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Is luci living with her dad and step mum in Malaysia?
Yes xx
is your dad's name Gerald? Cause if it is, i think i saw him on the local tv a few days back aha :p x
Yeah it is :) and yes that was my pops xxx
Which shop in Publika?
R u going for color run?
I want too!! Thought you had to pay though?
Where to buy proactive
Ouh yessss I think Two Door Cinema or Empire of The Sun as well idk which one off them tho :D
Thats insane! Got me really excited now :O
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Do you know how to get rid of eye bags or anything? :/ x
You can't completely get rid of them but concealer covers it.
who do you know from garden
Many people
IK :( but Arctic Monkeys and Bastille are coming in February <33  Trippy.
Holy shit. Are you serious???? :O
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what concert was it?
The 1975
I'm having post-concert depression omg, want to relive yesterday so badly :'((  Sam Mukherjee
:(((( same same!! Hopefully they'll come back
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does proactive work well?
Yes :)
what other face washes do you use other than proactive?
Nothing else. I used to use nuskin though
Tbh as long as they played M.O.N.E.Y, Sex, Robbers, Settle Down, Menswear, Talk! and Heart Out im happy, but ugh i was supposed to be at that concert :(  Trippy.
They did those!!! :(( you should have come <33
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pap fb messages
pap fb messages
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any pictures from last night? x hope had a great time
Not many x Thank you!!
you make me jelly :( what songs did they play from the album? :O  Trippy.
You should have come!! :( I'm pretty sure they did all of them :O
I saw you at the concert! You looked gorgeous!!
Hahah aww thanks!!
YOU SAW THE 1975 LIVE?! :(  Trippy.
Yes!! They were really good <3 <3
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OMG 1975 they're amazing aren't they? i got to see them in australia, what's your fave songs? x
They are!! Chocolate, heart out, M.O.N.E.Y, Sex, Girls.
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is bailey nice?
Bailey Thorpe? Yeah he's a lovely guy
people you would like to get to know better
There are quite a few
Where did u see the 1975 omg!!!! Singapore??
Yep!!! :)
Have you made that Instagram for your clothes yet xx
No xx
Who did you see the 1975 with?
My sister, Claire, Sita, Matty