I am going to be leaving this site. I'm moving on and this site is only bring up bad shite from the past that I don't need. I'm a lot happier then I was a few years ago and things are finally looking up for me. I don't need a constant reminder of where I use to be. Thank you to everyone that has helped me through anything on this site and you guys are all awesome.


Are there any songs stuck in your head? If so post a link to the song on youtube :3 The Laughing Sandwich

Twin Atlantic - The Chaser

This bass line on this long gets me every time! I haven't stopped listening to this one since it came out and I'm going to meet these guys again in a couple of weeks and I couldn't be more excited about it!

you look a mess

says someone they can't even come off anon trying looking at yourself before talking about anyone else!

whats wrong with your face?


If you are feeling down what is your go to film to cheer yourself up? :3 The Laughing Sandwich

either the breakfast club or I will watch a tv show that I'm really in to! :3

How are you all doing today? Wherever you guys are I hope you have a great day, all my love 💕 мσσи çħιℓđ✖‿✖

I'm alright thanks had a really boring day but a really chilled out day as well!

favourite song at the moment?

100% has to be Twin Atlantic - The Chaser the new song that my faves have brought out! i've honestly not stopped listening to it since it came out i'm in love with it haha!

You seem like someone who would love tea (dont ask me why ahaha) :3 The Laughing Sandwich

I don't which is really strange I know haha!

Apparently I have an agenda (I don't know what it is supposed be) just so you know I dont ahaha I only send people questions to ge to know them and also because I saw some people were just getting the same old questions on here (no need to answer this question) p.s sorry to bother you :3 The Laughing Sandwich

you're not bothering me it's fine :)

Do any of you nap regularly if so how often and for how long? :3 The Laughing Sandwich

If i'm really tired and have got up early I sometimes take an hour or so nap during the day!

Seeing as I am obsessed with tea, do you like tea if so what is your favourite flavour? :3 The Laughing Sandwich

I don't like any hot drinks what so ever haha!

Doing opinions so send your links my way if you want one :3 The Trooper


Where do you get the majority of your clothes e.g brands, thrifted or homemade :3 The Laughing Sandwich


Music Taste?

It has changed so much since the last time I did this so going to re-do it:
~ twin atlantic
~ the lafontaines
~ eliza and the bear
~ biffy clyro
~ you me at six
~ adele
~ all time low
~ bring me the horizon
~ avenged sevenfold
~ catfish and the bottlemen
~ a day to remember
~ ed sheeran
~ fatherson
~ foo fighters
~ i prevail
~ issues
~ james bay
~ johnny cash
~ kids in glass houses
~ lindsey stirling
~ mallory knox
~ mcfly
~ mumford and sons
~ neck deep
~ of mice and men
~ panic at the disco
~ paramore
~ prides
~ simple plan
~ state champs
~ the summer set
~ tonight alive
~ twenty one pilots
~ we are the in crowd
~ the xcerts
~ 30 seconds to mars
~ mayday parade
~ good charlotte

When making or ordering a pizza, what toppings do you put on it ? :3 The Laughing Sandwich

Pepperoni and either with cheese or a bbq sauce is perfect 😍😍

Unfollowed people, so if you get this I still follow you. Hope you had a fabulous day :3 The Laughing Sandwich

Aw thank you follow you too!! :3

what trigger you ? and how you deal with it ?

What do you mean?

Why do white girls have flat bums

Not always true

anything negative about you people point out? that you know you have it but still you feel offended when they point it out?

Everyone has their flaws whether people point it out or not and I don't think people should point out other people's flaws because them themselves have flaws as well and no one is perfect

Where would you like to live?

America or Australia

what is your favourite type of weather ? The Laughing Sandwich

Sunny even if the sun doesn't like me very much 😂😂

Have you ever wanted to change your name? If so what name would you have liked to be called? The Laughing Sandwich

Nah not really quite like my name

What country/city are you from?

Scotland 😊

If you have a dog what breed is it, please can I see a photo I love dogs :3 The Laughing Sandwich

I've got a wee westie which I love to bits. I'm such a dog person! :3

What did you look like when you were younger (post a photo if you have one) :3 The Laughing Sandwich

This one of my on my first day in primary 1 😊