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What was the last argument you had?
the dress is ugly and green
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Do you want to get the Apple Watch?
when could apples tell time wtf
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why am i on this website again fuk dis sh1t -sekushii
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What do you think of makeup?
i literally do not care i will not treat you any different and y'all better feel the same because what someone puts on their face is not YOUR DIDDLY DARN BUSINESS
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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?
why does it even matter why are there girl or guy clothes i can wear a tux to school whenever i want
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What do you think about recycling?
i want to be recycled and come out the womb as a fresh new hot wasian baby
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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
with light um there's monsters everywhere
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What is your favorite waste of time?
your mom
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how much did ur first period hurt? did u feel it cuming? what did u do when it happened?
i don't bleed, i sparkle.
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whats ur bra size
like boob sized i think
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What is the best thing to do on a first date?
touch his butt
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quietly hands u a pile of shit  sophia ling
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
if you personally deliver anything for me i will love you no matter what it is
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What are the benefits of being famous?
make it rain ey $$$$$$$$$
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likers get a ship?
unfortunately i charge for shipping and handling ($5.99)
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do u approve of grinding
as long as you don't accidentally create a baby
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(brb walking upstairs and into my room just to satisfy your needs)
1st: pe (nichols)
2nd: bio (schmalz)
3rd: drama (cohen)
4th: jap 2 (kobayashi)
5th: geo (fulk)
6: lit/writ (seike)
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At what age you kissed for the first time?
at what you learned english bc not bad you are?
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advice for incoming 8th graders?
don't wear a crop top to great america i did it and my shirt flew up during firefall it was the closest thing i've ever done to being naked in public (plus a bra mind you)
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What is your relationship status?
creds to a nimble tumblr user
What is your relationship status?
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rate: disgusting tbh gross byeeeeeee  sophia ling
ily but
rate: disgusting tbh gross byeeeeeee
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How would you change the world if you could?
pizza that gets rid of your acne as you eat it
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who's that in ur prof pic??
who's that in ur prof pic??
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