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Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do. I've seen videos on youtube.
So prog. Since you seem to becoming more of an active player, where would you travel for a tourney?
Haha, I'm not becoming more of an active player, when I play Smash, I play to teach.
So,There is a tourney in my country(spain) its like a starting rooster tourney the first day the games comes out (sm4sh) Ive learn mario thanks to the demo, but he isnt the best character out there, Ill prefer to pick sheik because she is better but I know how to play mario what do I pick prog?
Up to you, choose between a character you know and one you don't that may have a higher ceiling.
How you dooin
Been better.
What's the relationship with pb&j and m2k? I see them together all the time, are they old friends, what's the history with them?
Ask them.
Do you think snash is beyond the point of just a community that loves a game? Like, there will always be someone trying to make a buck instead of just playing a game they love.
Not really. I get a sense that a lot of people who've stuck around did it out of love for the game(s) or the people they've met. There are some people who are involved and they might have other reasons, but its pretty simple to see who has passion and who has a paycheck.
Is Smash your full time job? If so, how long did it take you to get to that point?
Not even close.
There are tons of negative things to be said about the smash community, but not many people talk about the positive aspects of it. What do you enjoy most about the smash community?
The people. All sorts of people, backgrounds, etc. under one roof to play a children's party game. Couldn't write a script any better.
Who's your favorite character? Mine's Captain Falcon
Overall, I don't know anymore. It depends on the day.
Do you think PB&J is a bad influence for M2K?
Sometimes. I feel like he does genuinely care about M2K at a friend, but also he's trying to help establish his own brand and such, and sometimes the plans for both don't link up.
I found M2K's "apology" to be nothing more than an attempt to save face. I am furious and demand 7 new apologies (all must work). Actual question: He's more than likely going to get away with this in the community, why is this allowed? Is it because he's handicapped?
I think because on the scale of egregious things that have been done in gaming, this is low on the scale. If this was a random smasher's 1st or 49587th "offense," it would be the same outcome. He talked poorly about a company, when everything came to light it showed that he was clearly in the wrong. He's not getting 7 3DS, his PR continues to take a hit, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the company refused all business with him afterwards or something of the ilk.
Also, we're grassroots. This isn't like MLG when he split and got banned, or like Riot would fine someone, etc. Up to individual TOs to decide or something.
What worries you the most?
Getting old.
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so M2k has been a big subject the last few days, and people are saying that he has lost his melee edge, has he really? i mean a few months back he was playing the sets of his life at SKTAR, Super Sweet, i dont get it
I think so, but by choice. He wants to dominate smash 4 like he did in other games. He's still top5 though.
what's your favorite prog metal band
Hey prog. So, I was out of town for a few days, and didn't keep up with smash news... can you fill me in on why people are bashing m2k so hard?
Basically, there was an issue with a capture card and 3DS not working, him wanting some sort of stipend for the streaming revenue he lost, etc. Check reddit, it's a mess.
If you could become a professional Corgi petter, would you?
Nope. I've been wondering a lot about what I want to do. I really enjoy gaming, I love working in media, just a matter of putting it all together.
Smash 4 is likely to replace Meele at EVO next year right? do you feel its fair? is it time to move on?
EVO goes for the newest title, Melee's return is an aberration, although a really awesome one. Tournaments can make games, and it can break them. I think Smash 4 can use that "rub." If a lot of the diehards want Melee to continue, they know how, the blueprint is there. Genesis existed for a reason, APEX exists for a reason, we are still grassroots, despite the recent opportunities that have been given.
Is it time to move on? People still want to compete, still feel like they have a lot to prove, so until everyone hangs it up, the scene will exist and be active. Smash 4 can use a rub. Melee has a history, some parts are stellar, others aren't. Brawl has a history. 64 has a history. Being present at an event like EVO is major for Smash, period, and Smash 4 can use that kind of start.
