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ask away.
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gis has to wear white shoes oops
Yeah I know I used to be in GIS
You can wear black shoes to school?
Yeah we have too wear black shoes to school...
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Do you wax your armpits?
Does your school shows have a bit of heel? Do u teachers scold u for not wearing socks?
We have to wear socks and yeah it has a slight heel I think?
You can wear flats to school?!
Yeah ..
Anis you look so hot in your dp ahh xx  Alexia
Lexii <3 thank you so much xx hahah
Pap of the shoes you wear to school
Pap of the shoes you wear to school
Is that your house in your dp?
Yeah :)
Omfg you look so hot In your Dp plz stop  Luci Billingham
Hahahaha thank you baby! But you can't talk <3
whoah thats a big age! are you doing anything special?
Yeah it is! And I don't know, maybe :)
Do u shave or epilate?
how do you know ming bei?
Through natalia. Met her at a concert as well :)
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are u a good dancer???(in ur mind)
I guess I'm average? Idk.
what do u have tomorrow???
how was ur week?? (plus saturday)
Extremely tiring but it was such a great dance experience and I'm really excited but super scared for the performance tomorrow!!
Your so gorgeous
Aw thank you so much!! :*
how old are you turning?
16 :)
Where's your top from? Zara too? :P
Forever 21!
where is your skirt from in your dp?
when is your birthday?
Next sunday!!!
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Anis, do you shave your underarms or do you pluck them? I'm a girl and I have no idea whether I should shave them or wax them or pluck them. :(
I've done both. Plucking is much better though but obviously it hurts a little but honestly its not even that bad and you get used to it. :p
What was the name of the hotel u stayed in Bali with Natalia and tiggi?!
It wasn't a hotel it was a villa and I can't remember the name!!!! D:
desc your dormmates one by one
where do u normally buy crop tops?
Bershka, topshop or h&m
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Being back with the sis <3
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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