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do you flip gay pancakes?
not quite sure what that means...
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Shuld i start wearing cologne? i dont even kno wut it smells like
cologne basically smells like prepubescent male with a slight touch of david beckham
wear cologne if you don't wanna smell like fresh born baby but if you're all up for the "au naturel" scent then don't!!! simple!!!
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How do you stay fit?
staying fit like staying in bed all day and hoping i fit into pants the next day
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how did you convince your parents to get you an iphone?
i was like "yo dad hit me up with an iphone" and he was like "no i hate apple phones here have this wonderful htc one instead" and i was like "ok that's rad thanks i love you"
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ur boobs r so big today
my boobs have eyes they can see you starin and they told me to tell you to stop
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said the idc reps when i tried to go to monta vista exchange and host for lynbrook with partners for both
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Ear piercing story? I want to get it bu im scared
ok!!! when i was in second grade i really super duper wanted to get my ears pierced and i asked my mom every day but she would refuse it. so i eventually gave up and stopped asking until sixth grade came along when my friend got it done. my mom still declined my request so i forgot about it. when seventh grade came along and i was in a mall in san francisco, i walked by a claire's and i remembered that i really wanted to get my ears pierced so i asked my mom if i could get it done for my 14th birthday. my mom was like "heck yeah you've waited long enough" so i was excited! during late march or early april of 2014, my family and i went to the mall. we walked around and then my mom spontaneously asked me if i wanted to get my ears pierced and i was like "yes but i'm gonna piss myself" so then we walked into body jewlz, the hardcore tattoo and piercing shop next to innocent little claire's (i went to valley fair btw). there was a sign outside stating that the piercing was $25 including the earring so obviously we went for it being the bargain hunters we are. when i went in, the piercing specialists needed my mom to sign a waiver to allow a minor, me, to get a piercing. when i was seated at the piercing chair i was like "oh darn i'm not ready for this i'm gonna throw up" and i kept asking the piercer if it was gonna hurt. he was full of tattoos and had super big gauged ears and he was super kind and funny. he told me that he could make it painful if he wanted and i was like "diddly darn i shouldn't have asked" and then he got on with the piercing. i chose a pair of silver earrings with a simple faux diamond on it. he took out a marker and measured the location of the piercing on my lobes. and then he took out a piercing needle (which is much safer and more hygienic than the gun btw) and he pierced my ear after he clamped my earlobe tight with a scissor ear-clamp thing???? the needle was hollow so he stuck the earring in the hollow end of the needle, stuck the entire needle through my ear, and the earring followed it into the hole. he did the same to the other side and i was done!!!!!! i bought a sea salt solution from the piercing place to cleanse my ears. i had to leave it on for six weeks and clean it 3 times a day.
pain scale out of 10:
so if you want to pierce your ears totally go for it it's a fun adventure and you'll never regret it!!!!!!!!!!! and it won't hurt even if you have a low pain tolerance!!!!!!!!!!
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Is global warming real? What do you think will happen?
bitches be hella thirsty because we're in a drought
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did u go to the color dance? was it fun? pap
if you farted with colored powder on your pants would that technically be a rainbow fart
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y r ur titties so huge
i had this really awkward boob situation in pe today do you want to know so basically when i left the house today the hooks on my bra that i usually hook it on fell off????!?? so then i had to hook it on the next one but it was too loose so i sort of had a loose bra the whole day i think that's why my boobs were sort of like big af today idk if it's usually that big because my cup size isn't really that big it's probably just my boob fat am i pregnant
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Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
i've got one ear piercing but i plan on getting a second one soon and i also sort of want like a nose piercing (not the septum kind but just the nostril) but only when i'm in college ha
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Isn't it really awkward to sit out because everyone known you're on your period :/
paint your face with your blood like native war paint to scare the immature guys they'll never talk to you again and probably nobody else ever will because that's hardcore af
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Will humans ever live on another planet?
are you an astronaut 'cause you're out of this world ;)
i am pregnant with her child.
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what classes are you selecting for next year
japanese 3
art 1
epic (if i make it then i'm dropping art 1)
yearbook (if i make it though lmao 1 out of 848828473882929477483 chance though so)
w/e lit sophs take
w/e history sophs take
algebruh 2
pe ratchet sports
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Weird turn-ons?
when a guy has like a really sexy voice that sounds like jesus himself came down and personally blessed one with the voice of an angel
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Rate:8  Ethan Jean
urinate too
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What was the last argument you had?
the dress is ugly and green
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Do you want to get the Apple Watch?
when could apples tell time wtf
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What do you think of makeup?
i literally do not care i will not treat you any different and y'all better feel the same because what someone puts on their face is not YOUR DIDDLY DARN BUSINESS
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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?
why does it even matter why are there girl or guy clothes i can wear a tux to school whenever i want
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What do you think about recycling?
i want to be recycled and come out the womb as a fresh new hot wasian baby
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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
with light um there's monsters everywhere
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how much did ur first period hurt? did u feel it cuming? what did u do when it happened?
i don't bleed, i sparkle.
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whats ur bra size
like boob sized i think
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