Anis Louisa Ambrose @anisambrose
Anis Louisa Ambrose @anisambrose
Anis Louisa Ambrose.15.Irish/Malaysian.Kuala Lumpur. xoxoxo
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pap of you in London,
pap of you in London,
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we should buy a shit ton of easter eggs and eat them during the movies  nickyyy
Honestly the best idea xxxxx can't wait!!
What grade are you in gorgeous? :) xx
Grade 9, year 10 xx
where'd u get your skirt?? x
What skirt? x
what are you doing till you come back to kl
Staying in London
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What sound drives you crazy?
When are you taking your igcsee
next year
Whats ur ig?
what, I thought if you're in grade 9, that means you're in year 10?? stupid anon
Yeah I thought so too
Well it night time here so have a nice day then love
Thank you xx
Nights sleep tight beautiful bub :)
Its 5:33pm.... :/
Grade 9 is year 10, i'm not sure what that anon's on about x
exactly! x thank you
Its not. Its just the same.
Okay lol sorry
Yes it is lol. My cousins live in Connecticut, USA. They use grade instead of year. Shes my age and shes in grade 9, like me. Im in year 9. Grade and year is the same. What makes you think its different?
I thought that grade 9 is year 10, grade 10 is year 11 and so on...
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stay away from Bailey. He is Ellis's
I'm far away dw
grade and year is just the same..
No it isn't..
how do you know bailey........ lol
He started talking to me one day on facebook :3
you're such a sweetheart ahaha you're so cute :3
Thank you :3 <3
oh, i hate them both //:
youre a grade 10 i thought?
Noo grade 9 :)
Lucy and Natalie invited me over :)
When's your birthday beautiful :)
September 28th lovely
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people you miss?
So many people. I can't even count how many people I miss
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screenshot of your facebook message :)
screenshot of your facebook message :)
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answer these yes or no 1. got a crush 2. ever had an eating disorder 3. do you cut 4. have you ever cut 5. have you been kissed in the last week 6. virgin?
Idk, no, no, no, no, yes.