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Hello! We are the team of If there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The Ariana Grande News Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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i mean, share photo of ariana grande please :)  danielortega
Oh I see. I like this one a lot right now ^^
i mean, share photo of ariana grande please :)
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pap ariana grande please, thanks :)
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Is ‎@Ariana_Here the real Ariana?  Jailyn
It's not her. She doesn't have an account anymore.
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is Sascha just Ari's friend or is she a part of hear team? how did they meet?
I don't quite know. She's definetly not one of her friends from home. She might be part of her team. If anyone knows please tell us.:)
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when is ariana coming to melbourne i love her and i would love to see her i am her #1 fan!
We don't know, but stay tuned to our twitter for news.:)
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deos ariana grande have whatsapp
I don't know.
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Does Ariana have kik?
She might have, but we don't know it.
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i love u ari <3  ♥♥
We're not Ariana. Just fans of hers.
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So will Ariana ever get another  ArianaCandyFan
Aw I don't think so :/
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Where do you edit your pics? I like the ones you have on twitter!
Thank you! I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 :)
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You're welcome (:
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Hey Ariana! I like your song and you my idol ♥ C'mon to Lithuania :)**
We're not Ariana, we're just fans xo
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sabias que teban a clausura por maltrato a los niños y disparar flechipollas a a gente inosente
In English please.
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Why don't you upload any new pics in your website??<333  SheLovesUs#MyEverything
We had some problems with our host. We moved from to , the link to our gallery is now we'll have to re-upload all the pictures from our old gallery so we're working on it. Here is a link to a full explanation xo
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You said "I've been waiting outside her hotel in Amsterdam"(her is Ariana grande) so were you lying to me?!?!? PAP :) and you also said that "I saw her a few times and she waved at me"
Hahah I don't have any pictures of Ariana, but you can see the paparazzi pics here:
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Is it a new Ariana's dog? She adopt him?
No, it's Isaac's dog.
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Take a picture of you with her or just her would be fine:)
We don't have contact with Ariana or anyone related to her so we can't.
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How old is ariana grande?
She is 20, she turns 21 in two weeks (:
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Wat is ariana grandes phone number?
We don't know.
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What is ariana grandes password on instagram?
We don't know.
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Do you ever meet her or go to one of her concert before
I've been waiting outside her hotel in Amsterdam, I saw her a few times and she waved at me (: And she has never given a concert in my country yet, so nope never been to her concert.
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What is it like having Ariana follow you?! Im hoping one day she'll follow me.
It's so cool! Well it's not like she messages us but it's just an honor to have a follow from Ariana. Don't give up, she does enough follow spree's!
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Are u real?
We are not the Ariana, we're just fans.
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Do you have her phone number ☆♡<3
We don't have it unfortunately.
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Adriana my name is Janessa bulahan im your biggest fan♡
Sorry hun but we're not Ariana Grande.
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