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does arm include shoulders?
Yeah i guess so
When's prom in your school?
20th of June :)
what abt arms? what so nice bout it? is it tricep or bicep? size? tone?
Everything you just said
Tom hardy or Channing Tatum?
Please don't take this the wrong way 'cos I'm a girl but you're my wcw all day everyday. I'm not a lesbian or bi aha x
Hahah oh my god thank you!
Give example of guy with good body(can be celeb)? and also top 3 muscle parts eg shoudlers, chest etc hope u understand, my english is not great
Zac efron, Alex pettyfer, Ryan gosling, Channing tatum and many more. Arms, arms & arms
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Oh I know her she's from Cempaka!
Do you know a girl named Aila Osborne ?
Sounds familiar
Do you have a video of Harrison asking you to prom ? Sorry don't mean to be rude x
Haha noo
Would you add me on fb? This is a different person. Im a girl btw :)
Depends if I know you or not..
Can i park my ferarri in your garrage? :)
What would your DJ name be?
where were you guys when you took that picture in the mall?
Monki :)
How do you prepare for your gcse papers? Any studying tips?
Oh please I am really not one to ask because I suck at studying... But distance yourself from any source of distraction (phone, laptop, tv, ipad.. So on) tbh I work better in school or anywhere away from home, so I suggest you find a place where you work best. Plug your earphones in and listen to some classical music (peaceful piano on spotify is good!) i like making posters, mindmaps, bullet point notes and flash cards! Flash cards are really good because you can get your parents, siblings or friends to test you :) make sure not to study for 6 hours straight or something like that (that's crazy) you have to have breaks inbetween where you can go through your notes or go and get some food :') just make sure to be productive, unlike me
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harrison as in harrison chen?
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Well im kind of shy :( ,But can i talk to you through facebook pretty please? :) but you won't know me tho :(
Yeah I guess you can :p hahah don't worry
Do you know anyone with bipolar disorder?
No not that I know of
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When do your gcse's end? and after that a date maybe? :)
Mine end on the 10th. Um who are you?!
Are you going with anyone for prom like a guy ?
Yeah I'm going with Harrison
i'm bored af. help?
Eat and watch a movie. Best combination
when r u gonna leave malaysia?
When I graduate from year 13 and go to university
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I was in the car tho hahah. But i definitely will if I se one or both of u again.
Hahah alright :))
i wanted to say hi but i didn't know whether it was both of u.
Ahh you should have!!
best guy friends
Jon, Doug, Andrez, Dani, Chris, Harrison :)
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