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Have you listened to Sour Soul yet? If so, opinion?
Not yet. I have high expectations, Ghost is probably my favorite Wu member, BBNG is just amazing, and we know what happens when you put together a great MC with an extremely talented and versatile backing band...the Roots.
Latest anime watched?
Started One Piece recently. Probably not going to watch it.
What’s the one book you think everyone should read?
Probably some dystopian fiction. Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, 1984, etc.
Favorite type of video game? o/
Fighters, RPGs, shooters, all depends on the mood.
Last game you have beaten?
No idea. I haven't played a single player title like that in a bit.
Why has marvel grabbed your attention far more than other fighting games, at least in terms of playing the game?
I wouldn't say more than others, but its a series I've always enjoyed. I played the vs series casually, finally got a bit deeper in 2 with IM/Strider/Doom. I played a bit of vanilla, but Ultimate is just a lot of fun. Like Smash, I have attachment to the characters, team building and synergy is always a fun mental exercise and such, and the pace of the game is Melee-esque.
Do you think Melee/Esports will ever get so big that instead of events paying streamers the streamers bid for the opportunity to cover an event like with NFL/NBA/NCAA? Not sure if either is more healthy for the scene at large just a random thought
Maybe in the future, wouldn't be surprised if that's already the case in Korea.
Never been more upset with you,,. It's clearly white and gold
Check it in photoshop.
On the topic of Jebailey flying you out, you did provide him a valuable service while you were there! Not trying to tell you how to live your life, but in my eyes you getting a bit of compensation from CEO or even VGBC is fair considering what you provided
Yeah, I provide a service, but eh, I'm still weird about it. When I first started doing non player stuff, I saved up my own money to buy a laptop and that equipment, and well, I didn't make that money back in the scene until the summer of Smash in 2014. So, for me, accepting funds or even asking for it is tough, I try to be as independent as possible, that's why the only t-shirt I would approve with my image on it is one that would go towards supporting the MIOM team.
So, what colour is the dress?
Photoshop says blue and black.
Do you think deserve ALL the attention it gets?
Hype announcement soon or nah?
Not from me.
Is there anything you miss about the days in years past when melee was smaller?
Definitely. I miss going to events and knowing everyone. Autograph requests are still weird to me, as in my mind, I'm the same guy from 2010 going to events just to record videos since I can't enter anymore. Also, I kind of miss some of the privacy. Smashers have always friend requested me on facebook, but now, it's out of this world. I don't accept requests at this point unless I've known you for a while, etc. There are Smashers who I've never met that add my boyfriend to try and get to me, and that's something that really irks me.
Out of the current NXT roster, who's going to have the most success on the main roster?
Probably Finn Balor. A lot of these guys are "in Daniel Bryan's shadow" and if he can't get recognition that he is the guy (when he is over, sells merch like nothing, etc.), there isn't much hope for the others. I think of the big names on NXT, Itami being from Japan has no shot, Kevin Owens is big, but not the big that Vince likes, Zayn has a great moveset but not the "look", Tyler Breeze will end up as the next Fandango, etc. Alternatively, I think Sasha Banks and Charlotte have a ton of promise and could really do great things in matches with Natalya, Paige, AJ, etc. and really show the Divas off in a way that hasn't been done since Trish and Lita went toe to toe consistently.
I hope you follow through on teaming w HMW at EVO. Any chance I'll get to shake your hand at CEO?
I don't know if I'm going to CEO. I tend to be very independent, if I can't go to an event because I can't afford it, I won't go. Now in 2015, I'm listening to my body more, and I want to make sure that I'm in a good point when I go to an event, because as great as I felt leading up to APEX, I still ended up bleeding before the event was over, even with a reduced workload. I have to look at my finances, how heavy work will be at the time, etc. I probably wouldn't have made it last year if Jebailey didn't pay for my flight, and I wouldn't ask him to do it again this year.
Do you think league is deep?
Yeah. Not a fan of every change made in every patch, but it has depth.
Are there any players in particular that you enjoy commentating their matches?
Not really, it isn't about the players, its about their interactions. A top player might plow through an opponent, that doesn't do too much for me. I can see top level players put in work against one another, or even lower level players, the interactions and advancements they make, the adjustments, that's what I enjoy the most.
My friend named his dogs Wave and Dash...does he have a problem?
He's devoted. I mean, George Costanza named his kid Seven, right?
Who is going to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the end of Wrestlemania 31?
I pray for Lesnar or Rollins.
are you the guy behind Smash Ball News?
I manage 4 twitter accounts (3 at the moment, progducto, askprog, MIOM occasionally and progductions, although I might let that one die). I don't have time to do a parody account.
General feelings on Smash 4? Thoughts on Smash 4 commentators/personalities? Do you think they could learn from the Melee-centric community, particularly MIOM?
As a game? Has room to grow, hoping a sweetspot is found where a wide number of spectators aren't just the players of the game but people who want to see the events, the players, etc. Personally, I think customs are interesting, it provides a bit more...of an association. Like I mean for example, everyone and their mother can play Master Yi, but I loved playing AP Yi, and I'm sure people will have that attachment to certain custom builds and such. Just a matter of finding out what is outright broken, what is really good and people being able to accurately decide the difference between the two. Overall, it is an interesting gamble for the scene, as it's going to be easier to remove them than to add them later.
Beyond that, yeah, I think they can learn from the Melee subsect of the Smash scene. Look at me back in my days, a majority of my tweets were about exposure for Melee, projects people are doing, videos they are putting out, discussing past videos, retweeting streams, introducing high level players when they made twitter accounts etc. I see people doing that now in Smash 4, but not those who I would expect to see, or want to see it from more. A lot of people it looks like are only interested in building their own following and not building the scene as a whole, and if too many people take that approach, it's a recipe for disaster. Beyond that, yeah, I've been advising a few Smash4 folks, as to what I see as an outsider, where they can improve and such, and they can take my advice or not, but I'm giving it from experience. Ask anyone who was at the forefront for Melee's platinum age how hard I worked, and yeah, I know what it took to get to that point better than most. I wasn't a bystander, I was on the front lines every instant, so I know what it takes.
Hey Prog! Just wanted to thank you a TON for always retweeting me when a tournament stream in San Diego is on! :)
I try and do as many of these as possible, but I've been really tired recently, going to bed before 10 PM. So if I miss out on anyone, sorry, but I need my rest.
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What color is the dress?
Adobe says blue and black.
why are you so cute
I'm alright. Kind of liking the extra hipster facial hair and such I've got going on right now, might keep it.
what's the secret this time  Warchamp7
There is no secret. I've already talked about my production projects, just looks like we're making headway quickly.