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lol im srs bout cali mane, have a good one u handsome devil
i'm serious too! we could all play cs:go and chill it'd be awesome :)
How did you become so fucking handsome?
idk fam it just happened
come hang out with Tommy and I during spring break in cali
cs:go lan party bro i'll be there
what dat mouf do
anything you want it to bae
Do you believe in god?
Nuh; I dun believe in god.
If ur black n white mixed how arent u grey
i'm grey on the inside
Hey cutie!! I hope you're having a good day!!
You too! Remember you're a beautiful person inside and out :)
Hey hey hey can I have a starbucks mulatto HA HA HA HA
oh my gosh; yes of course :)
f u n NY
Mexicans are beautiful
European girls are sexy
heck yeahs they are
Move to rotterdam fuck detroit
Is Anthony pollazzi asking you questions
You don't like iPhones and iOS but you have a Mac and I assume like OSX, elaborate
this question implies i hate all apple products; when i don't. i really like osx, to the point where i prefer it over windows. i like the simplicity and it's a change from using windows over 9 years; not only is it something new but it's interesting to me because it's unix based. i like my macbook pro too, it's snappy and the battery is amazing and it does what i need it to do. it's also got the greatest trackpad i've ever used and the webcam and mic quality are really fuckin nice. i don't like iOS because it's not as customizable as android and google services (which i use) are just so much better on Android. i mean there's not even file browsers (or proper browsers in general) on iOS sans jailbreak. there's a lot more but i'm tired; i could talk about how small everything prior to the iphone 6 is and everything but who cares
Why not it comes with Nick Radtke instead of sir I and instead of google maps Brandon Phillips tells you how to get to places
Day 1 purchase.
Armonte are you getting the iPhone David Radtke version
yeah right after i BLOW MY BRAINS OUT
I bet in 6 years you'll just be getting an iPhone 6
heck ya!!
Why tf are you so happy about JUST getting a 3GS smh
I was joking; I hate iPhones & iOS. Android master race.
name some followers you wanna bang
there are honestly too many
Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
to get the fuck away from me
wonder what u and that guy in that vids kid would look like
Why did you just get an iPhone 4
bro i love my iphone 4! such a great upgrade from my iphone 3gs
it dont gotta be a girl man, sorry should've said partner
it's ok <3 :)
ever think maybe someday the perfect girl will end up in your arms forever?
why's it gotta be a girl