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Don't ignore me :'(
Ily bae xx I have it but it's not connecting to internet or anything :( x
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I'm year 10 is that alright ?
That's totally fine :)
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I like you but I'm too scared to talk to you incase you have a boyfriend or have a thing with someone ?
Aw talk to me anyway (': I have feelings for someone but don't be scared to chat :)
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What is the meaning of the life in one word?
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things you hate about guys ?
When they assume things straight away
When they can't take a joke
If they pressure you
If they lead you on
If they take everything seriously
If they're total twats
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Hot tea or ice tea?
Why not have both?
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have you heard of any other apps that are like chatous?
What is chatous
But the really exciting thing is... Ariana grande released her new album  Paigee
Is it good? Omg
Person you miss
Ellen, my brother, someone I shouldn't miss
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Um yaas it does  Paigee
Nah uh
Taylor swifts new song sucks  Paigee
Does not
What is your Song of the week?
Tswizzle ❤️
What is your Song of the week?
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Hey Do you have a thing with Tyrone or Cruz gosh make up your mind
I've never had a thing with Tyrone? Cruz is a loser btw
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tbh your my Bae and I love you a bucketload and I really miss hanging out with you!! I'm keen for state titles and we can have lots of sleepovers on the holidays because I miss you a lot :(. But this is an appreciation post because I don't always tell you how much I love you bestfriend  Philadelphia Rodgers
Aw I love you my gorgeous girl! You don't gotta tell me, I know what's up ;) miss hanging out with you though, so keen for state titles! x
do you have a thing with tyrone? :) xx
Where did this come from? Oh gosh :) x
Have you ever gotten a BARE bottom spanking for misbehaving? (stings like hell!)
I was a well behaved child
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H/o on meeeeeeee fgt Mexican  Paigee
Oi ya sneaky Mexican ;)
Miss you quite a bit to be totally honest with ya. We use to be hella close and we'd hang out so much. But enough of that sappy stuff. You're actually gorgeous. Like, you can say whatever you want about how you're not, but I believe you are so hush your mouth fgt. You're such a caring person, and when you care about someone, you care about them a lot and that's a really great thing. You have great hair (shush your mouth again, I love your hair) and the best style! Your birthday is next month and I'm excited for you! The big 18, woo ;)
P.s I moved into bio and Mr Sullivan makes me want to kms
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I swear you always like someone. It's so pathetic haha
I'm sorry, but please elaborate on how it's 'so pathetic'
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Awwww!! I miss you so much too!! I can't believe it's been way over a year!! Not even fair!! We should Skype sometime yeah?!?!
It's been so long :( we should definitely Skype sometime soon though!! xo
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your kik username?
Don't have kik
I ask this alllll the time... Buuuut thoughts cuzzy?! Make it long yeah?? ;*
I swear this is like the five bajillionth time you've asked this aw (': you're probably tied equal as my favourite cousin. You're so much fun to be around and we're always laughing when we're together which is a really rare occasion :( I haven't seen you in yonkers and that makes me so sad because I miss you so much! You're so gorgeous my girl! You pull all the boys ;) love ya and missin ya a trillion girly ❤️ xo
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Dear boy you like
You're a loser but you're kinda cool at the same time
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Dear girl I hate
You're tacky and I hate you
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Dream guy or girl I like
Dream guy or girl I like
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Dear ex boyfriend ?
You need to stop acknowledging me, but then you need to stop ignoring me and then you just gotta stop looking at me and making me nervous. I do not appreciate it. However I'm sorry for giving you bitchy looks, but it's your own fault for being a twat.
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