Do you know this guy on ask named Keenan? He was a dick. Is he still on here?

I do know him cause he was an asshole to me and I have no idea if he's still on here cause I'm hardly on here!

i want today winner team ppune or hydrabad


Do you prefer long or short hair in general? Doesn't matter on which sex. (Send To Most I Follow) Joe

i'm not really that bothered haha!

Well today the wedding was for someone my mum used to know, and my mum felt bad about not going 😭 and I guess that's pretty cool! Are you getting paid? Sara C

aw that sucks hope you're okay here if you need to talk :) aw thank you and yeah :)

Real tattoo or henna tattoo?

Real always

Do you like attending weddings? How many have you been to? I was forced to go to one today 😭 Sara C

I think they're great! I have only been to one but i'm photographing one in October :) Aw how come?

moonheaded chin chinny chin chin chincharoooo Ryan

you do realise that I don't really care anymore as i'm getting somewhere in my life and this just shows that you're not and you hate that so you sit there and give me shit behind a screen to make yourself feel better. It's pretty sad when you think about it.



you are cute 😍😍

you're joking right? I'm really not haha!

you a boy or girl ?


post your profile picture and don't answer another question till you get 100 likes!

aye why not really like this image anyway :)

Remember me? haha Ellie


Partners best features?

I'm single :)

I got asked to send something to those I follow so if you get this I follow you. Roses are red, violets are blue, garlic bread, blink 182 ❌Dorty goff❌™

follow you too :)

If you were in a desperate financial situation, would you go on a cam site like Chaturbate or Cam4 to get the money you needed?


if you get this I follow you and I hope you're all having a lovely evening/day because you're all awesome :D ✴Synyster Shandows✴


That sounds good, Glasgow is a good place haha :P 50 shades of bitch

Yeah it is :)

Is it too late now to say sorry? Creature of Time


Well since you're from Glasgow, it probably won't be the only time I'll see you haha

Haha no doubt you will see me around Glasgow i'm there three times a week maybe more and thinking of moving up in the summer haha!

Meh, didn't want to seem like a weirdo Hahaha 50 shades of bitch

you wouldn't have been a weirdo honestly haha!

what time do you usually get out of bed? Paula Piranha

10/11 on weekends off from work and during college 5am

Yeah it was you, thought I recognized you haha :P 50 shades of bitch

Hahaha! you should have said hello :)

Hope you all are having a great day 💕 😊 Sara C

I've actually had a good day and got thing off my chest and feeling a lot better :)

Hey, this is going to sounds weird but I'm sure it was you that got on the same bus as me yesterday, from Glasgow to Dundee, I was curious to see if it was you :P

Yeah it probably was if it was Friday around 6pm haha :)

Pretty eyes with ugly nose or pretty nose with ugly eyes ?

I love people's eyes a lot so it would have to be the eyes for me :)