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boleh minta follback?  Rizwan 'chacink' Haris
boleh haha
Udah pernah pacaran brp kali?
kalo diitung this brief "relationship" i had pas SMA mungkin pernah 1 kali ya? tapi dari sudut pandang lain bisa 0 juga sih lol. tau ah
rly tho im the type of #feels guy yg bner2 cherish "intimate moments" with the people I love or "sayang".. and i feel like there are quite a few girls who are important to me and inspire me that i've shared those kind of moments with. i am forever thankful for their time. so even tho in a traditional sense kurang berpengalaman "pacaran" maybe.. i dunno.. nevermind susah jelasinnya haha
ps. i luv ya'll. ya'll shine in your own ways :p
post-ps. FOR TEH LULZ ~CURRENT ATTRACTION STATUS CHART~ (as of 1st of february 2014):
SUKA: BANYAK. gw udh gila... :+)
SAYANG: 1? but.... hrmpph -_- .. and well maybe more sih if counting some others floating in my mind
CINTA: 0. sempet ada yg legendaris. but life goes on.
What if the universe just "naturally" expands? Does that seems like an easy way to answer it? Or the small details can lead to a more "big picture" stuffs?
w..we are jejune stars :)
What does "genuine" art means to you and what's the process behind your every art creations?
genuine art for me could be either of these two:
1. something that comes straight from your heart, I guess it's something that you need to let out/shout out to save yourself.
2. something from the world that is channeled through you. Suddenly there's an urge.. It could feel as if you're possessed and you are creating something bigger than yourself. the "art" is using you to "be". Sometimes you would discover what the art really means AFTER the art is done
the process is different for each work, but usually for all of them I do like to imagine that the piece, whether it be a piece of writing or a melody or a painting or whatever.. to have a "destined shape" already.. so I don't feel like giving birth to something new but I'm making something that's SUPPOSED to be there and it's my job to get that work of art to its rightful shape.. so again it's a bit of "channeling" going on. I remember that one time in high school my bandmates had a bit of a laugh because I said something in the lines of "hmmm MAYBE (jangan-jangan) the lyrics/melody is like this".. but yea that's just how it works haha.
Kangen Gendra ga? sedeket apa hubungan kalian berdua. Gendra jago bikin lagu ya! Pernah mimpiin dia ga?
dulu pas kecil deket banget! it's usually us 4: gendra, gw, his brother aga and my brother fadi, (in order from youngest to oldest, bedanya setahun-setahun). inget bgt kemana2 bareng gtu and we shared a lotta fun times together. the most memorable moments are the ones involving nintendo/xbox games and that little four-way lego table i had at home. each of us used to make our own "base"/"society" using all the lego pieces yg dikumpulin ditengah2 mejanya, trus ya i think we just played around and do battles and shit haha. fadi's base always seemed scientific, kyk futuristic gtu and bosnya pake karakter yg alien. aga's base klo gk salah intinya "keren" gtu lego pplnya banyak yg pake topi n kacamata item hahahahahahaha. my base themenya pasti pake pieces lego yg "adventure" gtu..kek egypt2 gtu and bosnya pake lego mumi pharaoh (lel dari dulu sok mistik) and klo base gendra seinget gw gk ada karakteristik specialnya, pokoknya random and santai/simple aj gtu gk dipikirin lolololol. not sure why im explaining the lego thing in detail but i guess lumayan illustrate our connection and his character a bit right? haha
anyway.. i guess i can't lie that towards his death gw udh gk sedeket itu lg ama gendra. kerasa bgt kyknya lumayan ada distance between us 4... udh ada own friends and own worlds etc. in family gatherings gendra seemed quite and deep in thought.. but in my knowledge sih he was more open and rly close to his friends so i didn't worry much. i mean til now i have no idea tepatnya siapa the girl/girls that he sang about in his songs loll. honestly i would like to know and maybe chat with em about gendra HAHA. but yea at those last months of his life i really cant know for sure what he's going thru other than from his wise/psychedelic tweets ( and what is said in his songs.
yea i guess even though gk deket..we bonded thru art and music those days. i was studying in brighton and i noticed thru the internet that he was really busy with da great Noises by GAP project ( :) and i fully spported that! yup you're right, he's a great songwriter!! sampe sekarang masih suka amazed that gendra came up with those songs. i listened to everything he put out and was inspired to make the artworks..and well yea.. i guess that was the main bridge i had with him. he was really putting his soul out there thru his art and even tho we were not that close anymore.. i felt a deep kinship with him... u kno me with my Green of Life, i felt that passion. im well aware how much it meant for him, so... "Noises by gap", "what it meant to him" and "how i felt that it needed to be heard" were the first things i told my mom upon hearing about gendra's death... and after my mom told his mom about it.. im really glad that she took the right steps to release his album for a bigger audience! :)
soal mimpi... pernah a few times.. tapi susah jelasinnya karna mimpi2 gw lumayan surreal and abstrak biasanya haha.. um pokoknya yg pa
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Been digging a lot of Death Grips lately... is that a good thing?
