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Wynton Smith @askprog
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What's a popular food you find disgusting?
Guacamole. Half allergies, half I never liked the taste.
>I'm the last member of emp left and they're going to be doing things to foucs [sic] on just me now. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
We'll see what comes of it.
Prog, why did M2K say he's still with EMP? mind does not compute. I thought he was starting to see the truth a while back, now he may be staying with them?? I can't compute this. I honestly can't even feel bad for him anymore, it's ridiculous. Your thoughts on his decision?
Every warrior has their weapon, they choose what army to fight for. I don't know why he's deciding to stay with them, but it's on him. Best of luck.
So i've been presented with the opportunity to trade my white gamecube controller for a colored one in good condition. which controller would you say holds more value, a good condition white controller or a good condition black/purple controller? Also which standard color is most desired?
Eh, personally, I like black and silver controllers, the finish is perfect for me. But to most people, a controller is a controller.
Who would you say are Top Tier in SSB4 and who's bottom tier? Just wanted to hear your opinion
I'm not up for tier list making yet. It's too early in the game's life. Early in games, KO power usually takes priority on tier lists, however, we all know that as certain tools become more and more valuable, as the pace of a game is decided, characters shift in usefulness. Play who you like, discover things about them.
Who is your best friend in the smash community?
I can't pick one. D1 and I are always going to be tight, no matter what. Scar, same. Kirbykaze, Meta, Reno, Milktea, G$, I could list 20 names of 20 people who've had great impacts on my life because of Smash, and it would be a disservice to just pick one.
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
Hell no.
A leader in the smash community needs to send out a message saying that smash is not a realistic career option and we all need to get educated and get real jobs.
There are things Smash can lead to. But if you think that Smash solely will pay your bills for decades, do a college plan, retirement plan...well...yeah. That's why I always advocate school and such first. Smash is a great hobby, a stellar hobby, but very few can make a living off of it, let alone a career.
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Do you think we need an offical Melee their list update? The last one was 2011, I believe. So much has happened since then, I think i t needs to change.
Funny you mention that...
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Hey Prog. I've been meeting a lot of what I call "switchers" in Smash 4 online. Coming from SF, I'm not used to having people switch characters on me every game and it gets irritating fast, especially when I'm trying to learn a matchup. How do I not get frustrated in that kind of situation?
I guess take notes on what you can learn on each. I run into that same issue when I play Marvel online, they switch so I have to piece it all together. Just learn what you can from each, even if you don't get as much time as you'd like.
Armada has been recently saying that going from the top to getting fourth and second place hurts. He says he wants to become the champ again, he's saying that he's going to consistently study his opponents. Now with this Alliance Deal he's more motivated than ever - Do you think he can do it?
Yep. I think as things stand, Mango, Armada and PPMD all are all in that tier. I mean, we forget that yeah, he lost at MLG and EVO, but won CEO in between them. I think Mango might be getting comfortable, I mean, he won two of the three biggest events this year, but APEX was PPMD's, and CEO was Armada's. Armada has a renewed fire, PPMD is doing his Tibetan monk thing and finding himself, but 2015, both of these players have statements to make.
I think those two can do it. I don't think they are the only ones. The gap between the A list and the S tier is shrinking quicker than ever, so we'll see what happens in 2015.
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What Are your thoughts on what omni was saying about the patches to smash 4? I personally think it's too early to tell what will happen, just wondering what your thought process was.
I didn't see what he was saying. I've seen three reactions to the patches:
1. I'm dropping my character.
2. It's too early to decide this stuff.
3. Hey, we're getting patches, that's progress!
Number one, yeah, it happens a lot. We've seen people change characters in the SF universe for example, picking up other characters after a new version or a patch.
Number two, eh, somewhat. We'll see some things rise up that should be adjusted, sure, but again, I'm old school. I'm from an era where patches don't really exist, at least as often as they do now. You might rant about something, but you have to learn to deal with it, you don't rave on forums crying for nerfs and buffs. Do I think a lot of things in games should be adjusted? Yeah, of course, I mean, have you seen Satan? But you learn to deal with it as best as you can, and it all comes down to whether or not you get outplayed.
Number three, yep, I mean, PM has seen its share of patches, to be expected with the demographic they try and hit. This will be the first time an official Smash title gets this kind of treatment, and well, I think a lot of people are nervous about it. I mean, how often will patches happen? They want to appease competitive players, but also we are a miniscule number of people in the grand scheme of Smash. It's rough.
