Armonté @armonte
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I bet you have a nice dick
t-thanks! y-y-you too!
Favorite song or artist
it's split between Giraffage - Undress U & Daft Punk - Something About Us. Favorite artist is Giraffage
wanna slide into the dms but I'm too shy (゚д゚)ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3
do it! :>
ur rly cute
ty i bet you're cute 2 ok
I live in England so I'm not too sure on firework buying age but here I can buy cigarettes and alcohol ( good old bottle of gin) and whack out my spanky shiny ID (when) prompted for proof of age
heck yeah. i buy my friend cigarettes all the time bc i always have my ID w/ me
dm on of your followers beginning with m
omg; real name or twitter handle? :o
I'm turning 18 this year too ayyyy lmao
hell yeah u can buy CIGARETTES and FIREWORKS now; is your birthday on the 4th of july because that would be cray u could buy fireworks to celebrate on your birthday
what genre of music would you class what you listen to and/ or make??
i mostly listen to chillwave /glitchhop shit & hip-hop; chill electronica i guess you could call it. I grew up listening to video game music but my mom always listened to RNB/rap so I love that stuff. I make electronica rn but I've just started making music so I've got some time until I find my own 'sound' y'know? here's a wip of soemthing im working on
Slip'n slide into my dm's
dm me okay
how old are you ?
i turned 18 on 3/14 this year ayyyy
U know who it is boo cmon
I don't know :[
Take a guess
holy shit Barack Obama-san? is that u?~~~ <33
I wouldn't say so. I'm just super shy. c:
Do u wanna know
It's seriously swoon worthy. You seem like such a cool person too...and it's great that you aren't worried about voicing your opinion. We need more of that these days.
<3 ily. i hope i don't seem unapproachable
You are so fucking sexy
well damn thank you; wish i knew who you were tho
You have a beautiful smile. How do you even.
<3 idk babe
yo are you sure tyler smith isn't gay
hi armonte how are u...... my question for u today is are u a weeaboo!!!
i am okay i guess you could say that idk man & im just weaboo-lite <3
Do you have best friends
You hang out with Tyler Smith a lot. Does he ever come off to you as gay/homosexual?
do you think tyler smith is gay
short answer: no
long answer: hell no
how many people have you had sex with?
One person :)
luv you armonte
luv u 2 :)
Who do you wish you could meet?
a lot of musicians