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You're super cute and you deserve to have a nice day! ((Now pass it on to other cute people who deserve to have nice days)) Hugs! ❌Goth Pixie❌™

Aw you're adorable 😊🙈

You're an unique human being who deserves all the love and happiness in the world. ❤️ (Spreading love, since there's so much hate in this world / on this site. Pass it on maybe. ☺️) • Yennefer •

Aw you're such a sweetheart! ❤️

Do you have a memorable picture from back in the day? PAP!

This was a picture of me on my first day in primary 1 which I found the other day! 😊

pap of your smile (with teeth)

Most recent one taken today cause I go on holiday on Saturday yay! 😁😁

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Do you prefer a home cooked meal or take out?

home cooked meal defiently

Are you Dutch? Because AmsterDAMN 👅

hahaha love that one!

If you were a vegetable you'd be a cute-cumber

aw bless ahaha!

Following you ☺...awesome you...how's everything? Evelyn_sawmi

aw thank you! things have been okay struggled for a bit but things seem to be getting better now!

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~ you're beautiful
~ you're funny
~ you're kind
~ you're lovely
~ you've got a handsome little baby
~ you're strong
~ you're down to earth
~ we don't talk that much but you're honestly such a lovely person and we defiently need to start speaking more!

Name three things you've learnt this year?

~ One major thing i've learnt about myself this year is that anxiety and panic attacks don't need to take over your life. I got to a point this year after something happened that really effected me and I struggled a lot but anxiety and panic attacks don't control you.
~ Bullies are just venerable about themselves and use bullying as a coping mechanism to make themselves feel better and to not focus on their flaws. Everyone has flaws and your just need to learn to accept them and move on don't try and change yourself for others.
~ No matter what life throws at you, you can still have the time of your life and enjoy what you love doing. This summer has started off in such a good way for me and I know there is going to many more adventures just round the corner!

@ (Anon asked me to) Joe

~ you're such a lovely guy
~ you're funny
~ you're kind
~ we use to speak quite a lot ages ago but not so much anymore :(
~ good music taste

Opinion (recent) call .me.princess

~ you're really pretty
~ your ask makes me smile
~ you seem really down to earth
~ you're funny

You're STILL getting shit, damn I though that would have died off years ago. How sad of them. ❌Goth Pixie❌™

I know can't win either way but you know what they've got not life and think they should seriously move on cause I have :) x

Pap worth 50 likes and dont answer until done?

Okay I'm hardly on here anyway but here's probably my most recent one from my holiday I went to last week in Spain at a Zoo. I had fun! 😊

do you have facebook (profile)? :)

I do but don't give it out

I just wanted to take the time and tell you how beautiful you are !!!!

aw thank you lovely!

your hair is so amazing *-* Ева

aw thank you!

@TaraNicholson wears wigs

I don't know who that is....


I don't know what is was but account was disabled so...

i want today winner team ppune or hydrabad


Do you prefer long or short hair in general? Doesn't matter on which sex. (Send To Most I Follow) Joe

i'm not really that bothered haha!