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Ash Kirk @ashkirkx
Gold Coast
Ash | 16 | Gold Coast | New Zealand born and bred |
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you know that Paige actually doesn't like you and talks so much shit about you it's not even funny
What do you think about more than anything else?
Pizza Hut and a stupid boy
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What did you do on school holidays?
Stayed at Paiges, broke my phone, played softball, stayed at Kaylas for a long time, boy, didn't sleep, watched four seasons of Weeds, Deli came over, I think I had softball again, drove, got a new phone, played mini golf, ate food, listened to a lot of music, went shopping
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Thoughts on Paige Howe?
She's my lover
Best friends?
Favourite cousin?
Mac and Caitlin
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bra and undies pic than
No no
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nah you wont just post one
I don't even have a bikini picture, ahaha
bikini pap :)
Ahahah, I don't want to blind you with my paleness
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Pap :)
Pap :)
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Just date luke already pls you would be the cutest couple!!!!
Maybe we are (; No no I'm totally kidding, we're just friends, ahaha (':
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Hey, can you please like 50 of my answers, I promise to return 100, or a gift and follow, thanks
No thank you
I meant luke not bee my spelling is terrible in the
omg you and bee to date like this instant you two are just the cutest! :3
No way, ahaha
Aw I thought the queen of AHS would know! Thank you though  Chris Rumbles
I haven't seen it in yonks mate! But I will however take the title of queen of AHS (': anytime dude
Last episode
I just had to google this. Apparently she said 'Balenciaga' which is a fashion line, and people are saying it was because she was 'a high priestess of fashion', I actually do not know :(
When Myrtle gets burnt at the stake, what does she scream? It totally confused me haha  Chris Rumbles
First episode? Ahaha
what can you see you and your friends doing as a career after school????
Myself- I want to try professional softball and play in America, but that's a tad unrealistic so something in the sport industry like coach or manager.
Kayla- famous. Definetly famous.
Philadelphia- Lawyer or something in the health industry.
Ellen- an actress, singer or in the fashion industry
What up to today number 20? Having a good Easter
Just chilling at home, getting ready for the rugby tonight (': I don't really celebrate Easter, but I've had a lovely weekend so far thank you, and about yourself number 1?
Nice to meet you 20. I'm number 1.
Hello number 1 :)
You and your secrets bby (;  Luke Cater
Our secrets bby* (;
Thoughts on me? ;)  Luke Cater
That's a secret bby (;
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What sound drives you crazy?
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You have a very cute 3 year secret relationship ily bby ;)
Aw bby ilyt (;