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Who is your favorite twitter heaux


who's your favorite internet chick


i love. chodes. DO You?


are u a homo

i like guy and girls

Ay how was heaven?

it was hell

damn boy are you a bird cause youre fly


Which languages do you understand or speak?

english & fuccboi

What is your most treasured possession?

my hands

How close have u been to a serious relationship and how much pussy do u get and advice on getting it ty

um idk lol and i dont get laid often anymore — my advice would would be um, be a funny motherfucker

whts ur skype


hottest girls&guys on twitter


more like gaybleton

fuck yeah

u bronson and nick should shave ur heads as a tribute to dg

omg who is this?!!?

anime of the season you fucking casual

omg i'm sorry holy shit but you abbreviated it like perfectly; i have no clue dude

what is AotS this time around despite every current anime being fucking garbage

AotS? Attack of the Show? isn't that shit cancelled

Do you play an instrument? Which?

flesh flute

Have you heard of Ebola chan

im an admin

What kind of shoes do you wear the most?

Clarks Desert Boots

do u even go to school ur like 7


Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like David Strasser

yeah i have a world trade center tattoo on my forehead man its sweet

How old were you when you started eating ass


Would nick Radtke cry if he got a haircut

YES. I love his long hair!!