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Is the best part of the Chillin Leffen drama Omnis responses
Nah, the best part will be the set, if it happens.
In response to the question about Chillin not having the money: Even if Chillin is confident, he could lose and could you imagine how bad it would look if he didn't have the money?
Agreed on wanting 2 cd sets from each. Haven't picked up the vinyl LP for you're dead yet but supposedly the instrumental versions have different studio mixdowns so it's more 70s fusionish maybe? Perhaps check that out if you haven't
Will do!
If Chillin is so confident he's going to win, why does it matter if he doesn't have the money? I remember Ken talking about how he used to have MMs that he wouldn't be able to pay if he lost, because he was 100% sure he would win regardless.
Because no matter how confident you are, anyone can lose. Ricky Ortiz vs Wolfkrone, WHAT ARE YOU STANDING UP FOR? Yeah, that was in tournament, but my point stands, anything can happen. If you don't have the money, it looks worse on you, we've seen that recently with higher stakes money matches in other scenes. "I put up 10,000 and I KNOW I CAN WIN, but I don't have it, and it makes me look bad."
Am I the only one worried that after Leffen's tweet about Chillin's PM there may not only be a Fox melee, but a IRL melee?
I doubt it. Chillin's response shows his wisdom, he's keeping it in the game.
Hax said that he has huge nerves during big matches and that is preventing him from being any better than he is, is this true and do you think if he got rid of those nerves he'd be able to be able to get top 4 at tournaments like Apex and Evo?
Yeah, I've seen him shaking at tournaments. Sometimes he controls it, but he can never really do it for the entirety of the set. We've seen it from his Fox and Falcon, the potential is there, but the mental makeup matters moreso for his results.
Hey prog, what direction would you like to hear flylo take his next album? As great as his work with thundercat is, some time apart for them both and fewer collaborators might be cool for them both
Aww yeah, a question that's a deviation from the norm.
I feel like Thundercat and FlyLo are a great pair of artists alone and together, so I want to see them work together as much as possible, at least one song an album.
I want another Captain Murphy album, because I always like when an artist challenges themselves, FlyLo has said he has issues rhyming to his own stuff, so why not? But as for the next FlyLo, I don't know. He's so eclectic that any direction he goes will be solid. I mean, when they collaborate with other artists, its magic instantly, I basically just want 2 CD sets from each.
Out of the top level melee players: Who has the most potential that is doing the least to utilize it
No idea. Everyone benefits from different things, maybe PPMD's time off will rejuvenate him, Hungrybox's time in school, Mango's moving back to SoCal, Armada heading back to Sweden, M2K traveling the country and working on his mindset with Smash 4...
Time off is a good thing for some, it may not be for others. Too nebulous of a question.
What's your opinion on Young Link? Do you think he has a chance against the higher tiers? Is there still more to explore for this character?
It's part the player as well as the character. I've seen Armada dismantle great players with his Young Link. It's not easy, but its the player in tandem with the character.
"‎@chillindude829 your trash talk is pathetic. You can't outright lie and then PM me telling you can't afford it bcuz of personal reasons" is it out of line now?
Hence my tweet telling Leffen to take it from a 10 to a 7.
Just out of curiosity what would your occupation be defined as?
I'm an associate producer.
So why did you never become a top player? You obviously have tons of knowledge about the game from playing and watching for years. Was there something holding you back or did you never dedicate the time? (I don't mean to offend or anything, I love you prog!)
A few things. One, I wasn't that good, haha. I was above average, made it into a couple of brackets, but I definitely had my fair share of weaknesses (poor mechanically, solid intellectually, heavy momentum player). Secondly was time. When I was starting to crack through my glass ceiling, I got a new job that didn't allow me to go to practice sessions, tournaments, etc. and I'm one of those people that wants to put my all into something. I couldn't do it as a player, so I focused on behind the scenes stuff.
"You watch Street Fighter? League? Ever play CoD on XBOX Live? Trash talk is part of gaming," so is sexism so we shouldn't try to stop that? Just accept things as they are? We should now say that sexism should just be accepted as a part of gaming and we should say rape to describe a cool combo? haha
Wow Dhalsim, more than your normals reach. Of course sexism is awful, as is racism, homophobia, transphobia, so on and so forth. Have we worked on eradicating the former? Yes. BUT WHY DOES THE TRASH TALK STAY THEN? This is Leffen vs Chillin. This isn't Leffen vs the United States, Chillin vs the EU, these are two individuals who have an issue with one another and that's all it is. This is part of a competitive environment, and as long as it stays within acceptable boundaries, it can fly.
Why am I okay with this trash talk from Leffen and Chillin? Because what I've seen is strictly about the game, its about placements, its about performance, that's what it boils down to. It's the upstart vs the veteran, so on and so forth.
Are you really upset that these two are talking this way to each other? Do you write letters to McDonalds asking why they paint the Whopper in a poor light? Ask Samsung why they can't just compete with the iPad without bringing Siri into it? Do you cover your ears in election time because you really don't want to know how each candidate feels about an issue? This is part of competition, you always question what other people bring to the table. Some do it with their words, other do it with their play, but it is always done.
Do you think Leffen should go Falco or maybe even Yoshi against Marth's since the Fox Marth matchup is becoming increasingly in Marth's favor? It could be the key to beating M2K and consistantly beating PP.
