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Hello! We are the team of, so if there was ever anything you wanted to ask us, now it's your chance. - The AGWEB Team • FAQ: No, we're not Ariana • No, Ariana does no longer have an account. IG: teamariananews
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if anybody's interested, i have her old snapchat, its supperstar1. i know this cus when she leaked her number i added it to my contacts and snapchat adds your contacts as friends so her number was under supperstar1 and her other number that she leaked is under dopeeeprincess but idk if she uses them
Don't think she still uses them but love the usernames haha
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What do you think about the meet and greet MTV had with Ariana do u think she was being rude or just had a bad day
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What's her fav disney character
We don't know.
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But why she awesome!!!!! Have u met her yet??  Querene Nkingi
None of us met her yet, but who knows, with her new tour coming up (:
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How often does she visit Florida and do u know if she's going to soon
It really depends on the situation, this year her grandpa was sick so she tried to be in Florida most of the time but she's very busy as well, I would say between 5-12 times a year. She doesn't always announce it but I think she'll go to Florida this Christmas.
You so beautiful <3!
We're not Ariana.
I Love you
We're not Ariana
We're not Ariana, just fans.
What phone are you?:D
do you think ariana and jai should get back together?
I think Ariana should do whatever makes her happy.
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do you guys know if i still get a package from ariana grande's team if i send her fan mail? my friend got one last year. i sent her mail 4 months ago but i still havent gotten anything
I'm not sure if Ariana or her team still sends anything back, you could send another letter just in case (maybe yours didn't arrive) but I can't promise you anything.
Did Ariana Grande have an ask? There are so many people pretending to be her, and I have been trying to confront them but they are showing useless proofs that don't mean anything.
Ariana did have an account on Ask but she deleted it like a year ago.
when you are coming to COLOMBIA <<33
We're not Ariana. She's gonna announce her tour dates this week, so stay tuned (:
come to colombia <3
We're not Ariana.
Why did she delete he ask??  Querene Nkingi
She was getting lots of negative messages.
Do u guys know Ariana grande??  Querene Nkingi
No, we don't know her personally.
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Is there anything Ariana could do that would make you guys stop being fans of hers?
I don't think so. When it comes to me (Maddie) I don't really tend to stop being a fan of an artist because I don't like their music anymore or because of what they do in their daily lives(start smoking etc). I usually just stop being fan either because I'm getting caught up in new music or life etc. Growing up could also I think determine me to stop being a huge fan of an artist, but I don't think I'll ever stop liking them as an individual.
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who the fuck are you people running this page?. We know its not an official Ariana page, thats for sure!
You know, you definetly don't need to swear for me to understand what you're trying to say...We never said we're an official Ariana Grande page. We're just a fansite. Please tell me when have we ever said we are an official page? I'm really
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your so cool Ariana!!! I love you so much!!
We're not Ariana.
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u from Russia or Ukraine?
We're from neither of those places.
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You can ask me for Ariana's Rares!  RaresofAri
You're too kind. Thank you! ^-^
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Hello,we're new page about Ariana Grande,so if you could just like our question and follow us please ♥ :)  Arianator ;) ♡
Yeah sure. ^^
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Rare picture of Ariana?
Maybee someday. Keep checking our photogallery:
Do you know ways to connect with Ariana
Through Twitter and Facebook.
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