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Hello! We are the team of, so if there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The AGWEB Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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is ariana touring in europe?
Tour dates have been announced today & so did presale. General sale is Friday. - becca
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Hi, does ari go on ask anymore?
Nope, she deleted her in 2013 - becca
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How many times has Ariana Grande dyed her hair, excluding her red hair for Victorius-( on the internet there are loads of selfies with her having blonde and blue hair)
She never had blue hair, but I think she's only dyed it twice. Once from red to dark brown in 2012 I think it was, then once in 2013 some time I think to a brown/blonde :) - becca
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Can you show all the outfits ariana wore to the jingle ball 2013
It won't let me send them all, but here is my favourite :) - becca
Can you show all the outfits ariana wore to the jingle ball 2013
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You gave someone the wrong address liar
The Ariana fanmail address is the address to which Ariana tweeted herself back in 2011 that was her real fanmail address. I have sent my own fanmail to Ariana, and have received an authentic signed photograph back, as have many people. We do not know, however; if Ariana still sends stuff back from Ariana but we believe that is still her fanmail address. - becca
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which apps Ariana has on her phone?
We don't know. But I reckon definitely Twitter, Instagram, Fahlo etc. Haha - becca
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Is ‎@OfficaillyArianaGrandeVevo Ariana's Private Accont…?:) Ssh  Courtney-Leigh Muddell
nope, she does not have any private accounts :) - becca
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Thoughts on the love me harder video? To some extent her positions seemed to Stoop down to what the music industry wants. I honestly used to set her aside from all the others bc of how vintagy cute she was.. Guess she grew up. Opinion?
She's grown up, and so has her music. I feel like she can't be the bubbly "bows and cupcakes" girl she was a few years ago. Like she's said before, that was what she thought fans wanted her to be due to her role as cat on Victorious. I believe that the Love Me Harder shows a more mature and sexy side to Ariana, encapsulating the song and it's meaning well. - becca
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Are you sending gifts?
what do you mean? :) - becca
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You are online!!!Finallyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know! We're so happy that we are able to update again :) - becca
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The address you gave that poor guy is a fraud, you wanna know how: I looked it up on Google maps it is a HIGHWAY not a hotel or whatever the heck it is, so I'm gonna take the liberty of reporting it as "scam or spam" If you don't tell me the real address!!!
That's the address everyone knows as her actual PO Box from back in 2011/2012. It's not like we're part of her team to know how legit it is, but we like to believe it's true since there's people who sent letters there and they did get autographs back.
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Did Ariana follow your Twitter account ?  Sam Samuells
Yes. :D
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What's your favorite Ariana Grande song?
Honeymoon Avenue is always going to be my favorite, although till this day I can't seem to get The Way out of my head. That was one awesome track!
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Would you say that Ariana is turning into a diva? Explain why or why not.
I don't like to think she's becoming a diva. I think she looks fabulous and she's rocking those amazing stage outfits, but sometimes I just wish she could go back to her old style. I know this type of music and outfit style is soo in atm and her agency is probably doing their best to make her known - they're doing an awesome job btw: she's everywhere and I love that ♥ - but I somehow wanted her to be unique and try something different than what everyone else does.
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What is her latest song ?
Love me harder ft. The Weeknd.
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I think she does too much with her style of dress... If you know what I mean, why does she dress... like that... *°_°*
Hmm maybe because it's in right now? It's also maybe her stylist's choice..but tbh it's more of a stage outfit, so needs to shine and stand out. I don't think there's any problem with how she dresses on stage.
what's your favorite colors ?
She stated a while back that she likes light pink, but nowadays maybe black? haha♥
Do you know Ariana's official askfm…?:)
She doesn't have an account any account you find on here, that's stating to be Ariana, is definetly fake.
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Is that address real?
Yes it is. You can google it, and find other people mentioning it as the real address.
I wish Ariana still had ask fm
Aw yeah it was great reading raw and honest opinions on things she was being asked. I felt like we could get to know her a little better. Not that twitter doesn't help already, but those answers were more on point.
hello my name is katerina !! i will be see ariana grande  "I Was A Princess":3
Hi Katerina! When will you see Ariana?
I need help please, please
Yes sure. What do you need help with?
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About her PO Box, is it her replying or other people that do it for her?
A while ago, she always replied to the letters herself(with signed photos), but for a whilen ow I haven't heard of people getting back something that they sent to that address. Maybe she still sends things, but I can't give you an exact and true answer.
Why does it say your Ariana's Team when your saying to loads of people that your just fans……?
We said we're the's team as in us the group of people who update that website, not Ariana's crew.
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so glad you're back,fanfusion is a mess. and you can tell on your old photo gallery emmastone is actually a fanfusion admin 'new registered user',but congrats on everything happening with arianagrandeweb y'all deserve it! <33 also: this happened a while back,but its similar!
Aw thank you for your supporting message! Means a lot.♥
Yeah, they're using the same username for all of the sites they stole this year..I literally don't understand why they did what they did. And that blog post! Wow.. I knew they were awful people, but not that awful. Ohmygod..I can't believe they did such a thing to that person. That's disgusting.
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