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ask away.
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where will you be on halloween?
partyingg partying
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Have you heard about the free mixtape that The Neighbourhood will release?
Are they having a halloween party in barfly or something?
noo haahaha.
What u gonna wear to be Charlie's angel?
All black (black trousers with a black top) then make up and most probs red lipstick :*
it would me cool if you dressed up as pocahontas like i can honestly see you killin that costume ☺
Ahh would have been cool! but I'm going as one of the charlie's angels :))
Do you like sparkling or still water?
y so bootiful
Tqtq bbz
you dressing up for halloween?
I don't know what to be. Help??
when is raven's?
On halloween :/
You seem like such a genuine person Anis, and that's an amazing quality to have :)
This is so so lovely! Thank you so very much <3
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Pick one! Apple Samsung Sony Nokia HTC XiaoMi HuaWei
are you joining the triathlon on the 9th nov?
Hahaha no
are you going to raven's party?  Raven L
Sorry I can't go Raven, I already have something planned :/
are you going to the balcony on friday
Barfly on Friday?
Yes :))
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What are u doing for halloween?
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Are you going to jasmines party
Yess :)
How many percents are British Malay and Chinese at Alice Smith?
I don't know..
Pleaseee try get me invited to jasmines party :(
Um I don't know who you are..
Whats the majority races in Alice Smith school follows the percentage?
That makes no sense
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How old is Danielle Potts?
15 :)
Are you going to Lucis party?
Where are you going for A levels? :)
England or staying in Kl
You can enter bar? I thought you have to be legal
Not too hard tbh