That's brilliant! One of the most important bands to follow in music and "art" in general right now methinks.
If you're talking about whether listening to their paraNoided energies and their "not giving a fuck" lyrics is a good thing or not.. I guess actually I can't really have a say. I think like all good art it's just there and has a "reason"/a "relevance" to be there in its timeframe and it's up to the listener to reflect on it and decide whether you want or need to listen to it or not
Personally, I enjoy DG best in a darker mood. When listening to them, all the darkness and chaos projected from the society and my inner thoughts turns to ecstasy, turns to something beautiful. Perhaps it helps coping with shit haha I dunno can't say for sure. What I'm sure of is that it also helps express and ultimately "tame" the animal inside like all "hard" rock music in history
..and of course I like how the music and beats are bumpin haha. So I guess It's a good thing :)
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andra ini siapa?
"Andra Semesta"
- Ardiandra Achmadi Semesta,
lahir di Jakarta, Indonesia. 28 April 1991
- panggilan hidupnya untuk berseni!
status kreativitas as of September 2013:
> sedang semangat mendalami seni peran/teater di Institut Kesenian Jakarta... dan juga lagi makin tertarik dengan konsep dan posibilitas berekspresi dalam "Performance Art" murni
> output seni yang rasanya "paling penting" di hati saat ini adalah proyek musik "Green of Life" (yang juga merupakan medium utama untuk seni tulis for now, lewat lirik2nya. pengen juga suatu saat bikin cerita2 ato buku gtu tapi inspirasinya lagi nggak kesitu) dan juga proyek2 musik lainnya seperti my freestyles:
> first love seni-nya pas kecil sih sebenenrnya seni rupa, selalu gambar2 gitu lah. ada proyek lukisan yang forever ongoing: tapi lagi vakum
- band favoritnya "Bright Eyes" untuk selamanya (INI INFORMASI PENTING)
dan untuk saat ini "Lil B The Basedgod" lagi sangat influental
- kondisi mindset untuk saat ini:
lebih "bingung" daripada "mengerti"
lebih "going with the flow/pasrah/obedience to god" daripada "fully in control"
tapi ya melewati kondisi itu tetap berpegang teguh ama "mimpi/cita-cita" and "love" (whatever that is haha)
sama ya "ambil sisi kocak" rasanya lagi sangat penting haha
- laki-laki. 22 tahun. straight. SINGLE (lol)
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.....,.................................................................... (Whisper) besgat
................. (yung lean singing voice) yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
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How was tibet?
very enlightening :)
just gonna paste my recent tweet combo about it:
Tibet was beautiful!! But warning: you have to be mentally n physically ready for some of those travelling blues/fatigue
The high altitude will be a huge matter for a lot of people. CANNED OXYGEN is your best friend in Tibet
There was a day where I was in ~a world of pain~: headaches, lemes2, agak sesek nafas, but it’s all good now
But yeah OM mane padme hum fire water earth wind YAKS (alive and meat :p) mandalas and all that! Enjoyed the spirit of Tibet : )
Shoutsout to Siddharta Buddha Gautama!
one more thing so that this answer is special: I love the way the people there fcks with "the circle" as much as me :D
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wooooooooooooooooooooop! swag swag!!
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sheeesh what is this? are you 12? stop saying that! -__-
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What is your MAIN (final?) goal in art(s)?
2 set of answers (I feel they mean the same thing but it's hard to explain how so):
1. simple answer:
2. serious answer: I consider the arts to be my main calling in life, so I think I can answer this with the 3 main keywords I have of life itself for the last few years (and probz forever): so my main goals are ART, GROWTH and PEACE!:
- ART (since we're talking about "art" itself, I guess in this context I am looking for "beauty" [within expression and reflection] in all its different shapes and colours, depending on what MY world and what I perceive THE world needs)
- GROWTH (in this context I guess I'm willing to assist on "progress" and "experimentation": I’m on this adventure for new feels, new meanings and new thoughts that are hopefully necessary to “the current”)
- PEACE (I feel that any art, however greatly it helps other people.. is mainly an act of “saving” oneself, saving the artist. So I want my art to lead me to my “peace” I feel like there are countless of ways that art could lead its artist to peace and for a time I feel I know what “my peace” is but currently I’m in a state of confusion of what I really want and what I really need… here’s hoping my art could actually “reveal” this to me…. So yea I’m looking for that peace!.. but of course it’ll be really cool if my art could contribute to WORLD PEACE too hahahahah!
