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What advice do you have for a first-time tourney player? Especially those with 8 AM pools?  James Chen
Get sleep beforehand, relax, don't focus on the result, focus on the process.
Favourite non-Smash fighting game? (And can we play together? :-) )
Sorry anon, kind of creepy with the smiley face.
Right now, UMVC3 is my favorite to play, USF4 to watch, but XRD looks like a lot of fun.
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Thoughts on Shovel Knight?  Tom
Fun, haven't played it in ages though.
Do you think Sm4sh will get anymore DLC characters?
I haven't been reading Sakurai's interviews, I'll catch the occasional tidbit, but it sounds like there are more on the way. Additional profit down the line for Nintendo and an automatic refreshing or another look at how the game is developing.
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Any advice for attending your first major? Heading to Super Smash Con in August and I'm super pumped.
1. Don't be that person. Hygiene is important.
2. Set realistic goals for yourself. A lot of people want to win, and they've never been to an event. Strive for greatness, but realize that there is a path there and roads will come and go as you improve.
3. Make friends. Chances are you'll find a couple of people who live near you, new training partners never hurt.
4. Go to locals before hand.
what are your thoughts on the future of project m?  Anthony caputo
Depends on what you want PM to be. I think the bar for PM was set really high with APEX 2014, but as time goes on, PM is at less majors, the overlap is decreasing, etc. I think PM will stand on its own, but for people who want to see players like Zero, Armada, etc. facing off in it somewhat regularly, I don't know if that'll be the case.
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Do you think ZerO will be switching up his mains for EVO?
Depends on the patches, but I doubt it. He has a wide array of characters, matchup experience and knowledge, wouldn't bet on him changing horses unless something insane happens over the next two weeks.
Regarding your answer to top 5 Falcon players, is that only considering solo Falcon players? If so, are there any multi-character players you would include?
Yes, only solo. I would include Mango, M2K, but eh, that's cheating to me.
Were you interested in Nintendo games before Smash? Any series you really like?
Yep, the first time I played a game was SMB when I was 3, first console I got was an SNES. DKC will always be near and dear to my heart, Mario of course, LoZ is usually good. Never got into Kirby, Metroid was always a question mark, etc.
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What are your predictions Melee in EVO this year
Not making any. Brackets are so huge and honestly, can determine the winner of an event, not just how good they are playing.
At EVO this year, Smash 4 has more entrants than Melee. What are your views on this? Is it indicative of 4's potential for growth, because of 4's newness and accessibility compared to Melee, a combination of those, or something else all together?
It's a good sign for Smash 4's community. Despite all of the arguments, all of the rules issues, etc. the game is second in entrants only to SF, and that's a huge win for that subsect of the Smash community, and Smash in general (taking up the 2nd and 3rd slots when 2 years ago, the one game that was going to be there was nearly evicted by Nintendo). I've seen a couple of people on both sides turn it into 4 vs Melee, and eh, that's a waste of time in my opinion. Smash 4 is having a great debut numbers wise, and Melee shattered its record best once again 14 years after release, and those are both huge victories for each individual scene, and Smash, period.
I think it's a couple of things:
--The newness factor you mentioned, EVO is short for evolution, highlighting newer fighters, etc. Many people opt not to play Melee because there is this fear of not being good enough. That fear comes in everything you do, however, a lot of people are concerned with playing catchup on a game that is slightly younger than them.
--Technology. Smash 4 was released in the era of Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Melee...Kazaa, Napster, AIM. Smash 4's release in terms of propagation of information and such is a huge advantage. Something is new? It isn't wait until someone messages you on AIM about it, it's in your facebook chat, or on YT subs, etc. Information spreads easier, it's easier to get involved, so on and so forth, plus again, brand new. It makes accessibility easier at all levels.
