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Hello! We are the team of, so if there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The AGWEB Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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Do u now her address so I can write her
256 S, Federal Hwy Suite 331, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
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Are your answers on true events and have you even spoke with this world-known broad?
Wait what's your actual question?
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I heard that she will come in greece on november.Is that true?
Where did you read that? As far as I know nothing has been confirmed yet by Ariana/her team.
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photo of ariana with tongue out
photo of ariana with tongue out
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What's ur Instagram account
Ours is ‎@TeamArianaNews, Ariana's is ‎@arianagrande
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I just miss the old Ariana. People just say she's growing up but that comment annoys me. I think you can grow up and still be a nice, sweet and genuine person.
I don't see how she's not a sweet, nice and genuine person anymore? I have seen Ariana growing up, becoming more famous and I have loved every second of it. She did change, we all do, but I happen to like every phase she's been through, it's okay if you don't. Again I want to say, her style may have changed, but she's still the sweet, nice and genuine person she was before.
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I mean, walking out on a fan who won a meet and greet, giving a list of demands during a photo shoot, saying "i wish all these people would f***ng die" after finishing signing autographs with fans and going inside an elevator, feuds with Jeneatte and Victoria. There isn't smoke without a fire.
Ariana clearly explained why she 'walked out' of a meet & greet. I don't even know if the others are true. I don't know the stories between the 'fights' with Jennette & Victoria. And I'm not protecting Ariana, I just don't like to give my opinion on things I don't know the truth about.
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What are your thoughts on Ariana's recent diva behavior? Yes I know they aren't proven but if they were, what are your thoughts? Do you like the person Ariana's becoming?
I can't judge situations if I don't know the whole story. The media often tells only half of the stories which makes celebs look like the divas while there may have been said some things to them before.
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I love Ariana <3  Księżniczka ♡✌
Me too (:
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Ariana doesn't have hair, show tales extensiones
She does have hair but she's also wearing extensions
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hey! you're beautiful I'm your number one fan you are the perfection and there is not a single moment that I do not think you * _ *
We're not Ariana just fans!
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Why does she not have a ask.FM any more
Because there was too much negativity on there.
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I love Ariana too. She inspired me and her voice is so indescribable. She is so beautiful ! ❤  beyza
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Can you get me vip tickets for your concert on April 12? If no that's ok i guess.  Lexie Santillan
We're not Ariana, we're fans!
Hey ariana
We're not Ariana just fans
Aahah im from the netherlands tooo x
Aww haha that's cool. :D
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You have NO clue how much i love you i love u to death seriously like OMG
We aren't Ariana. :(
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About a year and a half ago he was exposed by a group of people in our fandom he used fake pics of teenage boys and when he was exposed he confessed right before he deactivated. He's waited until it died down to show his face again. I don't think it's right or safe.
Oh I understand. I can see you're absolutely sure about this so I'll just block him like you asked.
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Can i speak Dutch to you?
Unfortunately I don't know Dutch. Our friend and webmaster Zara knows Dutch, but she's not online atm.
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I don't see him posting any weird tweets. Even if he is 40 why does that automatically make him a perv?
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Why u love Ariana?
Ariana came into my life almost 4 years ago when I was having a hard time making friends in high school. Watching her covers made me forget about all the stress school and homework gave me. Everytime I was listening to her covers I would feel astonished by how much talent she had. She always made me laugh with the wonderful videos she filmed with her childhood friends and Victorious castmates. Soon enough I opened my first fansite with her and I felt like I started to know her even better. She's a wonderful person who has inspired me to be just like her. I can't explain into words just how proud I am of how far she has come and I hope many moore amazing things will keep happening to her. ♥♥
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ariana is so damn good! <3 her voice is so beautiful.
Yes she truly is. <33
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So, you guys are Ariana's team? or just some girls who just really really really love her?
The second answer. XD We really love her. ♥
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I love you and everyone love you
We love you too! ♥♥
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I wish there wasn't so much stupid negativity on her account, she's such great singer and has a lovely and amazing personality and there should just have been more arianators on that page and less stupid haters with nothing to do :/  ∞ HNE ∞
Oh I know. We feel the same way. :(
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