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Educate us about the hypeness of Doc down tilt.
It's a move that is used extremely sparingly, it probably only has one purpose: catch someone sleeping/shield poke near the ledge and go into back air edge guards. Besides myself and 18 Spikes (Peaches, for all you speedrunning fans), I don't see Docs use it. High risk, high reward, but when it pays off....YEAH
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What's the LEAST hype move?
Ness downsmash. Around the World >>> Walk the Dog
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Whats your opinion on the Chu chronicles
It is what it is.
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what's with the mention of scientology in these questions?
[scientology] is an old shoutout to my crew on Long Island. Niko (Marth player) said my style didn't make sense, it was like scientology, so that was our crew name. Used to be the signoff to my old videos I made back in 2010 and such.
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going through a breakup for the first time, any advice?
Find solace in you.
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Which first round pools matches at Apex are you most excited for? Melee pool A7 will probably have Android (Armada's bro) vs Twitch (PPMD's bro) which should be exciting. Some other good potential matchups are Redd v Kalamazhu as well as Thorn v MikeHaze for that East/West rivalry.
I haven't really looked at the pools, I'm going as a spectator for the most part
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Hey Prog, hearing that you're gonna commentate at Apex a little has got me wondering: How are you feeling nowadays? Hope all is well.
Doing better day by day.
How often do you work out?
I used to jog 3-4 times a week, when I get the okay, I'll start working out again.
why doc's down tilf as most hype move? I dont see anything special about it like a ganon uptilt which a lot of people agree is one of the most hype moves
If you don't see anything special about it, you don't understand the reason it is hype to begin with.
Are you not worried about how Pokken takes place in a 3D arena? Fighting games like that are usually bad.
Nope, before I got into Smash, I played Virtua Fighter, so 3D is nothing new to me. Plus, Tekken/VF/SC,there are solid 3D fighters out. If it ends up being a "fake 3d" all good too.
[still standing]
How hyped are you for Pokken Tournament?
HYPED. Tekken was a pasttime with my best friend when we were younger, toss in Pokemon and yeah, this should be a good one.
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Will you commentate at Evo?
I guess, Mr. Wizard called me out so I have to do it.
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A lot of people seem to be into speedrunning in the Smash community, do you like it as well? If so, what's your favorite game to watch?
I'll watch occasionally, and Sinister's TMNT: Turtles In Time.
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Do you think commentators should be in a seperate room from the players and audience? Or should they be as exposed as possible without breaking the key rules?
I like being in the same room as the players and audience. Last year when I wasn't doing hot for top 8 of APEX, the crowd got me through it. I think they should be suitably far enough from the players because I really don't want to think about something I'm saying having a big impact on the outcome of a set or match.
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Do you have a fetish?
Nope, I don't have an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
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Your favourite Ganon main?
Current: Kage
Alltime: Linguini and Tipman
Which Salty Suite Money Match are you looking the most forward to?
A lot of the matches don't have money on the line, but I'm looking forward to Leffen/Chillin.
You're cool!
Meh, I'm alright.
Why is everyone seemingly against Empire Arcadia and urging Mew2King to leave?
EMP has had management issues in the past. Long story, research it.
Should we ever see Mute City and Rainbow Cruise unbanned again?
Yes, but not in a majority of events. For events that are "throwbacks" and things like that sure. Maybe if they decide we need more counterpick stages we'll see some of those old stages come back like we did at FC Legacy, but I don't see these stages being mainstream again for a while.
What do you think of the "The Smash Pros" series on youtube?
A funny parody series.
Have you ever held or fired a gun?
Yes, I was in the scouts and we had a firearm safety trip.
What freaks you out?
Most hype move in the game?
Doc's down tilt.
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