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Hello! We are the team of, so if there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The AGWEB Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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did Ariana speak Spanish?
She can say a few words in Spanish
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Is ariana in love with justin bieber and are justin in love with her because they dance in tour!!
When they danced Ariana was still dating Sean and Ariana & Justin were just friends so I guess not but you'll never know what happens in the future!
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do you know if ari wath pretty little liars?
In a live chat two years ago she & Alexa wanted to watch it but she said they didn't have much time so I guess not
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Is she dating someone currently? And what is her favourite song?
As far as we know she isn't dating anyone at the moment since she just broke up with Sean and she's on tour right now. Her favourite songs from her album are My Everything & Best Mistake (:
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Is aris nikename on ask askbocababy ????
Nope she doesn't have an ask account
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What is the ask of ariana
Ariana doesn't have an account on Ask
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Is it true she broke 2 toes by falling in her dog pee? Ik yah
Hahah it could be, but I never heard she did
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Where's ariana will concert?
I'm sorry I don't understand your question, what would you like to know?
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wut da new update of ari?
She's working on her third album and she will bring the Honeymoon Tour to Europe in a few days!!
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favourite ari song ?
Intro & Why Try (:
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is it true that Ariana is vegan ?
Yes she is
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do you guys have Twitter ?
Yes we do! ‎@TeamArianaNews (:
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is Ariana's acc on ig ‎@arianagrande bc there's a lot of acc saying they r her
Jupp that's her, ‎@ArianaGrande is her only IG!
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Is ariana still a virgin
We don't know
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I need advice, can anyone help?
Yeah sure!
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Do you wish to see Ariana
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you real ariana grande?
No we're just fans
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Stupid , OFCOURSE she has a middle name it's butera and u just said it stupid girl
It's not her middle name, it's kind of her second second name, you don't have to be rude we didn't insult anyone.
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What is the 2st name of ariana
She doesn't have a middle name, but her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera.
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Ariana have real facebook or not?
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Zapraszam na aska ‎@GrandeInfos - nowy, świetny, zaaktualizowany ask o Arianie :)  Ariana Grande Poland
In English please
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does she follow u on twitter?
Yes (:
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do u have contact to ariana?
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Have ariana grande snapchat?:)
Not a public one
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