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Are u born in the year 1998 ?
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How old do juliette turn?
what are you doing for igcse
Geography, Art, Drama, Psychology, B.M, english, double science and maths
where are you going for a levels/what subjects are you taking?(:
I think I'm staying in Alice smith. I'm taking Drama, english language, sociology & photography
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How do you, tiggi and Juliette have such good bodies ???? I'm cryin. Do u guys exercise often? I'm so envious
Hahah aww thank you! Hahah idk about them. But I don't workout that often, I do when I feel like it though
Taller men. Same height. Or shorter?
Taller :))
Do you know who aris asri is?
How tall are u?
How many subject did your sister take for a levels? :)
She took bio, chem, maths and art and then dropped art x
your so prettyy! xo
Aw thank you!! Xo
vr w your pals
Heres a picture with my pals instead
vr w your pals
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how did your sister do for her a levels? what did she get ? (:
She did really really well. I'm sorry I don't remember but I think it was 2 A*s 1 A? Not really sure though!
if one of your guy friends told you they loved you, how would you respond?
It depends how close I am to them friendship wise
Do you workout/exercise?
Does sleeping count as an excercise?
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somehow i feel so thankful that you didn't deactivate your account. i love youu <3
:) :) aw thank you
what are some good songs for dancing? (with a good beat like for a party)
Use spotify! It helps with music for everything <3
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Are you going for ED sg or ED kl
Ed kl
How do u stay so thin ??? Do u count calories ?? Any tips on staying thin and fit without restricting my food intake ?
No I honestly eat whatever on earth I want to eat. I'm known for eating junk food all the time. People just have different metabolism rates and my metabolism is extremely high. I don't excercise much either tbh, unless I feel the urge too! Just try to excercise regularly- going on runs or focusing on areas of your body that you want to work on :)
do you have to be skinny bc your a dancer?
Who are you going to Ed sheeran's concert with?
Natalia, Tiggi, Sunita, Ariane and Louisa :)
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Do you prefer guys with hairy arms/legs or hairless arms/legs?
Um lets just say somewhere in the middle. Not too hairy and not cleanly shaven
I really want to date you beautiful :)
Aw :) this is cute. Please tell me who you are
Why don't you wax your eyebrows? And where do you go to thread?
Waxing eyebrows just sounds so painful. Ow. I go anywhere really.
Are you dating Harrison?
Hahahah noo
Do u pluck or thread your eyebrows ?