What would you name your first child?
I don't know. Probably something boring and generic.
Prog you know any active Tennessee smashers I am currently looking god somebody to practice against I have my one friend I go against but I need more practice.
Nope, I don't know the scene too well down there. Check here.
Could a solo icies main win a major? And if not, what secondary would they need to make it?
All depends on the bracket. I think a solo ICs can win, but they hope they miss every Peach on the way there. The thing about ICs is that I'm pretty sure we're still clawing at the surface. Wobbling? Yeah, it's on at most events, and a huge plus. Then you watch handoffs from Wobbles and Fly and you wonder how much deeper that concept can go. I mean, Wobbles' combo against M2K's Sheik was one of the most insane things we've ever seen, and he's implementing more and more of that...
I think most players want to have another option to go against Peach, and I don't blame them at all. However, a lot are trying to figure out how to make that matchup bearable. Sometimes the best option is sticking with what got you to X point.
What does M2K need to do to not make his poor preformance get into his head? I think he should talk to Armada about it.
I don't know. He's posted why he felt it happened, I think he's over it. Champions have short memories of their successes and failures.
I wanted to know your opinion on old school pros( Ken, Chillendude, KDJ, HugS, etc) they have all been playing the game so long and you would think they would be the best players in the world, but that isn't the case. Some of them took extended breaks, but have they have reached their potential?
I don't think so. They've been playing for ages, so they still do things that worked in various time periods but aren't as effective today. Take Hugs for example, he studies other Samus mains out now like Plup and implements some of his stuff into his game, raising his ceiling and his stock as a player. I think they haven't reached their potential quite yet, but it depends on how far they want to go in order to go further.
Prog. My friend. I need your advice. I'm only 17 but at my local tournament people tell me I have potential to become good and I'm so motivated. I have the ability to possibly go to Apex. Should I do it?
If you want to do it, do it. That choice is yours and yours alone.
Am I the only sick of hearing minds like armada and m2k complain about the spacies. It makes newcomers want to stop playing :/  ariel osorio
Armada and M2K are at a point where they are talking from the perspective of a level of Smash that most people can only dream of reaching. Newcomers shouldn't want to stop playing based on a player's view on a character. Do you enjoy playing the character? Then keep playing the character, keep playing the game.
You've said that there's things on the documentary that you said you wish you could take back or rephrase. What exactly did you mean? What did you say that you could've said differently/better?
A lot of the talk about Brawl. The game wasn't my cup of tea, and I should have been used more tact when I spoke about it. I don't think anyone knew what the documentary would turn into, that it would go viral, etc. The Brawl scene is like Melee's, it has had its successes, it has had its short comings and it continues to have its share of criticism.
When you took a step away from the community did you feel like you took a big step away from smash? A lot of your asks now aren't necessarily really about smash now more about marvel and miscellaneous stuff. Do you feel like you lost a lot of interest in the scene?
A majority of my asks are still about Smash. Have I lost interest in the scene? Nope, I just am interested in it from a different perspective than most. I feel like people expecting me to be all about Smash 24/7 pigeonholed me, when I play other games, I'm involved in other scenes, etc. I'm more interested now in doing little things to help the scene flourish and help presentation.
Did I take a step away from the community? Nope, I wrote articles, I still do a lot of behind the scenes work. It may come as a surprise to a lot of community members, but I've been more than a commentator. Now, I'm leaving that part behind for loftier goals for the entire scene.
How you dooin?
Been better.
that's a funny way to spell Marvel.
Been doing a lot of thinking about Marvel. I can lab it up for days, but my health needs to get in check for me to get back to going to events and stuff. Until then...I'm just a lab monster, but as we all know, the way to succeed is turning practice into progress, and online play can only do so much.
Enjoying WoW, one of my first loves, and hey, if I have to have surgery again, I'll have something to do.
Hey Prog! First huge fan second do you think that Azen could come back and make a big splash in the smash scene if he wanted to ? I mean he beat Chillin and Chu.
Maybe. I'm more concerned about his performance against players of the new era, not those who've clashed against him for a decade.
This is a joke question, but also a serious one at tge same time: Do you believe Tafo predictions are cursed?
Haha, nah. I don't believe in the Tafo curse, nor do i believe in the Madden curse.