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Who do you usually play as in USFIV?
Guy/Abel/Makoto. If I was starting from scratch, I'd probably go Seth.
How would you play against puff as falco? Btw big fan, love your commentary!
‎@juanthefatty is the guy to go to for this one, I usually brought out Doc for this matchup myself.
Be friends with meeeee
Thoughts on Alex Rodriguez? Do you think he deserves a second chance, or is he a lost cause for redemption?
I'm usually a fan of second chances.
Did the people at Sonic ever give you your bbq sauce?  kendal
How can someone lack the kindness and understanding to drive someone to suicide solely based off the fact they are transgender (in reference to the suicide of the dolphin dev)
People tunnel vision. It doesn't affect them directly, it doesn't matter. Some people are also sociopaths and enjoy making people suffer. And well, people still kill one another over all of this, and it's sad.
What do you think about Gravy's and Gahtzu's mid-match coaching? Do you think they had some crazy justification for it in their heads, or do you think they just take any cheap advantage, even if it destroys the integrity of the game? Don't you think it's a bad look for the "20GX" cause?
Well, first off, I dislike midmatch coaching to begin with. This is supposed to be a battle of wits, of who can adapt, not who can do what they're told, which is why I'm personally a fan of coaching only before and after sets, not in between games or in the middle of the match.
That said, I haven't seen the coaching too much, and it depends on what the coaching is. If your friend is up there for support, that's fine with me. But if he's up there being another set of eyes for you, not a fan. But hey, different regions have different views on coaching, and players do too.
How do you feel about homosexual figures using their homosexuality as a gimmick for entertainment?
Everyone uses elements of themselves as a catching point for their audience. For example, if I go on twitter and talk Smash, I'm certain people are more receptive to that than me talking about being gay, or being black in America, etc. Most people see figures as one dimensional folks anyway, as if that's the end all be all of who they are as a person, and no one is. However, for the audience, that's what they want to see, give them what they're looking for.
prog watches jojo. My life is complete.
I'm upset that no one told me Roundabout was the first set of music for closing credits. Didn't skip those credits once.
Have you seen Ping Pong The Animation? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
Haven't seen it yet, just caught up in Jojo's but I have other series to handle first.
Why do you say NOPE on the questions that have to do with The Legend of Zelda O:
Because picking the best songs from that soundtrack is impossible for me
Why is it that 3 players trying to optimize falcon such a 'lame' thing to the majority of the community?
It's about the style of play, and it's something I tried to talk about yesterday. I said on twitter a while back that everyone likes combo videos, but no one makes videos highlighting good neutral. I also said that characters stay where they are if no one pushes their envelope in practice or in theory, and that's something this crew is looking to do. It's about safe play, there aren't too many hard reads it's a lot about letting your opponent make their move and capitalizing on that, it's more along the lines of Sheik than Falcon, but it is an applicable and viable playstyle. Falcon will get his KOs, his kit will do that, but it's about safe play leading up to that.
However, again, I don't think this is perfect. You have to be able to play both styles depending on who you are up against, for example, Lucky was super on point yesterday, S2J really couldn't get anything started, and that style, I don't think the 20GX style would work well either. You gotta be able to play multiple styles and based on feel and how things are going swap around and adapt. You can optimize a character as much as you like, but you can never remove the human element and some playstyles just negate and shut down others.
How often do you get terrible messages from people on here because of your sexual orientation? Any?
It's been a long time actually, haha. I've had my arguments with homophobes, I've had people who said they want to hang me but can't decide if they want to see the black or gay side of me suffer first (wtf), but yeah, it's been lax for a while.
Any tips for a marth main on dealing with shield pressure by space animals?
Pay attention to how they are pressuring (number of shines, shine grab attempts, timing of their aerials, how accurate their spacing is because a lot just get super close to make sure the shine is even more threatening and won't be a glancing blow) and where they are pressuring (are they crossing you up, staying on one side, etc.) You have options, whether trying to get an aerial out, a yolo Dolphin Slash, wavedashing out, etc. just about making those split second decisions. Of course, the biggest thing is that evasion >>> shielding, but you can't evade forever.
What's your opinion on To Pimp A Butterfly?  Benjamin Damas
I answered this a while ago, so you'll have to search through my answers. cliffs notes: Great album, tour de force, a legitimate classic album, but my one concern is what happens after time passes and the historical context of the album is lost? I don't think that will detract from it for me, but for most listeners that don't get what it is grounded in, it loses that.
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Have there been any reports about Dark hurting his hands? I know he played this weekend, but I hadn't heard anything about wrist issues, considering other technical players are reporting issues themselves. Is it just the amount of time other players play (Hax/Fiction/Mango too) play vs Dark?
I don't know, we really don't have great communication with the Chilean scene. I know Dark is really focusing on his studies (PhD?), but also, we don't really hear too much from them in terms of tournaments, majors, etc. Weon-X and Zero are our biggest glimpses into that scene.
I failed to secure the venue so our local tournament had to be cancelled. As the main TO here, I feel terrible even though this was my first time and it was due to a misunderstanding. How can I make myself and my local scene feel better?
Eh, for you, this is going to sting for a while, but things happen. As a TO, things go wrong and not to expectations, for example, ask about the setups at Genesis.
For your local scene, let them know what the situation was, be entirely transparent with everything. Try again, same venue, different venue, just let them know you aren't giving up on them, and you hope they don't give up on you. I don't know if you get a cut of the venue fee, but if you do, maybe reduce the venue fee, or if you can run additional side events at no cost (crew battle, amateur bracket, etc.) do it.
Any advice for studying for finals? I'm in deep and trying to be more efficient.
Stop checking social media, and study in spurts. Do an hour, take a 15-30 minute break to get some air, do it again. Focus on your weakest points, and brush up on your strong ones.
Who will taken the Falcon Round Robin?
I actually said Wizz prior to the RR, but I was very surprised he didn't drop a single set. Then again, he was playing to win. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Style wins hearts, substance wins tournaments.
Hope you're feeling better! And I hope your overall health is improving. Love ya Prog!
Feeling good today. Solid 90%.
It was superb hearing you on the mic this weekend!
It was great being back. More importantly, it was great playing haha. I think I've played 3 times this year, leading up to APEX, leading up to NeoNebs and at SuperNebs, and it's fun seeing what I can do and how my thought processes and ideas have changed since dabbling in other games and taking a long long hiatus.
10k days is honestly almost lateralus tier. Some like it even more. Let it grow on you
Yeah, for a while I listened to maybe 2-3 songs from it. Vicarious was the first single, and K-Rock had it in heavy rotation, then Jambi...and then when I got the album it was kind of underwhelming, because...well...Lateralus is Lateralus. It's a really good album to me now, but back when I first listened...it didn't have the effect it does now.
How often do you watch European tourneys for fighting games?
All depends on who is streaming what. I'll be very honest, I have a bookmark on my bar that's just for Marvel streams and who is live, but yeah, I'll watch European tournaments. One thing about me is I'll generally watch a tournament over a top player who is just streaming online matches or a session, just because the tournament is always more compelling to me. The tournament is what made these players top players. The only time I might skip on a tournament is if there is a language barrier, but even then I'm more likely to mute it and put on music. People usually watch what they play, and I'm no different.
Thoughts on Melee Hell?
Not a member of the group, so I don't know what they're currently up to.
What's your general opinion on marijuana?
I'm in the legalize camp, especially for medicinal use.