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ask away.
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Mind if we meet up and fuck :)
I'll pass.
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You want a family and children in future? What age you want to get married?
yeah of course I do. Um depends if I find the right guy
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do u bring your macbook when you go overseas?
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where do u get your bikini's from?
a bunch of different shops
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how much did u spend for your prom dress? xx :)
RM500 xx
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What school do you go to
Alice Smith
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Are you going for dinner in the sky 😍😍
what ...
i hate it when you think you're not beautiful bc im here dying to look like you
Pls why would you want to look like me
are you in Malaysia?
Yes :)
Who did you makeup for prom?
Laura mercier
where do you get your eyebrows done?? xx
Um so many different places! Blink and apronbay are my favourite ones tho
omaii you are sooo prettayy xx
Thank you!!! xxx
pap before and after braces?
My braces aren't off yet!
Where is your prom dress from? Holy shit you looked stunning xxxxx my prom is in a few months and need to start looking
Online!!! Dylan queen :) Thank you xxxx
You're such a sweet person tbh Anis. Usually people who are as pretty and popular as you are so damn cocky and rude but you're just way too nice. I wish you luck in everything and may god bless you always. Lots of love <3
This is the sweetest message ever <3 thank you!
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So I can message you through fb?
Yeah :)
Hey I was wondering how to contact you for the photo shoot since we don't have mutual friends on Facebook :(
If you message me it'll appear in others :)
Why did you and Danielle make your Instagram posts private??
I guess because we don't want any creepy people stalking us
how do u have so many insta followers
I don't know :p
How do you study for exams? Do you just read the book or ..?
No I make notes :p
Do you believe in crush at first sight?
Love at first sight? Hmm.. Yes I do
How would you react if someone you barely know started talking to you online?
Um i'd be kinda awkward
I find you really attractive man!!
Cheers 😊
I'm not appreciate it even more
Oh okay.. Thank you :)))
You're smoking hot
Hahah you're too kind!