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Wynton Smith @askprog
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Happy thanksgiving Prog!
To you and yours. Be grateful for feast and famine, both mold you.
In regards to "my failure with U of Smash?" what was that, if you don't mind me asking?
University of Smash was a project. I had a team of Melee folks set up, along with reps from PM/64/Brawl just so they could make their own teams and follow our lead. It was supposed to be an initiative to make tutorials. It was maybe early 2013, before the big boom, we had smashers writing guides and scripts, making music, recording, graphics, etc. But yeah, it never came to fruition.
ok <3
I don't mean to sound angry or whatever, but we make mistakes and learn from them. I have one project going on now behind the scenes, the other depends on if I can make it to APEX, otherwise that project gets pushed back by months, and well...yeah, not my cup of tea.
Prog no offense but... I really wish you would put to light your future plans.. like a little bit each day... or am I blind and have been missing it?
I respect that. However, I also feel like there is a current mindset of NOW NOW NOW. I like making people wait, I like going in and then revealing something substantial instead of just an idea. How do you think I feel after my failure with U of Smash? I got some of the best players and community members together for a great idea that never saw the light of day for various reasons.
When the time comes, you'll know. Until then, keep waiting.
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Prog, you got any tips for getting some Melee practice in? I live in a state that is COMPLETELY dominated by PM players, no one plays Melee and all my friends prefer PM/Sm4sh over Melee. On top of that, my copy of Melee stopped working and no one locally has any more copies.
Better make friends that have it, or buy it online.
Alex19 or Lozar: Who'd win a fistfight?
I don't know, brute strength doesn't always mean they'd win in a fight.
What are your thoughts on Leffen? Not trying to start controversy here, I'm just curious to know your opinion on him.
I've said it before, I think he's a stellar player. He speaks his mind, and well, that's something that is often lost, especially in this new age. I won't always agree with him, but he reminds me of something someone told me: Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Too many people will do neither, I've been guilty of it myself, but I'm getting back to that.
Brother Prog, who do you think is cooler? Mario, Link, or Marth?
As a character, I'll always be biased towards Link.
sometimes I get mad at my parents.... are they always right? :/
Nope. However, they usually speak out of experience. Sometimes they are wrong, but everyone's decisions are influenced by the world that shaped them.
Happy Thanksgiving Prog!
Thanks, to you and yours too.
Have you been very PROGductive today? :3
Yeah. I picked out a thousand dollars in gear to buy before the end of the year, now to figure out how to get he money together. Spent time with family I rarely see, did some editing and plotting, some theory crafting, updated my notes on things to try out, etc.
Are you supportive of the 4v4 SSB4 tourneys? What impact will they have on the community and Meta in your opinion? Also who would be your dream 4player team?
I think they're a solid idea, but they have to figure out something to do with it besides the standard 4 v 4 stock. Sizes that big usually need an objective, and well, it looks really disheveled and unorganized to a viewer.
I think it'll bring back the era of crews which was so important in Smash. I wanted to be in TSA, The Minibosses, it was a goal, to be respected as a player to get to that point where my local players wanted me to be a part of their group. I mean, DBR influenced so many Smashers, I still think they are the crew that had the biggest influence on the Smash scene. Eventually, I got in TFS with Smashers from outside NYC, I started [scientology] with LI Smashers, etc. Crews were your close friends and training partners, and while people look at competitive gaming teams, crews and crew rivalries were huge in the formation of the scene.
I can't fathom a 4 player team, I mean who says the top 4 players will have synergy? What if it moves away from Stock to something more objective based like X player must die? Yeah.
Who is your most missed retired smasher and why?
As a friend or to watch? S-Royal was huge on me, as was Caveman, Rob$, etc. as a player. But, I miss hanging out with the old TFS crew and not too many of them are active anymore.
Can you answer this? Huge fan :3
How do you deal with stress? It's really been troubling me for a while now.., :(
Not well. I'll be honest, I've had a bout with depression recently. I always joke that my life is in 4 segments, hobbies, love life, health, work, and only 3 of them are going well at the same time. Well, recently, the love life has been spectacular, but everything else has been questionable. I've had some issues at work where I feel like I am unfairly being looked over and at times mistreated. The health issues that have been plaguing me for the past...god, 3 years almost, have returned and I'm betting I'll need surgery again. And well, because of the health, my hobbies have taken a back seat.
I generally find solace in gaming, I just get to curl up and disappear, but you know you're in that funk when what you usually find joy in brings nothing to you.
Do you think someone is going to do an even more amazing combo than the WOMBO COMBOOOOOO? If so, any predictions on players involved?
To be honest, there have been better combos than the Wombo combo. The Blue Lazer combo was more impressive in my eyes.
That said, context matters. Wombo combo was amazing because of the combo as well as the reaction. Face it, the way the scene is now, as sterilized and "safe" as it is, it is impossible to get that kind of reaction or one close to it. Commentators can yell and scream, but it isn't the unharnessed reaction that the Wombo Combo or any like it would merit. Lord's combo at the Falcon RR had Toph yell, and yeah, I get it, what the crap, because VGBC sponsors and what not. And that's one thing that's lost in this current era of Melee and Smash in general, we have to protect so many interests that we give up a bit of what kept the game alive.
Who is your Smash 4 Main? Also any secondary?
Kidding, currently playing Robin with a Ike secondary.
Are you tired of having to answer so many questions?
Not really. People respect my opinion, they want advice, I'll answer some questions that may not be google fu or those I care about.
Would you come commentate another major Nintendo event if they asked you? (Like E3 2015, another smash national... And such stuff)
Eh, probably not. I like commentating, but I feel that my role in the scene has extended beyond that. I've been a player. I've run events. I've recorded and streamed. I've commentated. Besides being a player, Ive done what the scene (local or major) needed at the time, and I feel that there are other great commentators out there now deserve a chance. I also feel there are things that aren't being done that need to be done.
You'll see some of this come to life in 2015.
i would love to see a tournament with all smash legends such as isai ken azen kdj pcchris m2k mang0 PPMD do you think that could be possible even once ?
Extremely doubtful. The thing about playing a game competitively is that people have their motivations. If their motivation is gone, why keep going? If you want to prove yourself elsewhere, or have nothing left to prove, why participate? It could happen, but it'd have to be something nuts.
If azen were a type of bird what would he be and why?
Don't waste my time.
I'm referencing the "Do you think PPMD's absence will affect his gameplay/placement once he finally returns?" Question.
Maybe, yeah.
So kind of like Azen?
Sorry, not sure what you're referencing with this question.
I hear a ton about sponsors/esports teams such as curse, CT, EMP, and recently Alliance. But I never hear anything about Mortality. What's your thoughts on them as an esports team?
You know, I don't know too much of them outside of Rico Suave's KI/SF play and the Smashers. Rico is entertaining, I played Abel in Vanilla SF, and he's always fun to watch. As for their other teams, I don't know too much about them.
Why is the smash scene so fundamentally strange? I don't know if it's fighting games in general or just smash but it's the only gaming scene that seems to combine a lot of "ghetto type people" with a lot of geeks....this isn't meant to be mean, just and observation.
If you want to not be mean, just say that it combines lots of different kinds of people.
Anyway, fighting games in general do have a lot of diversity, and there are a lot of different reasons why. Characters are diverse, cost of entry is relatively low, available for different platforms, etc.