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pap? <3
Bae ❤️
pap? <3
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is adriana maria related to you?
Noo x
how did you become friends with natania
She's one of my mums bestfriends daughter :)
are your cousins malay?
Yes? Not all of them tho
thoughts on hannu
Such a babe!! Really lovely guy, get along with him really well and just genuinely soso nice :) miss and love him loads!!
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
If you could eat one pizza topping for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Why do you make this so hard for me :(
when do you get back to kl?
Where to get the rimmel concealer in malaysia? Help
I don't think you can...
What is barfly?
A bar in publika
Thoughts on Avi Ghai and Vinay Nair!!
Really funny & lovely boys!!
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did u have bf?
how old are u miss?
barfly tonight?
How old is Ailsa Russell, Emma Douglas and Tiggi Armstrong?
Ailsa and tigs are 15 and Emma is 16
Have you heard of The Neighbourhood? If so, what's your favourite track by them?
Afraid or Sweater weather :)
Thoughts on Harsh
One of the nicest people I have ever met. He is genuinely so lovely and easy to talk too!! Miss him and love him loads xo
So I guess that's a no
Yeah its obviously a no hahaha. I can't just fly back :')
Going to barfly this sat?
I'm in England
What are you most excited about right now?
Seeing nicky tomorrow!!
What does it mean when a cute stranger just keeps looking at you for a while?
He thinks you're cute too ;) ;)
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turn ons in a guy?
A gorgeous face, nice eyes, musclesss, arms, good humour, kind, caring, super nice, easy to talk to obviously, trustworthy, honest and the list goes on forever
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is it cool if I fuck another persons parent?
What the fuck. No that is not ok
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If you feel like I'm summoning you by asking you to listen I the album, I'm sorry hehe because it's soooo good I think you'll like it :)
No I love ariana grande! I'll make sure to listen to the album <3
Would you date an Asian guy?