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It would be great if we can upload animated images on Please make it!

Here you are! Enjoy!

Do you already have app for iPhone?

Of course, we use fresh new version of iOS app!

How does your office look?

how can i be famous on askfm?

1. Go to your account settings.
2. Change your name to "Famous".
3. Save.
4. Now you're famous.

are anonymous questions gonna be revealed someday? will never reveal anonymous questions. NEVER!

Are the rumors true that I will have to pay to use

No! will always be FREE.

Is this a bot or a person ?

It's your mom.

What’s your spirit animal?

Keep the good vibes flowing all weekend. Check out the how to from Safer Internet Day 2016!


Are we going to be able to record videos on a mobile?

This feature will be available very soon. Stay tuned.

PAP of your staff!

Part of our great team.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Just Ask

Nobody uses your app anymore

And yet here you are.

Czy widziałeś już nowe prezenty?

Widziałem, a nawet dostałem.

are we going to be able to record videos on a mobile ?

You can record video answer using the latest version of iOS app. Soon it will be available on Android app as well.


You're not dreaming! We heard our users loud and clear. You can now unlike! 👌👍

are we going to be able to record videos??

Sure, we are working on it. It will be available for both iPhone and Android apps.

you can now see how many followers you have! :D

Right, now you can see how many followers you have. No names, just number. It's your private information, no one can see it. Available for browser version right now, but we plan to add this feature to iPhone and Android apps as well.

Is it true that all the anon askers will be revealed on the 29th of June? will never reveal anonymous questions. Trust us. Don't worry about it.

Can you do an unlike button? I mean if you liked an answer and you want to unlike it!! (remove the like)

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll pass this idea along.

What do you think about indonesia? cinta sekali dengan teman-teman di Indonesia! Kalian sangat mengagumkan, dan kami berterima kasih kalian adalah anggota 😍

The new update is disgusting.

PAP the teamwork of staffs


hey how are you?

We're great! Thanks for asking! How are you?