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so guys , i'm not gonna be on this account very much , but i'm not gonna deactivate it either , so if you need anything just talk to me off anon or send me your ask.fm link or facebook or twitter and i will contact you , i'll give you my link and help you with everything
ps: i never judge , ly xx

I'm 17 and really like this girl and we have been talking loads and meeting up a bit but nothing has come of it YET! I really want to ask her to meet up just us 2 because we have always met with friends before but i don't know how she would feel about it, what should I do?? xx

sorry i saw this just now , idk if its too later , if not then just ask her on a date make it sound fun , is she went out with you with friends , then she will probably go out with you alone , she already likes you idk if as a friend or more , you gotta figure that one by yourself , just ask her out , go out with her , see how she acts , talks or flirts with you and you will know how she feels about u , best of luck xx

Ave I've tried it soo many time it works for a little while..but my thoughts get the better of me

just think of something else something positive , funny memories .., there is always ALWAYS another solution ,stay strong x

I'm 15 and need a girlfriend but don't no how to get one, help!!!

well getting a girlfriend is easy .. all you have to do is actually go out and meet someone that u actually like , and they like you back , be charming , funny , caring , and im sure no one would be able to resist you , good luck x

I'm self harming again!! Help me!!! Please the urge Is just too much</3

have u tried the butterfly project? http://butterfly-project.tumblr.com/
please if not , try it , stay strong you're amazing u only deserve the best <3

The girl I wanna date, knew that I like her because she heard it from someone, and things started becoming awkward between me and her. What do girls usually think during those times and what should I do to get rid of the awkwardness between the two of us?

ok so she's basically trying to figure out if she likes you too , she's probably really confused and stuff , she's thinking if you both dating probably will mess your relationship as friends she's thinking if it's gonna be worth it , give her some time tell her it totally her choice whatever she choose you're okay with it x

I really like a boy and he doesn't know but there's something telling me that I should tell him but I'm afraid of what he will say what should I do?:(

i'd say just go for it , i mean if you didn't you will keep thinking but will happen if you did , if you told him and he didn't have the same feelings it's his lost you can find other people , oh well is better then what if , just do it no regrets x

i have family problems, can't talk to any of them about my problems, i don't have many friends and the ones i do have are never there for me, i've been single for 8 months, i can't find a job so never have any money and college work is stressing me out. i've started cutting again, idk what to do :(

all problems have a solution , just you gotta find it , you don't have many friends? go out and meet new people make new friends , go on social site , socialize , making friends is easy , been single for 8 months ? so what ? someone special is gonna come along and fall for you just the way you are , can't find a job ? try looking harder , jobs are easy to find just don't be picky , college work is stressing you out ? just think that couple more years and you will finish college and move on with your life , so keep working hard
and for the cutting part check this site : http://butterfly-project.tumblr.com/ i'm pretty sure there is at least one person that u love and they love you back , please try it
stay strong xx

I really like a boy but I messed it up by going out with his best mate when we both liked each other and now I really like him and only him but he said he only likes me a bit and he doesn't know what to do about me and him because I've messed up so many times what do I do?:(

just try earning back his trust , show him that you care about him , that you want only him , make him fall for you all over again , always be funny random , charming and cute around him and never flirt or fool around with someone else , or a best mate of his , he wouldn't be able to resist x

i really need your help, i dont want to live anymore and i need some advice..

so you're special you're unique , you're amazing , you have family and friends that loves you ,that can't live without you , why would you not want to live? life is beautiful just like you , live your life to the fullest never think of suicide , just keep trying , hold your chin up , and never give up , stay strong , think of all the people that loves you xx

if you go out with someone and you cannot get over them and you sit and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry, and all you want to do 24/7 is burst into tears and read back through all the save messages from your "ex". And it gets that bad you want to self-harm because your scared,what do you do?help

don't even think of self harming , think of another way to put your anger/ sadness into , just move on , try going on another dates , meeting new people , if it didn't work , then it's probably not meant to be ,you will find your perfect match some day , but not is your sitting and crying all the time , keep smiling , someone might fall for you smile x

