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Brendan Ryan's gay
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It's Brendan Ryan
hey creepy guy with a gf. stop talking to other girls when you have a gf. not good
I know ahaha
I wrestle at kings park
Oh okay
I can't say cause I kinda have a gf rn. I ask Tep about you before I met her but he only answered last week
You should sort that out
Get outta here anon and it's called a manager u retard
Ahaha I know
are you going to keep stats next season cause I know my whole team would love to see you again
Yeah I am who are you
i have to say you are the hottest stat girl i have seen in a long time you got a bae
Thanks ahaha and no
do you keep stats for hauppauge wrestling
who are the people you miss that don't go to hauppauge anymore
omg that color is natural im so jealous of you
Thank you
do you miss anyone that doesnt go to hauppauge anymore
would you ever go out with someone from a different school
If I liked them maybe
do you dye your hair cause I love love love the color
I've never dyed my hair or highlighted it
Truth is ur my best friend and i love u  Robert Skorupski
What happened in ur lunch with dpert
I don't even know everyone was just yelling
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Are you a shopaholic?
The amount of clothes I have is a serious problem no joke
hottest baseball player that you are friends with?
Not Blake
hot or not: baseball players, hockey players, basketball players, lacrosse players, football players
Baseball, football>> but I don't really care what sports they play
anyone in your grade that you would go out with or is it only older guys for you?
Doesn't really matter I'm not interested in anyone right now though
12  Robert Skorupski
Thanks man
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Why do people think your dating billy f
Cause I posted one picture with him
are you dating billy f
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any hot older guys that you noticed in school yet