--Leadership. Smash 4 was destined to be lightning in a bottle, no matter what. We know that Smash games will be played competitively, doesn't matter what is released or what a developer says. Smash 4's leadership was my biggest question on the scene, but they have really gotten it together. The Smash Hub has certainly taken hints from MIOM, people are reaching out to do more and provide different looks, there is a mesh of veteran Smash minds and new people in the scene, and great things are happening due to that. For example, I know a couple of people who really don't care about Smash 4, but they watched CEO because they knew about the players and wanted to see if Zero can be conquered. We've set up our storylines and dialogues in Melee for years now, Smash 4 is crafting theirs too, and it makes things more interesting for a spectator. Plus hey, that's how you turn spectators into players, which I will always believe is the end goal for all this.
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thoughts on project m?
Haven't played it in a couple of patches.
Who do you think are the top 5 current Falcon players?
S2J, the 20GX boys and from there, probably Darkrain. There are a lot of really good Falcons, but I'd say that once you get past S2J and Wizzrobe, a lot of players can be argued for that spot.
I'd really like to hear your opinion about those HUUGE numbers. 1800 for Melee and 1900 for Sm4sh. How did this happen? are you surprised? How come Apex didnt even come close to this?  Nooneyouknew
It's been a crescendo since EVO 2013, no one can deny that. Melee's numbers doubled at EVO 2013, they continued to steadily climb, competitive Smash got another look in the mainstream. Smash 4 got released, a lot of veteran Smashers from various games hopped onto that, plus so many people said they wanted to play a new Smash game where everyone started on "equal footing."
Factor in EVO, that brand, what the name recognition is, how many people think of the resurgence of Smash is tied to it, and yeah, you expect EVO to do these numbers. Besides, as a spectator, you have to respect EVO if you are a fan of fighters. As hyped as you get about your game, I can honestly say, if you don't get hyped over at least one other game at EVO, you probably weren't paying attention closely enough. If you aren't moved by another game, especially during Sunday's Top 8s...man, you need to rethink life.
in melee who is the lowest tier character that you believe in? That you think it underrated. Mine is Pichu. Which got some form of confirmation when I saw Axe's Pika.
Depends on what belief is. I've seen Armada's and Hack's Kirby, Hungrybox's Ness, Unknown and M2K's Pichu, etc. and those players can do some stuff with it, but I don't see them taking any of those characters and winning a regional, let alone a major. That said, I believe on the current tier list in Fox-Pikachu (also, Luigi, Samus and Doc) to do big things (top 8 potential) at regionals and majors, however, a lot of it also depends on the player and the day they are having, plus tournament format and bracket. aMSa got bodied last year at MLG in 3 out of 5 sets, but if those sets were 2 out of 3, he would have done a lot better. People forget that you tie characters to players, experience, mindset, etc. all come into play too.
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In terms of analyzing melee matches high level and mid level, what are the key things one should look for in your opinion?
Eh, it all depends on what you're looking to learn or apply, so I'll just talk about a couple of things.
1. Spacing: How their strategy/approach/options change from different distances in the matchup
2. The hit: Not so much what they do off of it, but how they get it (how were they pressuring, did someone over expose themselves with a bad approach or move, etc.)
3. Situations: How does X player handle this situation? How do they handle it the next time they are in it?
4. Positioning: Control is on far more than just the horizontal axis, a character might be completed cornered on the ground but can go high and get out of dodge and start neutral from a good spot afterwards, etc.
5. "That didn't make any sense" - There are generally 2 times when this arises:
a. As a desperation move, going for something to surprise your opponent that is high risk, high reward
b. As a heat check, when you are on fire and you want to see if you can get away with something
6. Control: How often a player forces a player's hand (can only approach from X angle safely, recover in Y fashion, forces them into shield for a mixup)
Far more, you can talk about shielding and shield angles, the platform game, dashdance distances, edgeguarding
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I'm interested in meeting you at EVO, how do I make that happen? :)
I'm relatively easy to talk to if you find me. Just please, be courteous when you do that. One of the biggest memories that stuck with me is from Impulse in 2013. A kid had a seizure at the event, and afterwards, after he gets sent to the hospital, someone came up to me and was excited that I commentated their match. Not the time, lost all respect for that person in that instant.
