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So can you tell me any part of the SSBMRank? =D
Nope, you'll have to wait and see.
Hey prog I just went back and rewatched a ton of Zenith 2013 vids and I really miss the atmosphere that was present at that event. I think it's cool that smash is getting eSports or whatever but I miss that high intensity loud crowd that didn't care about being PC. Is there still a place for that?
The crowd? I think it still exists, that hasn't been lost. Look at EVO, APEX with the national anthem, that reminds me of Pound V. Hell, the APEX Salty Suite...yeah.
As for commentary, I don't know. Streamers want to protect their sponsors, etc. Maybe at locals.
No Q, just wanna give you props for retiring before traveling to the Midwest. Bullet dodged ;)
I'll be there eventually, even if I'm not doing commentary.
Prog, I just took over running commentary at my local weekly. Could you give me any advice about organization, and what I should be stressing to my commentators?
I posted a couple of articles about my thoughts on commentary on Smashboards, check them out and forward them along.
I watched the LTG v Visc grudge match as per your MIOM podcast suggestion, and it left a kinda icky taste in my mouth. I understand the appeal of beef/rivalries but both of these guys' behavior was at best tacky. How is this good for fighting games?
Because too much out there is fake. Long before people could make thousands of dollars, before sponsors, before streams, before people cared, there were two things: performance and emotion. That's something that the fighting game scene has had for ages, since the days of the arcades. I look at other games, and even in Smash to some degree, and I feel like the emotion is gone. Your team won a million dollars and no tears? No one can force a smile? Look at EVO this year, how many people cried when they won a paltry sum, comparatively?
I always felt like the fighting game scene is just another extension of hip-hop, and more specifically, battle rap. There's a lot of pride, a lot of emotion, practice, sometimes things get big, come to fists, but that shows you care. How is it good? It shows that emotion and passion still exists. I mean, let me be extremely real and put myself out there. Look at HMW/Phil commentary circa 2009-2010. Look at D1 and I this year, yeah, we we've made tons of adjustments because of sponsors, opportunities, etc. and some say that we've watered down the scene as a side effect. I don't disagree with that, yeah, it's like Jay-Z said, we dumbed it down, we had to change our delivery but we did so to increase the mass appeal, etc. And even then, when you listen to HMW now, or Yipes now vs MVC2 era, yeah, that's in the back of everyone's head (I have sponsors and stuff to protect), so it is good being able to return to the roots.
When Toph yelled at Tian, the backlash was crazy, sure, but so many of us have been in that situation where we get trashtalked like that. This is competition. Do we see NBA players talk shit about one another on twitter and it carries over to the game? Yep. Will we see threats of fines and suspensions if something happens? Will it let it stop them? Sometimes.
With those two, it's not about views, it's not about sponsors, it's about having something to prove. It was outside of the game, and then to have it end as amicably as possible, they finished it off in the arena of gaming. The amount of passion that these two players brought to the table can't be replicated. These are grown men with something to prove to themselves, and each other, everything else is white noise. It's back to the roots. eSports gets offended when people say it isn't a real sport, and we see the emulation. Players get fined for their actions by a governing body when those are in place. And well, personally, if I'm a sponsor or developer for a series, I'm happier to see true passion on display than a canned reaction.
Thank you though for answering my question prog. I love your ask.fm
Not a problem.
To be honest, im only asking you that question because i dont know who else to ask and i don't wanted to offend someone asking that..
No problem, what I'm here for.
What is the most effective way to practice solo in melee and p:m?
Impossible question to answer. Everyone benefits from different types of learning and practice.
What will change about smash 4 gameplay , unless you like the game as it is.
I have no idea, I'm not a developer.
Im straight but sometimes i have a few homosexual thoughts and images in my head, what does that mean if does mean anythings and is that normal for a straight person?
It's normal. Many are of the thought that sexuality is less concrete than we picture it to be. Doesn't mean you're gay, doesn't mean you're bi, doesn't mean anything except you're human.
Will money always be a part of politics in this country? What will it take to have fair elections in which you don't need hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil companies to win an election?
Of course. If it isn't oil, it'll be something else.
I've been having fun with sm4sh, but I am getting a lot of shit for using Rosalina even though I was interested in her since her announcement trailer. I win almost all my games but it kinda sucks having it attributed to tiers, especially for month 1 of a game... Is there a good way to deal with this
Just roll with the punches. Who knows, maybe she'll end up being less viable in the long run.
Most interesting narrative going into Apex2015?
Smash 4. How the scene develops, who rises to the top, who takes the lead on that scene, what top level play looks like, how the characters end up being played, etc.