Can you help me please? i really like a boy and we have been talking for a couple of days but i dont know if he likes me or not but i want to tell him but im afraid :( what do i do ?

just start with hints , try knowing his feelings to you first , then when you're sure that he actually does have feelings for you , go for it and tell him x

if you miss a member of family which have passed away, what do you do?

try remembering the good times , try looking at photos , you're gonna be sad of course , but just then remember they're looking to you from heaven this exact moment they want you to be happy , they're happy , so why would you be sad? don't try to forget them , just always pray for the think of them , they are still a part of you and always by your side like an angel x

i've liked this guy for a while but he's never really shown much interest back.. but recently another guy has started being really cute to me.. should i just move on and maybe try with the second guy, or wait and see with the first one? he knows i like him btw, i told him a few months ago x

totally move on to the second guy , the first doesn't really seem like he's into you , you're better off without him , but the second guy seems he's into you , so move on to him xx

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I told my mum and dad that its child abuse and they like forced me and my sis to sit on the table and told us to call childline to get them taken away, but i cant do that cos they are amazing parents, they just abuse md and my sister at least twice a week, what should I do?

tell them , that you don't want to call childline and you don't want them to be taken away , you just want them to stop hurting you and your sister , tell them they are amazing parents , but when they are angry they actually hurt you alot , and you want them to stop , tell them to figure out another way to punish you , like no more tv , or take your phone or idk but just stop abusing you and your sister , it's wrong xo

thank you so much x

you are welcome xx

you are real amazing , i love your advice , its really good you're the best i love you for that <3

that means alot , i appreciate it , thanks love you more<3

Dw, I'm not interested in him anymore, or my bestfriend, they've put me through so much shit and theyre not worth my time

don't be mad from them , you have all the right to be , but don't show them you're bigger then that , move on from both of them , seeing you smile is gonna be your revenge for them , just being happy . and you'e right they're not worth your time , or being friends with you , you're amazing never forget that , never let anyone say otherwise , never let anyone get to you , or hurt you x

do you think its fate though?

sorry , which question is this? x

How am i ameant to react? Look at my wall youll see what I mean

is it coz the hate you're getting for cheating or dk what? if so , then just block the hate , don't let them get to you , they only know half of the story , no one is perfect , and the surely are not , so its not their right to judge you xx

this is the same person who wrote about my mum abusing me and this whole bestfriend and ex thing. so im 14 years old and putting up with both of those things. with my mum thing, she can go from being the nicest kindest person in the world to a monster, and with my ex thing, hes my first love

now your mom she may have anger issues , she may need anger management , a person cannot just transform from being the nicest person , to beating up his child , tell her to go to a therapist x

hes my first love so its hard.&i think its fate with him, i met him on the yr 9 trip last year and his room was next door to my bestfriends room. we have the same interests and in october half term i had this big competition in devon and he was down in devon for a hol the same week.

since he's your first love , it's gonna be harder to forget about him , but not impossible he's your first love but not your last , keep that in mind you will find someone else, just stop think of the time you both were together , just delete all thoughts of him , meet other people , keep yourself busy x

Im another help page. I just wanted people to know im here. http://ask.fm/IWillStandByYou

guys if you ever needed a second opinion ask them x

my bestfriend and my ex are in love. i still have weird feelings for my ex like i hate him but i dont and im not over him 100%. weve agreed to stop arguing and to all be happy and civil after being in this fued for like 4 months since he dumped me. but it hurts and i kinda want him back, help!!

okey so if he's in love with your best friend , then you guys are probably never getting back together , it might take you a while to forget him and move on , but it will eventually happen , if u hate him it means u still have feelings for him , try not to hate or get jealous , it's been 4 months , he moved on , you should move on as well , you can't get him so move on , try and get someone better , someone else , fall in love go on dates , give other boys a chance , and soon you'll forget him xx


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just a shoulder to cry on <3 u have to take the good with the bad,smile when u're sad, love what u've got and remember what u've had , never regret , life goes on<3
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