A few answers ago you mentioned how people like Day 9 kept the conversation about their scene relevant with material and podcasts and such. Have you thought of making a channel or doing a roundtable discussion for an hour and talking about the news around SSBM?
Yeah, I actually helped start one back after RoM 5 called Melee It On Me.
Beyond that, not now, anyway. I think Tafo has his Tafo talks which are great, MIOM covers a lot, we have the writeups, so yeah, I don't feel like I "need" to do it. In addition, that's free content. There are a lot of high level players who are looking to increase what they put out, I think that's a good idea for someone whose sponsorship may hinge on that kind of thing.
Hey Prog, Do you think Smash 4 is a game that could benefit from a fan mod like "Project M" sometime in the distant future? I sort of see it as inevitable at this point, but do you believe that Smash 4 holds up enough as a competitive fighting game or do you think it could use some of Melee's tech?  Connor MacDonald
Eh, it is what it is. Not every Smash game needs to be in Melee's image; some enjoy Smash 4's rhythm and pacing. I think a lot of people like the concept of it, but eh, we see how previous mods are being handled now on the grand scheme in Smash and well, eh, may not be worth the effort if this is going to be the precedent that's set.
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Hey Prog, what do you think of Monster? I only just finished episode 15 last night, but I love how the plot is unravelling. I must say, it does also somewhat creep me out, especially the ending song + the drawing on the side.
One of my favorite series.
Now that you've been disowned by r/smashbros/ how about you join us in the UMVC3 community? It definitely needs leaders like you right now. I've heard you are amazing at helping develop communities that are presumed "dead" IFC Yipes/Prog on the mic is one of those things Id like to hear before I die
Not disowned, rather, the community is moving forward and hey, the representatives should be the ones who are devoting themselves to it now the way I did in 2013/2014. I'm listed as a backup commentator.
Anyway, as for that second part, yeah, I am doing a bit of Marvel work. I'm not looking to commentate though, not now anyway, I want a change of pace, let me play.
How do you feel about the current meta of Smash 4 and how it's evolved since its release, and what do you think it will be like in a year or so?
I'm not the right person to ask on this one. I'll watch it occasionally, but I don't study it like I do with other titles. As for that second half, who knows? Patching makes things difficult in fighters, we've seen how many top SF players have dabbled in other characters, etc. Depends on the direction with the patching.
What would you like to see more of, in terms of content created by the community, to help the SSBM scene legitimize itself even further?
I still think there is a huge gap in terms of top player perspective and breakdowns. Players will do it as a throwaway, but I think a devoted series to it would be killer, we've seen success with the model from Day9, from Persia now with Marvel Minds. In depth breakdowns of a match or a set, or even a situationi over time would be stellar.
What are the negative effects of melee'a growth? If there are any.
I guess depends on what perspective. Melee's growth didn't do Brawl favors, but who knows after EVO if some of these teams that have invested in Melee players will do the same for Smash 4 (and when it comes to PM, we know that it went well for a bit but now the scenes are growing apart due to what is at what event).
For the melee scene itself, there are a few negative aspects. There will be groups that try to strike while the iron is hot, that have no interest in investing in the scene, and want to make a buck. There are more local scenes needed everywhere, and there will be TOs that don't know what they are doing expected to carry it. There's more, but eh, I'm not concerned about those. The former will be fixed with time and experience.
If you could pick one player, who has left or retired, to come back to melee, who would it be?
One thing I've learned is not to wish returns upon people. We're human, we have our lives in and outside of all this. If people have left and retired, yeah, I was a fan then but I'm not going to want them to throw a wrench in their lives, goals, etc. to appease me as a fan.