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ƙⅈℵց ąℐϮ @anthonyytaldi
i just want head in a comfortable bed it could all be so simple kik-anthonyytaldii Instagram&twitter- anthonyytaldi
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turtles are life
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whos her
What makes life worth living?
You look like a fuckin creep man
do you got a bae
or nah
Lmfao what a pussy \/
Ikk lmao
fine next time i see you i'll beat your ass
okk have fun
youre so lucky i didnt beat youre ass 2 days ago
your ** and u should've steppe up bitch
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haha you know me and youre scared of me puss
really how would ik u your on anon? lmao come off and show how big u are puss boy
thats why ill beat the shit out of you
really come off anon pussy ;)
youre a fag just saying
yeah that's why I get girls (probably 30x more then you do!)
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tbh & rates for all
idk maybe
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who do u like
No one
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Pap a selfie of you rn
Pap a selfie of you rn
Do you ever have a cameltoe?
اكثر حا جه () / تفتخر بيهاا ؟ . . تخاف عليه ؟ . . تحلم فيه ؟ . . يضايقك ؟ . . تحبه ؟ . . يفرحك ؟ . . يحزنك؟  MiiiiiiiDoOoO
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
http://ask.fm/Shbraw/answer/117210415370 اكيد كلكوا نفس اجابتي  MiiiiiiiDoOoO
y werent u at aura
long story
Your a fuckin pussy
Hot tea or ice tea?
ice tea
what are some other apps like chatous?
fuckk me
when u throw a huge party last night and someone leaves a shoe in your pool...
fuckk me
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What is your Song of the week?