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A guy told me he wouldn't date me cause I am fat and I don't know what to do.
He's obviously an absolute arsehole then.. And not worth it
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Is it ok to be fat?
Yeah of course its okay. It shouldn't matter :(
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Would you date a eurasian ?
Pap of your room :)
I'm in singapore though
how are you so famous
I'm not even famous.
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
A group of people different religions and sizes sitting down eating a great meal and enjoying each others company :)
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Where did u post the ALS ?
yea haha call me crazy but your features and everything remind me of her except your slightly thinner :)
Hahah omg thank you so much!!!
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id honestly try and rob your house just for the junk food.
Mmm its treasure
You remind me of jessica alba
Are you serious? I love her
Have you done the ice buket challenge?
I have done it twice hehe
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
Most probably when I was in year 5 or 6.
Is Natasha naylor even leaving now?
are you gonna wear the new school uniform?
Don't know
should I send nudes to my girl?
Thats a stupid idea but if you honestly trust her millions and love her then I guess if you want to go ahead. Its your choice
What's the difference between the old and new school uniform?
They literally changed the whole entire thing. You have a choice between 2 skirts and the top is fitted and for girls the sleeves are cut in a lady cut :p
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They don't require u to wear socks to school?
You have to wear socks to school..
Why packed with hate right after u wear bikini yeah you're skinny so fucking what they are jusy bloody jelous cause u have an amazing super model bod compare to those other fat fuckers u are bloody lovely and I certainly will date if I had a chance ,
Omg thank you so much hahah
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Are you joking! You've got much better qualities than her!! You're stunning! She isn't even slightly pretty....
Thank you so much! But she is very pretty!!!
What shoes do u wear to school?
Black flats :p
Gone on a school supplies haul yet haha?
No hahah
Did u go to Dancesteps today?
Pap of Thea and u? Or her only?:)
I don't really know her or have a picture of her
Went on ur school inform website and ohmygosh hahah were u in the photo shoot for the school uniform with a group or students? Haha I think that's u!
Yeah thats me ahhaha.
I went on the website it was your old uniform pls pap
I don't even have the new school uniform tho