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Would you date Alex m
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Would you date mikey j
What are you most excited about right now?
bikini pic
Describe your day in detail
Woke up, made coffee, got ready for school, went to school, did school stuff, got picked up from school, went to film festival, went home
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What do you want right now?
Can you truly love more than one person?
Your teeth are actually perf those anons are blind !  Anya Smith
Aw thank you Anya!
If you choose to lose it , when and how do you want too.
That's rather personal.
How come.
Because I choose to be
Are you a virgin ?
I am indeed
Go cry then.
Why would I go cry about it?
You don't have any friends at all?. How sad
What are you actually trying to achieve out of this?
Jokes you just don't have any friends at all.
Aw yeaah
Teeth's Will always look ugly.
Do you not get the fact that I literally do not care?
Teeth kinda looks fucked up tbh
They're probably better than yours anyway
I see you alone a lot at school? Don't you have friends
If you're implying when I'm walking alone, I'll either be seeing teachers about something or going to class ?
Who did Joel cheat on you with?
Joel didn't cheat on me
It's me  Chris Rumbles
Secrets out
I seen them there
Funny because I got them from Specsavers
Your glasses are from kmart
Ahahaha omg no they're not
There still yellow doe
Do you need to try on my glasses or something?
That's why Joel cheated on you cause your teeth are ugly.
My teeth aren't even ugly ?
Teeth are still ugly
Whoa, hold up. My teeth are perfect, so you really can't say anything about them