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What do you expect in 2014?

My resolution is to learn bass guitar. For 2013 it was to learn ukulele and I did that so hopefully 2014 is just as productive

Also * insert my confession of my life long love for you*

*insert confession of my life long love for you too*

*Insert anon hate here*

Why do you have to be so mean leave me alone stop hating on me

What is in your fridge?

The love of my life, food

Well you're a freshman and you're in my band class!

What is your most played song at the moment?

It will always be Skinny lovee

What is your attitude to smoking?

I think that people are gonna do what they wanna do and if smoking makes them happy, let them smoke (unless you have a legitimate reason for making them stop)

When was the last time you danced?

Last night we jammed so hard in the limo that was great

What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?

Eyes probably

If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

Guitar strings that never have to be changed or tuned, they're like automatically perfectly in tune and they never go bad

Funniest thing you have seen yesterday / today

There were a couple homecoming events that were hilarious so probably that hahah

Do you love yourself?

I love who I am as a person and so yes I do love myself. (Not in a conceited way though, I just like who I am)

Are you going to Lauren's sweet 16 tonight

Oops didnt see this but yes I went hahha

I think I might like this girl... Any advice for how to tell her?

So if you have a class with her, then wait till the teacher leaves the room. Make one of your friends take her into a closet. Have him lock her in the closet. Go back to the closet 5 hours later. Open the closet door. Tell her you came back to rescue her because you like her. She'll think you're the shit cause you got her our of the closet after 5 hours. Then lock her back in the closet and just leave her there.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I remember in 3rd grade during spirit days we had a career day where you had to dress up for the job you wanted and I was a "singer/songwriter/actress" and I brought a microphone into school and everything hahahahaha


Brandon Dow

Ha I'm watching your Netflix rn

Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?

Yeah how else would I get to see giraffes :-)

How much do you weigh

The last scale i was on said 106 but then I went on another one and it said 110 so I don't know the exact number

You look like a movie star when your in the halls at school and your so fab

Finally some recognition for how fab I am

Bra size?

Double Ds baby (;

You need to stop answering so many questions in anatomy.

I don't see you answering any questions in anatomy anon so ill answer questions if I want ok

You're really pretty Amelia

Thanks ily


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