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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
What is your sister studying now?
How old is Ailsa Russell and Danielle Potts?
Did you went to Afrojack?
Noo :(
Do you accept snapchat friends from ppl you don't kw? X
Umm noo :/
how do u convince ur parents to let u go out with ur friends?
I literally just ask them :3
This is probably gonna sound real cheesy, but you and danielle potts are amazing and gorgeous! I'm not from KLASS btw haha =) xox
Hahah aww thank you!! :))
Thoughts on Madi Ashley
Don't really know her! But was really sweet the last time we talked :)) xx
Why not?
Hahah it sounds quite difficult
thoughts on danielle potts
Absolute babe. She's an amazing gal ❤️
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best friends from other schools?
Maria, Lilyrose, Isla, Ashi, Gillian, Marci, Matt!!
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If you had a chance, would you become a model? Like a professional one?
Ummm I actually don't think I would.
How tall r u?
Ahaha, I feel. Don't stress, you'll be okay. Good luck, though! Just do your best xx
Thank you xxx
Hey, are you okay? Your responses these past few days haven't been very smiley and peppy as usual, you aiite?
Hey!! Yeah I'm fine xx just been stressed out with exams being so soon and stuff :) thanks for asking though xx
Meet me at the hotel room ;)
Forget about your boyfriend and meet me in the hotel room, you can bring your girlfriends and meet me in the hotel room. Is that the song you're looking for???
To the anon inquiring about backpacks- maybe Kipling might be a good place to start? c: xx
There you go
Heyy. Do you know any place that sells cute schoolbags/backpacks? :)
Umm I'm not so sure :/
Do you know someone selling tickets? (:
Noo I don't, I'm so sorry
Do you want to be an actress when you grow up?
That would be cool but its highly competitive. So maybe joining a theatre company would be good :) but I'm still not sure!
Hi are you selling tickets for Ed Sheeran?
Noo sorry!
Have you ever heard of a guy getting aroused by wedgies? I think my boyfriend is into it. Is that weird?
No and yeah thats a little weird
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I know this is overdue. But what colour did you see the dress?
I saw both blue & black and white & gold.
Did you ever fall asleep in school?
What kind of question is this. I fall asleep in school every day
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What do you usually wear when you go barfly? Are people there very dressy or casual? Please post photos!
It depends but usually I wear jeans and a nice top or a bandage skirt with a top. Theres a variety of different clothing ranging from dressy to casual so it really doesn't matter much x