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hey can you like these outfit pls? Its a competition you would be very helpfull. thanks <3 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=499435630157498&set=a.263693590398371.43270.255640971203633&type=1&theater  Çağla
Who do you know you cant live without?
My parents
Why do u always say Kaitlin..
because that's my answer
If there was one person you wish you could have back who would it be?
You're so clingy
U get attached to a new girl every single year
Every year? No not really
U say the same shit ab every girl u have liked
Actually na I say og shit dick
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
i like kaitlin ?
I like Kaitlin
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What do you think about more than anything else?
Are you going to the Merrick fair 4/25?
fuck mee
not finna
is a girlll
your abs>>>>>
I try mann
v lines omg
wb them
Do u only like girls that r hot or
personality is more important
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Part 2: And I will post those photos of screen shots on fb to show what a liar u r
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I hope u realize that every girl uve been with u told them u " loved " them bc half of them showed messages u sent them, In matter of fact I still have messages with like 3 of those girls bc they sent me convos with u and u specifically said u loved them.... So that proves u r a compulsive liar
okay maybe I thought I loved them but I really didnr only gina sorry
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You told Mary Scott she was ur first love...........
Yeah but I relized I really didn't "love" her I liked her
U cannot love someone at 14 stfu already
cool? your opinion
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Not what I herd, keep on lieing fella
LMFAO but u said u " loved " them all
Na I actually only loved one person & her name is gina iannarelli. I liked those people. "LIKED"
What happened to Gina Mary Toi Mariah ETC
Gina- way too long of a story. Mary- Family problems my family & her family don't like each other. Toi- she hu w 2 people while we were tg. Mariah- I was too clingy , I was too annoying, Obsessive. And etc idk what that means
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Who do u like?????
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R u crushing on anyone
yea I am actually
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