whats your favorite photo of yourself?

all of them i fcking slay

What did you wear today? ootd pic?

i haven't given a shit about what i wore this whole semester because i just want good grades so i'll tell you yeah i wore a crop top from forever 21 covered by a hm green jacket because stomach fat and i also wore distressed jeans from pac sun and cherry red doc martens the end

What is the best way to say goodbye?

"toodle-loo bitch"

15 years of hard labor... could you handle it?

like baby labor????????? 'cause then you'd have a 15 year old baby coming out of your womb by the time you're about done that's fecking horrible

Can you dab?

what the FECK kind of question is this

are you lonely

list een,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here m8 square up,, ,,..... .. ..... i'm not lonely... . i just have nobody texting me.. .,,,, evr

What's the last text message you received say?

damn ok why y'all playing i thought i just explained

What's the last text msg you received?

the feck y'all gotta ask about texts all the time i don't get texts from anyone stop making ya girl get feels

How does it feel to get tons of texts? like whenever you check your lock screen there's always someone who wants to talk to you..it must be great to be so popular. How does it feel to never have 0 notifications on your lock screen and to always have someone to talk to and never feel alone

i.... ...haven't gotten a text from a friend in months.... ..........lol.................. ........ ... :(

what do you do when ur sad

i inject myself with dank memes

What celebrity pair would make an ideal couple?

ryan potter and i would be ideal but i'm not complaining

Whats the longest streak you've ever had on snapchat?

like 14 lol

What's the difference between "love you" and "I love you"

nothing either way he/she is moist for you

Do you have your ears pierced?

yup, doubles! and hopefully i'll get a single third piercing soon!!!

which guys would you want to swing dance with?

the actual question is would he want to swing dance with me because you see that kind of stuff just doesn't happen to me

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