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what can i do to improve the mental part of my game?
Ask PPMD or Wobbles, they'll go far more in depth than I could.
Hey Prog has there been a combo video made featuring you in it?
I don't think so. I don't think I made it into the TFS combo video because I wasn't there the night they were recording, but yeah, I don't think I ever ended up in a combo video. I put myself in a couple of hype videos though, haha.
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Do you have future plans to commentate an event in Toronto again? I'd love to commentate alongside you again (was one of my first times when I first commentated Melee Doubles with you at Impulse 2013). Met a lot of great people.  Cobbs
I think my commentary days are done. I'm doing stuff behind the scenes, and I don't want to be a one trick pony. I probably will visit Toronto again, but yeah, not looking to commentate often. There are a ton of great people out there who deserve a shot at it.
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In his prime, was Captain Jack the best Smasher Japan had come up with so far? If not, who is?
If you're saying how he faired in his era versus other Japanese Smashers and their epochs, he's probably the best Melee had to offer in his time, yeah. Japan has stellar 64 and Brawl players too who probably are comparatively better in their eras, (especially considering accomplishments and difficulty of the scene in their era) but yeah, if you're talking Melee, he's accomplished things no one person has since.
Have you ever wanted a Smash technique named after you? (like Ken Combo, Vududash and so) If you DID get a technique named after you, how would you feel?
Not really. The closest thing is a few NY Smashers know about "the prog" (Doc: waveland onto stage, down tilt, WD off into back-air edge guards)
Do you still play the 3DS version of Smash? I feel it's suddenly become redundant, which is kind of sad. Obviously the control options are worse and so are the graphics and the feel, but the different stages and experience makes me think it should still be played at tourneys. Your opinion about dis?
Not really, been playing Pokemon recently. The thing with handheld versions is that they usually don't last in fighters. UMVC3, Vita version is used more for hitbox data than playing for most. That said, for Smash, yeah, there are differences, however, if you are talking about a tournament standard version of the game, the WiiU wins out. I think it can be played at tournaments, but for a majority of TOs, I feel the console version is already the clear winner.
Leffen or Hax - who is the better player?
Depends what you value. Some people want to be entertained. Some people look at results.
I practice Melee everyday because I think if I take a day or two off from playing it, I'll flub my tech skill the next time I play it, or play a lot slower. What do you think I should do?
There's nothing wrong with taking time off, a lot of players unfortunately just focus on the physical part of the game and not the mental.
Do you think maining the same character across 2-3 games is a good thing? Obviously it will not affect your play as much when switching between games but at the same time you miss out on variety. What do you think?
Everyone chooses the characters they play. If for example, someone loves a character and mains them in every version, I love that loyalty. If you like the style, the look, the aesthetic, go for it. I mean, in a game that has a ton of characters, not everyone will like every character. Variety is fantastic, but gotta be honest with who you like to play.
How was your day today? You healin up well from this summer's illness? Work goin alright? Wishin you all the best Prog, hope we cross paths again some day soon! You're a class A guy. :)
Was at home with food poisoning (THANKS CHIPOTLE). And well, I still have my ups and downs, yesterday was certainly a down day and I'm happy I go in late today to just rest up a bit more. Last shoot of the year is tonight, and can't wait. Hopefully someday!
My friends started a smash club at our school just this year. There is a kid that goes there named amsa and one of the supervisors name is Mr. Isai, is this some strange coincidence or what?
Yes, it is.
Just a quick note, Amiibos should probably be banned from doubles (at tournaments without custom parts) as they naturally gain stat modifications
Agreed, just throwing out the Amiibo side event as something fun.
Album of the year?
Flying Lotus
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Hey prog, loving your answers so far. Tossing out a question about what sets a less skilled commentator apart from a talented and professional commentator. Do most commentators work hard on improving and treating their 'job' professionally, or do most do it without taking it seriously?
I don't know, I can't talk about what most do. I know some that do a lot of preparation, others that fly by the seat of the pants, and well, everyone has their methods and do what they can. I know I learned from Dogysamich the importance of notes, I was maintaining a solid notebook on players for 18 months between APEX 2013 and EVO with help from a couple of other commentators and such who valued that project. I practice commentating sometimes, but I feel that playing is infinitely more valuable.
What do you get on your pizza?
Pretty basic. Usually plain, but will go for bbq chicken, pineapple, or mushrooms on occasion.
What if a HUGE event ended in something as anticlimactic as a failed ledgedash? as a commentator, would you keep it real, and talk about how disappointing it would be? Or, because you are an ambassador of the event, would you try to hype? (I know you hate hypothetical q's, but throw me a bone pls)
You gotta be real, and it's all part of the story. For example, I remember M2K vs Armada at EVO2013 and there is a failed ledge dash that ends the match, and I talk about the disappointment, the history of it, the rivalry between the two and how that doesn't do a player any favors. A failed ledgedash may or may not be entertaining, and a ton of that is based on the circumstance surrounding it.
What's a good anime that I should watch over Christmas break?
I love Monster.
How should the competitive scene deal with amiibos? Should people be allow to team with them (ONLY if they haven't ever been fed equipment)?
Like I said, I'd prefer to see them as a side event (player/Amiibo doubles), and I'm not sure how TOs will be able to govern them.
Dig Ahmad Jamal? He had a few great albums in the past couple years. (Imagine Smashers playing into their 80's like Mr. Jamal).
Definitely. He's one of those artists I discovered through Nujabes, and he's one of my favorite Jazz musicians of all time.
What do you think of people who teamup with level 9 Cpus in Melee during serious tourneys (M2K, Vudujin.....) Do you approve of teaming with CPUs/Amiibos?
Eh, sometimes you don't have a viable partner. It is still a handicap as CPUs tend to have exploitable habits and you can't have proper teams communication with one. CPUs? I'm alright with it, but still would hope players would opt to team with a person. Amiibos, not too keen on it. Maybe as a side event where its player/Amiibo doubles, but probably not at tournaments of a high amount of substance.
Do you remember most of what you learned at school?
Not really, we often teach to tests and exams rather than for knowledge. Not speaking about every school, but too many are concerned with students passing exams instead of actually bestowing knowledge.
Across all the tournaments you have attended and all the brackets you have seen, can you name some of the most boring and unoriginal Smash nicknames you have ever seen in a participant list, bracket, screen or so?
I don't remember them. Besides, some of the most boring ones have good stories.
Since you've met him....I'm just wondering if aMSa understands English (if yes, how good can he speak/understand it)? When I meet him (which I most likely will soon) it'd be awkward to not know that beforehand XD
He understands a bit.
What do you think of the Norwegian Smash scene? Do you know 1 pro Norwegian Smash player?
I've met a few if my memory serves me right including Thomas. I'm not sure how that scene stacks up against the rest of Europe. It doesn't get as much promotion as like Sweden, the UK, but Drommelan and such show that the scene there is capable of big things, hosting wise, and any country can have a star player pop up.
Have you ever been in Scandinavia?
Definitely not.