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What the heck happened to crews? They used to be a smash staple :( Now it seems like it's individual players with all the storylines
I'd say crews became less of a thing. It wasn't our group of 5 are the best group of 5, it was our group of 5 are training partners, we'll go to events, but we don't have rivalries with other crews. Nowadays, crews are all about regions, but maybe we'll see it expand into esports teams at this rate.
What's a good way to practice commentating?
When I'm on the grind, I'll commentate anything. I'll go to the grocery story and commentate other people's food choices to myself. I'll watch other games that I do and don't play and commentate. But, it really depends on the type of commentator you are. Some people will study film and frame data, others will watch And 1 mixtapes if those still exist.
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Out the top 20 melee players who do you think has spent the most hours playing?
Easily M2K.
I'm going to my first tournament (Sandstorm) in a few weeks. What's your opinion on MVG? I've caught their stream before and they seem cool but I'm still confused where their money is coming from and I'm not too sure about Greg, the guy at the MVG house.
I don't know much about them.
Follow up to locals scene question, along with the venue the people have helped us with streaming and we have that all down and have been successfully streaming for the last 3 weeks, but as far as challenging neighboring scenes we will look into that, thanks again Prog!
Not a problem. Keep growing locally, but invite nearby groups as well.
So after a good amount of work and following your advice, our local scene has grown drastically, we now have weeklies at a legitimate venue now and have at least 30 for both PM amd Melee singles, we had a successful monthly 2 weeks ago, what's next from here?
Where's the nearest neighboring scene? Maybe invite them to the next monthly. Don't worry about a stream, worry about just recording. Have fun, grow as a scene, challenge each other more and more.
Do you think all the Smash 4 whining is people insecure of their game? I mean, nobody is forcing them to play their game. I hope they understand that comments like that, affect others that do want to play.
I think it's more that the scene has a lot of people invested in it, and they are looking for direction. Is all of the EVO stuff turning into a crapshoot? Yeah, but who is talking about after EVO? Who is talking about the next majors and planning that out? The customs debate doesn't end with EVO, EVO is just the biggest testing grounds for how players/viewers/TOs deal with it. Who is talking about the scene and making people want to be a part of it, giving storylines, writeups, etc?
I think they are more concerned with venting their frustrations right now, and if you let their opinions impact you, well, you probably aren't in it for the right reason. Are you playing it because you like it, or because they play and like it? I see some people playing Melee now, not because they like it, but because they perceive it as their best shot at getting a sponsorship and going esports, and that makes me laugh. Melee is where it is not because its leaders spent all day whining and moaning, but because people who took it upon themselves to be leaders stepped in and elevated that scene out of love for the game and worked at it 24/7.
What do you think about SD Remix?
Eh, not a big fan.
Is 2015 going to be more significant than 2014 based on how Smash is going?
Every year in Smash is more significant than the last. Each year just adds onto this sand castle that becomes more and more majestic. But yeah, 2015 has a lot of different storylines. The fate of Project M, what's next in Melee, what happens with Smash 4, a revival of Brawl? 64 starting to expose to the world what players are doing?
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Is the new NTSC tier list for Melee finished yet?
Don't think so.
Favourite part of Luv(sic)?
I love it all.
Why are public figures in the Smash 4 community always blaming the community's members for causing division? The game itself also has a role in dividing the community. Brawl was supposed to be a party game but still developed competitively. Sakurai corrected those "mistakes" in Smash 4.
Because the game is out, it might get a patch here and there, but for the most part, what exists is what exists.
The game is the game, but the community is malleable. The community has been given options, in terms of stocks/time/customs, and all of these things have done their share in division. And well, the community hasn't been great toward it. I see people saying if we don't play it this way, I won't support the tournament, I'll play as boring as possible, etc. These aren't everyday players, these are supposed to be the cream of the crop, and by proxy they are big reps of the scene. This is a scene that is still growing, forming and finding its footing, and these people that...holy crap, players look up to, have fans, are basically pulling the grab my ball and take it home with me card. Yeah, I understand the comparisons that some have made with EVO 2008 and items, but I don't think there was a significant portion of the competitive community who also enjoyed items and vouched for it.
Having a major local tourney tomorrow. Can we have your sign of approval so the hype can begin? :3
Hope it went well.
If my favorite smash game is dead, should I play other smash iterations or find a new fg?
Eh, if you go by Twitter and Facebook posts, a lot of people are looking to make sure each Smash game survives, whether that is 64, Melee, Brawl, PM or 4. Get in touch with people who care about your favorite smash game, because I see people talking about rebirths and revivals like they are buzzwords for an election.
Big House?
I might show up.
If every melee pro of all time had the same amount of practice who do you think would be the top 5 best?
Doesn't matter. Not everyone benefits from practice, or the same kind of practice the same way. You know how there are people who learn from reading, others who learn from doing, and others who learn from hearing? It's that same way with Melee, some will benefit from playing, others from watching, others from thinking and not everyone will make the same kind of advances using each method.
Do you think VaNz will be able to become a top 30 player now that he moved back to New York?
I'd say he was top 30 at one point (maybe even 20), but after he moved from NYC, there was a drop off in activity and performance. He gets in training and gets pushed, I think he can start pushing along with others for the best Peach out there.
Do you whistle in public?
Not after watching a documentary about Emmett Till when I was young.
When's my boy CaptainSmuckers going to rise to Top 5 in NYC ?
Top 5 in NYC is rough. Not as rough as the old days when top 5 was Jman, PC, Vanz, Hax, DJ, but NYC is still a solid unit. Hax, DJ, The Moon, Vanz and OTG are the current top 5 NYC residents, if you're doing suburbs inclusive it is Hax, Moon, DJ, G$ and Animal, but if you are doing top 5 just from the suburbs, it is G$, Animal, Codi, Knut and Smuckers.
Do you know if PcChris is going to nebulous this weekend?
No idea
I'm self conscious about my penis. Help?
You pick a lot of things in life, you don't pick your prick. Be confident in it, it is the one you've got. I've seen a few in my day, and how you use it is of the utmost importance.
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Is medication worth it for balding at a young age?
My hairline is gone, I've accepted what is to come. If you want to keep it, go for it, but do your research on products, pros and cons, etc.
Should hairy men wax their bodies?
Up to them, some people like wearing a sweater year round, others like looking like they're going to middle school prom. Personally, I like hairy guys, but its all about that person and their preference.
Do you listen to in game music when playing games, or your own playlist? What about for in tourney settings, do you listen to in game sound with headsets, pop in your own headphones, or just feel the crowd noise?
Most of the time, my own playlist. In tournaments, depends, I probably should listen to game sound, but I'm usually not listening to anything but the crowd or my iPhone.
Which fighting game has your favorite soundtrack?
Street Fighter Alpha 2.