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Hii, how are you?  ✔️Gissel Justina Perez
Hey! I'm good, and you? :)
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Do you have any real photo of Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande? (not from KCA's if there is any)
I think the one from the KCAs last year, is really the only one there is of them. Hah, but hey what are manips for, anyway. :D
Do you have any real photo of Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande? (not from KCA's if there is any)
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Where and when did Ariana and Jennette meet?
They met while shooting for the iCarly movie special: iParty with Victorious. :)
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Does Ariana grande still make videos of her on the YouTube or
On YouTube she still does, but not like she used to, and after Victorious ended none of the cast really have anything new posted by Nick(or Dan Schneider, idk who manages that site) on
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Who's Sascha West? (‎@Saschapr on Twitter)
I think she's friends with both Alexa and Ariana. As far as I know Alexa goes to USC, and Sasha also has that university's name in her bio. :)
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Do you know roughly how much a ticket to the Ariana's show?  Lovers Ariana Brasil
I don't know. It depends on the event, who's organising..etc
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Whats the real telephone nummber by Ariana Grande
Do you really think she would give it to a fan?
1 person likes this !!!! it is real account but disabled :(
Yes it was real but it's deleted so now there's no ask Ariana herself owns
yes she disabled ‎@arianagrandefromfriday2nextfriday her first account but she wrote she has got new ‎@arianagrandeloveask
No! Don't believe them fakes. She would have said it on twitter if she got a new account like she did last time.
ariana did not disabled, her ask are ‎@arianagrandeloveask and ‎@arianagrandefromfriday2nextfriday
She said it on twitter that she deleted it so obviously these are fake
? I kill, who hate Ariana! :( She deleted ask.. fucki** haters. You are best page! <3  Mr.Arianator ^_^
Yes, haters suck but you still don't have to kill them because of that hahaha. And thank you, means a lot <3
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Ariana's ask?
She deleted it some time ago because of the hate she got
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Hello! :)
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please answer my questions!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
We do :) be patient!
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When was that they It returned ari and jai ?
I guess like a month or two ago
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No, it was an april fools joke
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Why does she have an account anymore :(? I am a huge fan and I would love to meet her
She still has her twitter account! :)
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Nooo way. Ari n Jai r not Back 2geva, r day?
They are. They fave each others tweets all the time and subtweet. She also mentioned that she's in love here, so that's all the proof for now.
Nooo way. Ari n Jai r not Back 2geva, r day?
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Did Ariana go to secondary school? If not - why?
Yeah she definetly did. She actually finished high school too.
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How many octaves does Ariana have? 4? 5?
She has a four octave soprano vocal range, but she can also go up to the 7th octave.
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Ariana has three tattoos. A heart on her toe. "mille tendresse" in her neck. and?
and Belissima on her side-torso. :)
I thought Jai was mad at Ari bc she may cheated with Nathan
Obviously he forgave her even though we know that Ariana didn't actually "cheat" on Jai
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Who is her boyfriend ?
Jai Brooks
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Why she has a name "osnapitzari"?
It means "oh snap, it's Ari"
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What is Ariana mam's official website?  Ariana~Gracious
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