were you for a long time? Ya3ni I just came back and I saw that your back nwar l ask ♡
I was right what are you talking about :P L noor norak/ik xx
Awh I'm so sorry love he lost a special gem ♡
It's his loss but anyway your so sweet thank you xx
Were you not in a relationship before. If you don't mind why did you broke up?
I was but not anymore. It didn't work out
How often do you go to the gym?
I always go on weekends but on weekdays I just workout at home
No offence I didn't mean to but I just thought I'm sorry
Lool it's alright when I see a pretty girl I will say she is pretty but I'm not what you are thinking :)
Are you a lesbian?
Lmfaooo no I'm not
Are you in love?
With myself yes
Why do you think that an immature thing to do are you not supposed to hate whoever your friends hate?
What are you going to get by hating who your friend hates. I mean it's my friends business not mine simple.
like = 5 likes for first few ?
What's the most immature thing to do?
An immature thing to do is being a little bitch and hate whoever your friends hate that's honestly so damn childish like hate somebody on your own :/