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Hello! We are the team of, so if there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The AGWEB Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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does ariana follow back fan accs on instagram/twitter?  Gracee
She does on Twitter (:
Ariana seems to support big sean, but he doesn't seem to support her concert. Will he be apart of any shows?
I sure think he supports her concerts and he probably will be with her at some of her shows. But for now I guess he's just busy, because his new album just dropped a few days ago and he has to promote himself first. Don't worry :-)
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We never said we are Ariana, we are just fans
Where did ariana meet aaron?
They both lived in Boca Raton and they grew up together doing musical theater since they were very young. They auditioned for 13 the musical together as well and both got the parts they auditioned for so they were together in the cast and they've been keeping in touch all those years.
Is the official setlist already known?
The setlist pf the first concert is on our site but she said she's probably gonna add some songs! (:
Is Frankie coming to all of the Tour locations??
Once again, I'm not sure. I think he won't come to all the tour dates as he probably has his own commitments, but I imagine that he'll come to quite a few shows :)
Why does Ari always wear the cat ears??
I think it's because she loves halloween so much and likes the style of wearing them. I definitely think that it's so cute :)
Is alexa coming to see ariana
We don't know that. However, I imagine that she will go and see her in Florida but I'm still not 100% sure :)
Do you speak italian?
No but it'd be very cool (:
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much love xo  ariana grande
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Does ari come to Austria? on her tour?
Unfortunately she hasn't planned a concert in Austria
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pic with ur best friend
We're not Ariana
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What's the honeymoon tour?
The Honeymoon Tour is Ariana's world tour which started this week (:
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is Ariana coming so Australia this year ?  tyra x
She hasn't announced anything yet but there's still a chance she'll come with The Honeymoon Tour after the Europe part
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Foto con tu mejor amig@ O foto de cuerpo entero
In English please?
Why does ariana grande wear white nail all the time
Because she likes the way it looks, 'white goes with everything'
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Is ariana grande coming to ireland
She didn't make any plans in Ireland yet but we'll keep you updated!
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Yeah ur right. That rumor that Ariana did say that she hate her fans (or something like that?) i just don't believe that, Ariana do really love her fans and she is so sweet and people are so stupid..
Yeah that's definitely not true and we know that, that's all that matters (:
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pap means picture hun❤
Thank you :-)
Which foundation did ariana use
She used RCMA foundation some time ago (which she said in this video
) but I'm not quite sure if she still does.
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You 're the real big arina ? one picture and ask for my psat please? <333  Evelyn†
We are not Ariana, just fans
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Ariana grande is naked ??:)
Are you the real ariana grande ?
Hellow :)
Hey! (:
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