Anis Louisa Ambrose @anisambrose
ask away.
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where do you come from?
Ireland and Malaysiaa
Hey anis, you're really pretty and i love your smile and you're so nice!! xx
Aw this is so cute! Thank youxx
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
The world would be full with animals since we don't need to kill them no more!!!!
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Happy eid
Thanks ((:
the smartest kids around?
They know who they are!!
How are you so pretty?? :D
Really not ://
What are the 2 best movies you've watched ?
Omfg that is too hard but Now you see me is soo good, 21 jumpstreet is funny af, forrest gump is amazing
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name some of your fav malaysian based online shops? hehe
I don't shop online though :/:
Whats a wedgie
When your undewear goes up your ass crack
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What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?
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was the worker hot? haha
No hahah
If only you knew me haha we'd be good friends and I'd make you laugh all the time :)
are you a straight A student?
Hahahaha no
Selamat hari raya , Anis! :D have fun xx
Thank you!! :) you too xx
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tough gcse subject?
Psychology, geo, maths, sciences
Have you ever gotten a wedgie
Yes ahahhahah
whats cba?
Cant be arsed
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I'd drop dead if I was the worker haha
Bahahahahahah yeahh no I bet you wouldn't
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what apps do you use mostly to edit your instagram photos? you're very pretty btw.
Vsco cam and afterlight! & thank you very much xx
And then ? Hahah you didn't go back to your room ? How'd you know he said sorry over and over
Because I heard him hhahaha then yes I went back into my room..
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Type of guy u would want in a relationship?
Chilled, laidback, sweet, kind, lovely, hillarious, caring, loves pizza&icecream (but who doesn't love pizza&icecream anyway) :))) and the list goes on but I cba
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And them want did the worker guy do ?
He just backed up and said sorry over and over again..... ://
you know the proactiv routine with the refining mask? is the mask after the toner or before? the repairing cream is last right? sorry xx
I don't have the mask..
whats the order for the proactiv facial set routine WITH the mask? and how much proactive facial wash do we use? I wasn't really listening :P sorry to bother you x
It should say 1, 2, 3 on them but the cleanser is first, toner is second and repairing treatment is third. Well try it on first and if your skin reacts to it or turns red do not use it every day but use it often I guess. Also, spread the facewash evenly on your face. x hahah its okay
ure perfect :(
Seriously not but thank you :))