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S/p Jennifer


Chicken curry, guess who?

hahaha get freetexts yet :)

Haha good one

actually wouldnt :)

gl 2nd years

to many

If you got a chance with her again you take it straight away pall

no i wouldnt actually

You like Eimear so much it's not right!

no i dont :-)

You won't answer now cos you know it's true


Heard you like chickens?

love them ;)

You just can't get over eimearrrrr

over her ? haha

Favorite smokin buddy?

hahahahaha lol

Why have you turned into a druggy? :/

what are u on about hahaha

Sound 6th years in your school?

haha too many

Best pornstar?

your oul one x

Do my h.o arzzzzzz! - klaudia :)

no no no later <3

Hul? And I can't mail.

none your business

whats up my homie

sup dawg

Ah dont be a dry shite! :)

what are u on about ?

Abbie Dominik or nicole molloy

ehmmmmmm abbie

clodagh malone or aoife cummins


2 names?

go on so

Fail.. h.o? :)



answer my fucking question about nadine!!

what question?:P ask again

did you knock johnny mcevoy out?

ye 27 times xx

Unless this is is ur way of telling us your a girl then no? 'She acting like a retard' don't think that's you

mis read it haha :)


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