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I really like this guy and we've been talking a lot and then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me. After a month or two we started talking again and hes been flirting and complimenting me. We hung out and stuff and i realized i still do like him a lot. But i heard that he asked another girl out

Hey really sorry I haven't replied sooner I haven't been on here in ages! Hopefully things have got better since this...he sounds like a bit of a player and even if you feel like you love him when you meet someone new you will realise that maybe he was actually a big of an idiot!! Hope this helps but if you want to talk further just ask another question xxx

can u stop being so morning wood

Don't know what that means....

Broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. We was together for over a year and he just suddenly stopped loving me. Madly In love with him still and all he does it throw it in my face:( memories and flashbacks always pop up in my head and it's really upsetting. Help:(

Hey really sorry I haven't replied sooner I haven't been on here in a while...hopefully things are better for you now than they were...maybe it's for the best anyway everything happens for a reason and even though you may feel like it will never get better it will! Just spend time with your friends to take your mind off of it and you'll be fine!!xxx

Ive liked people but I've never had the guts to ask them out do you have any advice?

Hey so sorry I never answered your question I haven't been on it for ages! I think most people feel like this really but as you get olde you with you had taken the chance you were given...depending on your age and how much you like the person I think you should go for it! What's stopping you?! The worst thing that will happen is they will so no am in that case it's their loss an you just move on anyway!:) hope this helps xx

Should a 12 year old be able to go to the movies or something like that with friends but no parents?

im really not sure what age is kind of normal for things like that to start happening but isnt that like year 7? if it is then yeah i guess xx

How old are you in year 5

urmm, i think 9/10 not too sure aha

my friend has another friend and when we are all together she is totally fake and rude to me but when me and get just hangout she is like nicest person should I still be friends with her

mention it to her, if shes a true friend she will stop being so two faced, if she doesnt stop then shes not worth it!xxx

I have a friend who used to be a cheerleader but she never cheered at a game and she either got kicked off or quit. Despite this, she tells people she doesnt know (guys) that she is a cheerleader what do I do to set her straight without being rude or mean?

let her carry on, everything comes out in the end and think about how silly she will look when the truth comes out! it may not seem the right thing to do but karma will come xx

Is it appropriate to kiss and hug your boyfriend when you're 12?

Yeah but if you don't feel comfortable or ready to kiss them then don't! Just do it in your own time:) xx

my sister and friend beaut and im a minger

Don't say that! What makes you feel that way?xx

is it wrong for a 12 year old to masterbate

Umm wouldn't say it's wrong, depends if you're doing it just to say you do it or if you actually want to I guess?

Do you have an instagram account?

Annie Gale

I do but I'm not going to post it sorry:) xx

When do you think the average girl gets her first boyfriend? And when did you get yours?

Depends if you mean a boyfriend or a serious relationship. I've never had a serious relationship and I'm 16 but I got my first boyfriend when it was in year 5 but it only lasted a matter of days hahaa. It really doesn't matter though, as long as you're happy!xxx

I have a question. My friend is really rude and fake to me but she is one of my best friends. Everything she says is from twitter or tumblr and she just copies everything I like and do. and if she isn't copying it she is making fun of it. what should I do? :/

As harsh as it may sound you're much better off without her. She's jealous of you and although you may find it annoying when she copies you but it's because she looks up to you so much!! Try spending less time with her and see if it gets any better xx

is it weird that I am 15 and not even had my first boyfriend yet?

no not at all! i know its my opinion and everything but i just really dont see the point in relationships at such a young age!! just wait for the right person to come along and you'll feel so much happier, if you want me to say more just ask :) xx

Should a twelve year old have sex?

if im honest no. the fact that you're questioning it is wrong too. it should just be natural, you obviously have some doubts so its just not worth it. wait till you're in a long term relationship and where you really feel comfortable in doing so. hope this helps:) xx

do you still answer questions x

yeah i do, just been a bit busy recently!

I was going out with this boy, we were going out for a while, and we were getting on really well, he got me a necklace.. But now we've broken up, should I still wear the necklace? We're still good friends!!!

sorry it took me so long to reply! youve probably made a decision by now but its up to you! if you dont feel comfortable wearing it then dont but if you feel happy wearing it then i dont see why not!xxx

Im a girl i have a period and i cant use a tampon. I feel like the only girl in the world that cant and i feel so stupid. Having pads is so un hygenic and smelly and stains your legs. But everytime i try with a tampon it hurts and wont go in. What do i do:(

sorry it took me so long to reply! you wont be the only one trust me! have you tried a different brand or type of tampon? maybe the ones you are you using just arent write for you! let me know if you have any more questions xx

I feel like everyone hates me

i think everyone feels like that at some point, but as silly as it sounds they dont! why do you feel like that?xx

Im so ugly what can make me prettier

sorry i havent answered this sooner:/ im sure you're beautiful! maybe if you wanted you could wear a little bit of mascara to bring out your eyes and do something different with your hair, maybe then you will feel a little more confident in yourself

Why cant i look pretty

everyone's beautiful, you just have to believe it x

hey how r u :)

hey im good thanks, how are you?

Start answering questions!!!

really sorry, been really busy lately!


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