Melee...well, the summer of Smash is over. Mango won a majority of the large events this year, PPMD getting APEX/SKTAR, CEO going to Armada, etc. Can anyone knock off Mango, or on the flip side, can Mango actually win APEX? The big six are in play, who else can ascend?
What sets Mango & Armada from the rest of the players? I feel it is more than just consistency, knowledge, adaptability, tech skill. Do you think it is a different way of imagining the game or some kind of mental difference? Maybe something else.
It's an understanding. When people look at games like Melee and say "oh, we only see X players really in contention" it means that only X people have hit that plateau and separated themselves from the pack. People can play the games for years, but there are subtle things players will miss or not even think of. It's min-maxing above and beyond what most see. Listen to players like Lovage and Wobbles on commentary when they go indepth. Imagine a couple of layers deeper, that's what they are thinking about.
Wooooow you are so nice to HungryBox and give him the fairest of shakes. I hate how sensitive people are, and get well soon.
Hbox is the homie, we don't talk much, but I have a ton of respect for the guy.
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why do the ice climbers grounded moves just barely not reach through battlefield's side platforms and why is this proof that God hates us  Katherine Mitchell
False sense of security.
Please stop hating on Hbox's play every chance you get :V Not cool dude.
I give Hungrybox all of the credit in the world. He's an intelligent player with a style that is hardnosed and effective. I think as a commentator, sure, we are supposed to highlight the glitz and glamour, but yeah, I give credit to how intelligent and how thorough Hungrybox's play and gameplan is.
What did your parents do after you came out ? did they kick you out?
It was tense. We had a year where the entire conversation was basically one word sentences from me. They didn't kick me out, but that definitely put the largest strain on the relationship. The day after I came out, my mom wanted everyone to go to breakfast. It was my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend, and it really felt like an intervention to me, "this is what a proper relationship should look like."
It was angry and terse. I'm the eldest son of the eldest son, grandkids were at stake. My mom is from a southern baptist family, my dad is from a blue collar family. It took a couple of years for us to improve, I dated but never spoke about it, I always lied about where I was, who I was with. A lot of words were exchanged that night, but the ones that stuck with me where when my father said he didn't want to see another man under his roof, period. As much as things have improved, I don't know if I want to bring someone over, but I'm thinking about it for Thanksgiving.
My mom has softened, she asks about grandkids, if I'm seeing anyone, but dad is hard to read. It's tough, there are times when I feel like I'm a disappointment to them, and then I have to take a step back and realize that if I am or not, it doesn't matter. Am I happy at the end of the day? Yep. Wouldn't trade that.
When you say your sick, do you have like a life threatening disease or anything scary? because i want you to be healthy and safe :(
Right now, just the flu.
Hottest game/anime character?
Sorry, I'm a 3D guy.
Have you ever travelled outside of the US
Yep, Canada, a couple of Caribbean Islands. I'd love to do it more in the future.
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Can you talk about what happened when you came out? No hard feelings if it's too personal.
My sister was the test run, she was cool with it. My parents were livid. They had met my boyfriend at the time, under the guise of him being a friend, but they weren't happy. My parents are liberal, but socially conservative, and couldn't understand "where I went wrong." My parents are older than most, they were a bit younger than I am now when MLK Jr., was assassinated. A lot happened that night interms of words being thrown out, emotions were high, I punched a door off of its hinges, etc.
In hindsight, yeah, it took me years to come to terms with things. It took them the same.
hi prog i hope you have a good day also mewtwo hype
Feeling a bit better today, thanks. Spring will be fun!
How do you experiment with different options while playing? I really just don't get how that works.
Just try different things. When I play Marvel, I have my bread and butter combos, sure, but I also think of where I can reset someone, do something slimy to throw them off, etc. Whjen you play Smash, sure you might approach with a short hop, for example. Are you fading back with it, to do an Fsmash after? Is it an empty jump to do a grab after? Is it an empty jump into a waveland back for an upsmash? Is there a platform you can second jump and waveland off of to change your angle of approach and timing?
Maybe think of it as a big flowchart. How many different lines can you connect from one action?
As a player, how good was Unknown522 back in 2012/2013? He seemed like top 10 material.
Definitely top 20, probably top 15, maybe right outside the top 10. There's an old video I did for APEX and I kind of set it up in a certain way. Top 2=Mango and Armada, then PPMD/M2K/Hbox/Kirbykaze/Axe were 3-7, then there are a ton of players like Hax/MacD/Unknown/Jman, so on and so forth who people could likely base arguments as to whether or not they are top 10.