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How much money do you need to feel rich?

Enough money to pay a prostitute ;)

u aare anonymous? really? hacker?


haha my username used to be anonymous.. then i switched it.

matt klein

Copycat *yawn*

Are u a boy or a girl !!!!

I'm anonymous

Do u wanna fuck mee Ahhh man it's so hardd ahhhhh

sureee why not ;)

looool 6yb yalla lets meet ..

Sultan Bin Naif

Gdam ;)

Yeah ur some Tough fake as bitch! A7d gadk ? If u got what it takes 2 talk with me personally mub wra shasha come holla at me.. Uf u don't fuck the fuck off :* !

Sultan Bin Naif

I'll take bitch as a complement mutha fucka but fake no im against all fake mutha fuckas jus becauz im anonymous doesnt mean imma fake you bastard okay bruh ;)?
Yeah k if i saw u personally mutha fucka i'll squeeze ur dicky till u fade away and thats how i deal with a nigga like you ;) ILY ;) <3

Ana mo mn mstwak 3shan ard 3la s5afatk!

Yeah ent mafi aw6a minn mstwak 3shan ki4a ma radeit u fucked up cowerd ;)


Like me

I lub ya more ma A-MAZ-ING retarded cuzzzz ;)<3

lol ma3 nafsk walla ur a pussy!! man even a pussy is greater than u.. get a fucking life !! or go practice safe sex n go fuck ur self ...

Sultan Bin Naif

Ya rapee ma3 nafsk ;;)!
Afcorse am a pussy i fear God
Ok i'll practice it with you ;)
I dont masterbate i simply fuck whenever and whoever i want;)

loool i like the idea :P !!

Faisal T Al Woseamer


Do you know you're dissing yourself? -_- haha aham shay you changed it into "asshole" :* salam.

Jude F. AlHashem

Yess ;)

So, retarded is a good friend of yours! Which means you claim your stupid? =))

Jude F. AlHashem

Do you even know who the hell is retarded ?
I'm beyond stupid honey ;)

i know who u are =O


lol nice profile!

I know biatch ;)

your not gonna say that when you see them

I might puke when I see them

suck 2 nigger dicks then

Eww ;&

T7tk fee 606?-___-

Wish da3wa :o

ent wyah :/ wsh thal 7aki :s 3eeb

Eee marrrra 3aib!

Mr'9 *yawn*


do you like it rough ? my dick would penetrate your vagina really hard ! im scared i make you bleed till you die

What makes you so sure that I'm a girl ;)?

suck a nigger dick

Over my dead body!



sure!!!!!!!! tell me wherever , whenever , and i'll be there !

ur crib now

suck a dick , and some titties too

get me yours =))

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you will NEVER know who i AM is a close friend of mine ;) ;) ;) ;) <3