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random but do you think guys over exaggerate being hit in the balls? why or why not? haha
Um i don't think so.. I heard it hurts shit tons
I'm so jealous, my school doesn't have Psych 😒😒 How is it?
Psychology is interesting 😊 really cool
What subjects do you take now? And where are you going after O levels? Sorry for all these academic questions, I'm trying to figure my life out ahahah x
I'm taking my O levels in Alice Smith. The subjects I take now are English, Maths, Double Science, Geography, Psychology, Drama, Art & B.M x
PAP prom dress!!! :D
Ahh I'm not going to post it for everyone to see!! You'll see once I have a picture in it for prom ! :D
How much does triangl bikini cost? sorry this is weird
I think 75dollars?
What do you plan to be when you grow up?
I'm still thinking about it xx
Living the good life I see :(
Hahaha its all after exams though hunny :((
Do you consider yours a spoilt brat?
Yes at times
You have the top model material
Omfg thank you so much!!! This is so nice, but I really don't think so
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This is getting cliche but i think yoir beautiful, post a pic?
Aw thank you but I'm not!!
This is getting cliche but i think yoir beautiful, post a pic?
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Why? What are you doing this summer?!?!
I'm going to vienna for my schools trips week, BALI with the fam + alissa's boyf AND THEN PERTH!!!
What do you look forward to most this year?
Fave Disney princess?
Ahhhh cinderella
all half asians are perfect; they're all tall, athletic, they can ALL sing, and are the most beautiful
Hahaha not me
Do you have phobias?
Yeah rollercoasters.. :/ :/
What's your favorite day of the week?
Thank you so much really meant it a lot xx such a beautiful nice person!!!!
You're welcome!! And thank you xx
Where can I get a nice prom dress? Any recommendation
I got mine online but loads of girls have found really nice ones in lipsy, robinsons or bcbg :)
Hi I am getting a Triangl Bikini and I am really unsure and worry for the size. May I ask what bust size are you and which size you got for Triangl? Thank you so much it would meant a lot to me xxx
I got an xs for Triangl x
What was the last song you sang out loud to?
Where are U now
Where do u normally by your singlets from?
Forever 21 or mango or anywhere really..
What was your first paid job?
Ads and modelling haha
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But does he like her
Um no I don't think so, why?
Then why is everyone putting #juli
Its a joke
Babyyyy don't cryyyyy cause I'll be thereeeee forrrrr youuuuuu <3 :')  Trippy.
When the rain starts to pourrrr. I'll be there for youuu :))) <3
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