However, we all know it's not about the start, its what happens afterwards. Brawl at 2008 wasn't receptive because of the tournament settings, and wasn't main stage the next, however, the scene stayed strong and continued to develop at events like APEX. Melee had its years of growth, decline, stagnation, growth again. Smash4 has the ability to be something no Smash game has ever had, factor in the interest in Smash post 2013, the returning veteran players from other Smash games, the eSports sponsors/twitch streaming, Nintendo's thumbs up, etc. It can be a fantastic scene and era, it can be horrid, everyone involved, from the players, to the tournament organizers, streamers, commentators, etc. will mold that scene, and hopefully they've learned a thing of two from not just Melee, but other games as well.
Have you always lived in NY?
Not quite. Born in Queens, raised on LI, had 4 years in Philadelphia for school, but besides that, I'm an NY guy through and through.
Hi Prog. I'm not heavily into the Smash scene, but my brother is - and from what I've seen and heard of and from you, I think your eloquence, compassion and kindness, not only for the gaming community at large but as a human being is incredibly admirable and inspirational. Take care and best wishes.
Eh, I do what I can. Thanks!
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Hello! I am Masahiro Sakurai, I see you are enjoying a nice game of Super Smash Brothers Melee. But you seem to be using complex glitches to improve movement and get the upper-hand! This is CHEATING and not the way the game was meant to be player. Please stop this and play the game normally!
Hello cosplayer. There is no wrong way to play the game, are people who play all items on with time limit wrong? What about coin matches on DK's stage? There is no wrong way to play the game, everyone enjoys it it differently.
>"He has to figure out who those people are and ally with them" Don't you think his mental disability is prohibiting him from doing this? Is he really capable of making this judgement? Because so far it doesn't look that way.
He's allied with people in the past who have had this judgement in this past, but sometimes some of the people that pull the hardest aren't those people he should be linked with.
Dear Prog, I love the posts of Corgis you reference! I lost my Corgi a year ago and every time I see any dog, I see part of him inside of them as well. It's weird and amazing how attached you can get to a Corgi as a part of the family. I hope to run into more Corgi's in the future =]!
Haha, I grew up with a cocker spaniel that passed away when I was in college. I miss her dearly still, but corgis are definitely what brings up a smile for me occasionally.
Don't you think putting removem2kguy (clearly an anti-autism person) on blast is just as discriminatory as him/homophobes? Kinda seems like you're pulling a m2k yourself by using your popularity (twitter) to rally a group (smash community) against someone...
They call me the disappointed dad of the community for a reason. How long have I been telling people to speak out if something isn't right (whether sexism, homo/transphobia, racism, religious tension) in the scene? This scene has been built on being open to all, right? So, of course I'm going to point it out if its wrong.
All kinds of people have been involved in the formation of the scene, that needs to be respected. I don't think remove-m2k person is a bad person, maybe misguided, or maybe has a personal problem with M2K. Either way, they have to realize that the autism spectrum isn't a reason to disqualify someone from being a part of the scene.
If that's pulling an M2K, I guess I'm doing it, but I'm also the same guy that calls out stuff when I see it. Just doing what I've been doing for ages and what a lot of people expect of me.
I always thought of melee as an incredible game, as well as the best game in the smash series, but I can't watch melee streams anymore. Melee stream monsters absolutely disgust me. They have nothing better to do with their lives than to bash every other smash game. How do our streamers allow this?
Stream monsters are stream monsters, they can't be tamed. You ban an account, they make another. You make sub chat, there's a poverty chat. It's not just in Smash, its in everything. If I hang out on Spooky, I'll hear anti-Smash chat. If I'm watching Worlds, I hear anti-DOTA2 or FGC chat, etc. I watch stream chat when I'm on, I'll see some homophobia pop up here and there.
Great answer for the D1 question. And I agree on all those parts and think he's great at color; I respect him for the work he puts in and how much he genuinely cares about what he does. My main gripe is that I feel he tries to force things a little to much, like the national anthem thing for example
He gets caught in the moment and lets it take him wherever, but it seems like since that he's really toned it down.