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When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help?

your mom

you texted me...and didn't text back?

oh whoops

What is your zodiac sign?


i love you and jack!


Do you think exes can still be friends?

Yeah but if one of the people decides to be in another relationship and the ex is still super flirty and what not then that could be annoying and weird.

Do you want to marry someone with the same success rate that you have?

idk, marriage is a loooong ways away

whats wrong? :(

im just annoyed and frustrated.

Ily but we never talk anymore! :( haha

Haha well i cant talk to you if i dont know who this is

whats gonna happen when he goes to college?

He's gonna go to college.
that's whats going to happen.

are you and jack still dating?


do you live in hb?

yes sir.

are you andhenry friends?

idk, i guess? maybe.

did you and meghan ever become friends?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah NO.

kim kardashian is gross, so are you

I loooooove her and her style

eat sumthing

I had olive garden for dinnnna

how do you feel about long distance relationships? Like differen't states long

how do you feel about long distance relationships? Like differen't states long I think if the people really like each other and won't be tempted to cheat on one another then i'm all for it. It's possible to be together even though you won't get to be with them everyday. ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder :)
Also if both of the people are busy doing their own thing, it'll for sure help.

i fucked up earlier.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Beyonce because she's beautiful
or kanye, he illin.

What makes you nervous?

bridge jumping
fuck that noise.

Do you like to dance?

yee fool

what are you doing september 5th?

i gots a photo shoot dude.

Which is the best book you have read so far?

Go ask alice.
loooove it.

What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?

i like money and good looks obvi,
but an attitude matters more.

what are you doing tomorrow?

photo shoot then nothin.

henry comes home september 5th


ppoooooopppppp dollaaa!!!



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