But srl you're amazing 💕🌸 ✌No one

Aw thank you sweetie I don't think I am but thank you! 💕💕

~honesty night~

10 🌸 Why are you so perfect 😭💖 ✌No one

Haha sweetheart I really wish I was but no ones perfect. You're stunning though and so lovely and kind! 💖

~honesty night~

9 🌸 Do you have any allergies? ✌No one

Nope not that I know of anyway

~honesty night~

8 🌸 Have you ever coloured your hair? ✌No one

Yeah once I dyed it dark red

~honestly night~

7 🌸 Do you plan on getting any piercings or tattoos? ✌No one

I really want to get tattoos more than anything!

~honestly night~

6 🌸 Best day of your life? ✌No one

I have so many:
~ meeting the person I like
~ meeting twin atlantic
~ getting a B in first year HND
~ spending time with my family!

5 🌸 Favourite Emoji? Or smiley face? ✌No one

🙊 - this one I don't know why I just think it's really cute!

~honestly night~

4 🌸 What type of food do you like? Do you like home cooked meals or fast food? ✌No one

I love chicken probably more than I should haha! I have a bit of both really!

~honesty night~

3 🌸 What is the best part of your day? ✌No one

Mid day when i'm not working and can just chill

~honesty night~

2 🌸 If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, which one would it be? ✌No one

Twin Atlantic 100% I love this band with all my heart and can't wait to see them live again in December!

~honesty night~

1 🌸 How is your photography going? What do you like to take pictures of? ✌No one

It's going really well just waiting to start college again! I love portraits of people and expressing different emotions and personalities!

~honesty night~

Bc I am in nice mood I will ask a few questions for your honesty night. If you get fed up of me or don't like my questions pls let me know 🌸 ✌No one

will do thank you!

~honesty night~

honestly night?

sure why not? bored anyway so send your questions and will answer anything!!

~honesty night~

List three things that you have done this year that make you proud?🌻

~ got a B in my graded unit at college
~ have a completely different mind frame sonde last year and been a lot happier
~ been able to control my panic attacks a lot better then before and control my anxiety sometimes 😊

r u a lesbian/bi

I've not really thought about it. I think that everyone is really bi until they decide if they'd want to do anything or be with anyone of the same sex really!


aw well come off anon :)

do u want to

who's asking?

do u like kissing girls

Who said I've ever kissed a girl?


follow you too!

Pap of anything? ❤️ ✌No one

My Twin Atlantic ticket arrived for December I'm so so excited to see my favourite people again!! 😊😊

What is the secret to a happy life?

What I've learnt is that do whatever the hell you like and if someone says you can't do something or whatever just basically turn round to them and say fucking watch me. Obviously not anything illegal or anything like that. I've been told quite a few times that I would never be able to do something but I did it and proved everyone wrong. I'm much happier and really just don't give a shit about what people think of you like that's one of the things I struggled with for ages and honestly once you learn to do that it is so much easier! 😊💕

You're awesome and I follow you 😄❤️ Alex

Aw thank you you're awesome too and I also follow you!!😁😁

What's your snapchat?(: xx

Come off anon and I will send you it not putting it on here! :)

You've come such a long way since I first followed you 3 years ago, congratulations Amy!

Aw I've legit just seen this but thank you so much to whoever this was. I feel I've come such a long way and idk if changed so much in the way I am and kind how I see life if that makes sense 😂 I'm 100% a lot happier then I was 3/4 years ago let's put it that way! 😊😁