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do you think that the solution to mankinds suffering is love?
i hope so :)
it's a tough subject for me to really answer right now cause I've been thinking that..
[insert tl;dr paragraph about the dual nature of love, yin yang all that, I'm sorry I'm not really in a position to create a well-composed answer/essay to this right now but I hope you get the idea. don't get me wrong, I love LOVE. i love YOU for asking this! (no homo if ur male)]
Do money change people or does it only brings out whatever is in them already?
tho priviledged (and maybe spoiled..).. bigger picture-wise I think I have a generally negative outlook on this whole "money" thing we smart-asses invent.. I dunno i just don't understand a lot of its nature and logic or whatever like what the fuck? greed is my least favorite 7 deadly sins like what do WE want srsly?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH
>that feel when to live in this current timeframe of society i need to slap my shit and CARE tho..
so the answer that came straight out of MY mind is that it CHANGES. maybe even in an evolutionary scale. evil, artificial shit HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
but I can't say that's absolute truth. "brings out whatever is in them already" seems plausible too, maybe ask people who are very neutral on the subject.. or experts in human biology/psychology
are you burial?
I'm Zomby
What's your favorite video game?
hmm probably The legend of Zelda series.. that's the one on the top of my mind
it's been a really long while since I'm really active in playing video/computer games tho. I mean I'm busy playing what I feel is a hard level of "life" right now... i think I know some codes and am aware of some secret paths and got some cool powers/items.. but still it's a REALLY tough game yo :( ..but I push the continue button always :) (najong HAHAHA)
also, So far I think I haven't encountered an NPC, ya'll players I'm pretty sure. scary to think they really exist
pic is me reppin/using the triforce (the necklace):
What's your favorite video game?
also i thought the anon got from /mu/ but then i saw dewa 19 in it smh
HAHA one of the reasons why I'm sure who that is. he browses /mu/ sometimes. that's why I can answer with that scruffy-based inside joke-filled answer
countdown to yung leann's new stuff!!!!
probably hard for it to be AOTY but could possibly be #saddest most #E M O T I O N A L record of the year!!! :'(
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hi /gol/ what do you think of my essentials list : am i a certified pleb? if yes how to be more patrician like you?
certified pleb. smh listen.. The fact that so many books still name Kanye West "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rapper/producer ever only tells you how far hip-hop still is from becoming a serious art. almond-core critics have long recognized that the greatest almond-core musicians of all times are Dibalohardy and Jakartaguy, who were not the most swaggiest or powerful or egotistical of their times, let alone of all times. whatitiswhatitdo-wave critics rank the highly controversially humble rangdee over whatitiswhatitdo-wave musicians who were highly demanding in french-ass restaurants around Europe. hip-hop critics are still blinded by The Swag: Yeezus have more POWER than anyone else (not true, by the way, BasedGod is stronger :p), therefore he must have been the greatest. almond-core critics grow up consuming a lot of almond-core music of the past, whatitiswhatitdo-wave critics grow up listening to a lot of whatitiswhatitdo-wave music of the past. hip-hop critics are often totally ignorant of the hip-hop music of the past, they barely know the swaggiest. No wonder they will think that Ye did anything worth of being saved.
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what's up ma nigga? (you know who it is, you know what we do)
yea bro wassup it's tight i know who it is i know what we did i know what we doin i know what we gonna do it is what it was it is what it is it is what it will be
Tell me something that's over/under rated in 2013
hmm music-wise I think most of the stuff I really like this year feels pretty "rated".. neither over or under (yeezus, modern vampires of the city,etc)
an underrated thing on the top of my mind right now is Christopher Owens' Lysandre.. from what I know it's criticized quite a lot.. it does have its imperfections and THAT theme tune can sound repetitive haha.. but I found beauty in it... and "Love is in the ear of the listener" is definitely among my songs of the year. it's not an album I would really hype.. but I sure enjoyed it.
I also would recommend any folk enthusiasts and people who care about lyrics to not miss out on Laura Marling's Once I was an Eagle. brilliant, strong record!
can't think of an overrated album at the moment.. movie-wise tho.. what's the consensus on Man of Steel? if mostly rly positive maybe that's kinda overrated haha
More GOL live shows?
no real plans at the moment
but I think I would love to! and I'm planning a very different set/theme than the one I had in Tokove:
latest revelation?
ugh.. I'm waiting for one about this thang..
I STILL don't know what's rly happening -_____-
thought to answer this with a joke about a mundane thing i found out today (ya know how there's always something right? lol) but rly not feeling funny haha.. sry