Ash Kirk @ashkirkx
Ash Kirk @ashkirkx
Gold Coast
Ash | 16 | Gold Coast | New Zealand born and bred |
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
Don't lie, everyone can see it at school
Ahaha, you make me laugh
you and luke ayyyyye ;)
Ahahaha, no way
what are your schoolies plans
I'm only 16
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are you and ellen not close anymore?
She's my husband
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why didnt you two date aw but you two would be cute :3
I don't know, ahah, we just didn't I guess :3
Are you and Paige still friends?
Yeah ?
you should date him i remember when you two had the biggest thing ever for eachother aw hehe :3
Ahahaha, that was like yonks ago (': we're just close friends and that's all it'll ever be :3
What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
A Series of Unfortunate Events (':
What annoys you the most?
Hazel Grace and Gus have to be siblings in Divergent and I'm not happy about this, they are made to be together.
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Who knows the most about you?
Lukus, Dion, Kayla
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What's up?! Miss youuuuuuuu!! <3  Mikayla™
Naw hey girly! Miss you too! <3
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Who do you never get bored of talking to?
Lukus, Dion, J.L, Josh
Yoooooooooooou're hot ;)
OoOoOoOo I totally wonder who this is (;
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are you and luke dating!?!?!?! you to would be cute together
No, ahaha
I had to make a new account  Paige
Did you get reported again?
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do you miss anyone
ever get a smack
Nah mate
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ever been grounded
Once when I was like 8
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
This is possibly the greatest question asked.
Why have a slice when you can have the whole pizza?
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American horror story is the best!!  Anya Sophia Smith
It's so fantastic omg!!
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I'll show that picture of you ;)
Omg please don't, I'd probably cry ):
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It's actually the greatest show, it better not disappoint :/ Is it better than last season?
It's such an amazing show omg, but it's not exactly well known so it doesn't get as much publicity as it actually deserves.
Honestly, Asylum was better than Coven, I was disappointed in Asylum though as Taissa wasn't given a part and the plot just went downhill. The people who sell it like Jessica and Evan made it good though. Idk, just don't get your hopes up about Coven ):
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Uh make me watch it
You'd get scared and then blame me for making you watch it -.-