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Would you date an Asian guy?
where did you get your skirt and top from in your askfm dp?? its really nice!!!
Skirt zara, leotard forever 21!
Concealer recommandation pls?
Rimmel :))
asian guys dating white girls?! at your school only right? its not common in Malaysia though
I go to school in Malaysia..
i swear just by looking at you makes me happy omg . sorry if thats weird :/ but yeah ill never let you go if you were mine . you make me smile like how i smile when i see pizza . speaking of pizza would you like to go for a pizza date ?
hahaha aww thanks, I have no clue who you are though
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Go listen to Ariana Grande's My Everything Album
I will do what I've been told
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which bath and body works' body mist scent smell amazing?
All of them smell good
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why dont u take business or econs?
It doesn't interest me much
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since you're mix i think it will be best to ask you this question, like for asian girls to date white guys is really common but why does it rarely work the other way round?
I've seen asian guys dating white girls..
Happy deepavali
Thank you, you too!
Is victoria payne still studying at alice smith?
She never was?
R ur school fees paid by ur dad's company?
noo :) Pretty good tune I think you might like, might not be your taste though :p
its chill :) I like it
Any canceler recommendation?
canceler? what is that??
U still studying at Alice Smith
didn't know you and lucy walker were close...
Well we are
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Where ya at now ?
Bristol bound
Who are your fav beauty gurus on YouTube? :3
Zoella, Tanya, Fleur
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What makeup do you use
I use many different brands..
which eyeliner do u use ?
My liquid eyeliner is from stilla and my crayon is from sephora x she looks so much like you
Really? Heh
You're sooooo pretty! :)
Thank youu!! :))
what happened to natalie and helena's ask?
I don't know?
My kik is anislouisaambrose