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What colours do you have about the camis?
Um quite a few colours.. Nude, white and black are my faves though
Ahh okay, but I can't remember things quite well :/ Do I need to remember any scripts or anything?xxx
Yeah I'm pretty sure you have too :/ Xx
I'm thinking of doing drama for gcse's, is it hard?xxx
If you really love it & commit to it, you'll be fine. It is by far my favourite subject! And when you do your ending performance you have so much fun :)
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what subjects did you take for igcses?
Maths, english, double science, geography, drama, art, psychology & malay
Thats great! Bristol's amazing! Which course are you taking? What does your sister do?
Yes Bristol is lovely :/ I'm not sure yet.. My sister does medicine
What are planning on doing in the future?
Yeah um I have no idea yet ://
Pic of ur prom dress!!!
Pic of ur prom dress!!!
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It is true lmao ure not on twitter #alevelsresults was trending on twitter :P
I haven't done my a levels... And I do Edexcel not Cambridge
where do u get your camis from?
How tall are you?
I haven't measured my height in an extremely long time so I'm not so sure..
Where are u planning on going for uni?
Bristol :)
Everyone in the world got their results already tho 😂😂
Well that can't be true lol.. Cause I haven't
beast your birthday u recently had at
Ooh!! Well my mum did it for me.. But I'm pretty sure she just called them up and asked??
hiya what subjects are you going to take for your igcses
I've done my igcse's
Favourite song?
At the moment - The less I know the better by Tame Impala
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Thoughts on brunei?
Never been
how did u rent out the place for your birthday venue ?
Which place? :p
Where did Danielle get her prom dress from
I'm not sure.. Pretty sure she got it made
Anis what were ur results for igs
Haven't got them yet
Mind if we meet up and fuck :)
I'll pass.
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You want a family and children in future? What age you want to get married?
yeah of course I do. Um depends if I find the right guy
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do u bring your macbook when you go overseas?
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where do u get your bikini's from?
a bunch of different shops
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how much did u spend for your prom dress? xx :)
RM500 xx
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What school do you go to
Alice Smith
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