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ƙⅈℵց ąℐϮ @anthonyytaldi
ƙⅈℵց ąℐϮ @anthonyytaldi
i just want head in a comfortable bed it could all be so simple kik-anthonyytaldii Instagram&twitter- anthonyytaldi
Ask me shitt⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
RSS answers
Why do zombies like brain so much?
idk bro
Ur sexy
thank you
What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite clothes store
What is your least favorite food?
What is the weirdest word in your language?
Can I give you head
depends are u a girl? and are U hot? oh and are U bae?
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What do you splurge on?
your face u whore
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But is there anyone u like or care abb more or think is hot
I care about a lot of people that doesn't mean I like them bc I don't like anyone atm I thought some girls are hot doe
And who do u do that to?
no one atm
how do I know if a guy likes me?
The little things. Texts frist, asks how are you, always there for you, constalu tells you you're beautiful, makes sure your okay when he feels your not, etc etc
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Lol big nippled fuck
lolll big fat fuck in a computer
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pap shirtless
pap shirtless
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Do a tbh on instagram
maybe babe
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I have followed u for a while but u never like any of my pics and I like all of yours ):
who r u lolll
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tbh and rates?
like it up like there's no tomorrow;))
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Fine but what grade
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Give us a hintt
I love my fans
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Which fairytale you’d like to live in?
there's too many fairy tales
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was she at the fair Friday and wht was she wearin
Idek & nothing
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That girl you like..what grade and did she talk to you on Friday?
Dwai & yeah
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What does her name start with
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tbh ur cute and seem chill but idk u  amanda
thankss hmu
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cause i ask u a question n u answer it
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