That's always a tough call. Bringing a second character up to par versus elevating your main.
On the other end of the spectrum, do you look down on the lack of trash talk? I find it entertaining, but my "role models" back when I began playing competitively were those who would let their game do the talking and appear unfazed at all times, win or lose. Learned a lot about composure from them.
I don't look down on the lack of it either, but sometimes you question how a player feels. I mean, someone who says "I AM THE BEST" obviously has a lot of fire, sometimes warranted, other times not. Yeah, some people let their game talk, and that's fine, but the people who do the most talking usually have the most to prove.
Lately I've been feeling my gameplay to get stale and plateau in terms of skill. What can I do to keep improving and keep that fresh feeling one gets after implementing new techniques into your game.
Eh, you can walk away from it, play a different game, so on and so forth. For me, I tend to walk away to think about things and then come back and play with a new thought process, or a more refined one.
Any tips on getting some friends into competitive smash? They enjoy the game casually and vaguely know of some advanced techniques I've showed them but it would be great if they got hooked on the game like I did so I could have more friends to play with.
Show them some of your favorite matches, combo videos, etc. Excitement is contagious.
Seems like you've helped Mango out a lot, how long have you guys known each other? Woukd you say you're pretty good friends or is it more of a business thing?
I've known of him since 07, but we first met at RoM. I wouldn't say we're good friends, we're solid acquaintances, and he requested my help.
I already talked about this earlier but Leffen with the amount of publicity his words get is gonna have NO chance at getting sponsored, you know it too which is why is annoys me you are encouraging it, he was the closest to getting sponsored too. mango was a nobody compared to how leffen is now
That's odd, because Mango got sponsored after his reddit thread. Mango was a nobody? Mango won EVO, was on the front page of reddit, in the most exposure that Smash had seen up to that point.
But since we're talking about Mango being sponsored, do you know who arranged that? Hi. Were they aware of how Mango can be? OF COURSE, THEY HAD SEEN THE EPISODE ABOUT HIM IN THE DOCUMENTARY. Did that make them second guess themselves? Nope, he's still wearing that C9 blue.
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I'm a senior in High School with no plans for the future. Any advice?
Figure out what you want to do with your life and find out what that road is. Not everyone has to go to college, but it's definitely a great space to figuring out life in general at that age.
You really think that sponsors and other esports people are gonna see leffen's tweets with 300 upvotes telling sponsored players that they are shit and they just want to get fucked by someone better and actually want to associate with us!? this is low class and in poor taste and they know it
I've seen Riot employees, player managers at different teams rave about it, why? Because it's real, it's emotional, it's legit.
Favorite street fighter characters?
Guy, Makoto, Abel, R. Mika. Rival Schools cast, team Kyosuke.
I understand that you think this whole leffen shit talk thing is good for melee but I don't understand how you could critique ANYTHING that happened on mango's ama and then go and say that leffen cursing someone else out on twitter is a cowboy showdown of hypyness. this is good for the scene?
And you know what I said about Mango's AMA? I said if there is beef, if there is an issue, they should handle it in the game. Did Mango talk trash about Hungrybox for years? Sure. Did Hungrybox do the same for YEARS, even with a comment in the documentary? Yes. Guess what, the trash talk went both ways there, and Hungrybox called him out for it in a place that it wasn't expected. Personalities, people, and egos clash.
It's TRASH TALK. It's trash talk above the belt too, there are no shots at appearance, at family, at lives, etc. It's about performance and results in the game. There isn't any "SEE ME IN THE STREETS AFTER THIS TOURNAMENT, COME WITH A CREW OR A WEAPON," this isn't like that.
Is this good for the scene? Yes, because it is a throwback for our scene. This harkens back to what kept Melee alive before most people found out we existed last year. People playing for pride, because they have something to prove. This is before EVO 2014. This is before the documentary. This is before EVO 2013, before the donation drive, before APEX. This is people with stuff to prove. It doesn't have to be a tournament set, but its two players who have exchanged words and are going to pull the best out of each other when they play. And well, if situations like that never occurred, get rid of the documentary, get rid of EVO 2013 and 2014, trade it all in.
"I bet you're pulling a Tian knowing how badly you want the get fucked by someone better"So #oneunit is great since players should never resent each other regardless of the game they play,but telling someone that they know they cant win and want to get fucked by someone better is heat for scene? sad
Have you never experienced trash talk? There's an old saying, "I'm going to make you famous." That's what Leffen's trash talk is. It's a statement that you aren't on my level, and me merely interacting with you and giving you an opportunity to shine makes you appear more important than you really are. Jay-Z did it to 50 Cent, before 50 went mainstream, "I'm about the dollar, wtf is 50 cent?"
One Unit was about supporting all Smash games. It doesn't mean we end rivalries, trash talk, etc. because all of that is part of a competitive scene, period. You watch Street Fighter? League? Ever play CoD on XBOX Live? Trash talk is part of gaming, it has been since someone took the first slot in the top ten scores and saw it get replaced. It's in traditional sports, it's in the workplace, it's in school, all of that exists. We are humans playing video games, trash talk is part of the human element.
Do you consider Marth to good in Smash4?
I haven't played him too much in Smash 4, been exploring my main mostly. #teamduckhunt