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So when you were casting EVO were you ever nervous? Or are you ever really nervous at any tourney?
EVO 2013, nervous. Wasn't nervous again until E3. MLG wasn't the usual setup, but no nerves.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNK6r5-_NNM Which one of these sounds the best to you? (not including the English one)
Italian, free.
How can I deal with laser pressure as marth? Also any tips on the marth vs sheik MU
Pay attention to the height. Jump over, dash under, and powershielding is crucial. Ask PewpewU for more.
With custom moves, do you think we'll see a lot more people sticking to 1 character since there will be more options in smash 4? Or still have secondaries/pocket characters due to just the sheer number of characters?
Betting on the latter. Bad matchups are bad matchups, and well, I don't know if custom moves will cover weaknesses or embolden strengths to make problem matches not so problematic. I mean, look at Melee now, a lot of people play multiple characters in a tournament bracket. PM and Brawl have their multi character mains as well. If a custom move means more damage, yay, but it doesn't mean anything if you still can't get through a wave of projectiles or a character's range, for example.
Any DK mains on twitter that i could follow?
For Melee? Active? I don't think so, Green Ranger I don't think has one, nor does Phish-It if I remember.
Speaking personally, I loved the way Nintendo set up the Smash Bros. Invitational in terms of rules and progression. Could you see tournaments using the same format for side tourneys? (In other words, free for alls with items on medium, then low, then an itemless one-on-one on Battlefield, etc.)
Probably not. Smashers like reducing randomness as much as possible, hence why the stage list is so small. Items to a lot of competitive players means randomness. You can be up by a large margin and then have a bomb spawn on top of you and lose. I doubt most tournaments would move to this format, I don't even know if people are keen on Smash balls at minimum, but yeah, items off will probably continue to be a mainstay.
Prog what is the secret to finding a good barber?
I can understand why you took a step back from smash commentary due to health issues. But what's your reason for not wanting to come back? You clearly like the community and the smash games. And everyone loves you as a commentator. Could you give a straight answer why you won't ever come back?
You know, there are a few different things.
1. I like not having obligations. "Oh man, I'm going to APEX, I get to see everyone!" is far different from "Oh man, I'm going to APEX, I get to play, I get to enter, I get to sleep in, get dinner with everyone, hang out late, etc." I enjoy doing commentary, sure, but these are rare opportunities to see friends from all over the world and I don't get to connect with everyone as much as I'd like.
2. Being a player is awesome. EVO kind of awakened that again, the feel of entering an event, working hard leading up to it, making adjustments, the thrill of making the right read, the pain in dropping something you've been working on for months, etc. I've been having more fun recently playing a game I'm awful in and seeing the strides I make and continue to make.
3. Other people deserve a shot. There are plenty of amazing commentators out there in all of the games, some people have earned shots, others think they have. I know a lot of people who want a chance to prove themselves, well, there's a spot waiting.
4. Smash 4. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, I don't want a repeat of 2008, so if I can do anything to help that scene behind the scenes, in terms of guidance, promotion, whatever, I'll do it.
I said before I did more with a microphone than most people do as players. I want to prove to myself that I can continue that trend and do more without a microphone than I did with one.
Do you have a twitch stream? Or do you frequent anybody else's stream? I need more prog in my life!
I rarely stream, but it'd be at twitch.tv/progducto
I stop in at random streams, but I'm most likely to be spotted at Team Spooky or Bum's streams, but who knows where I'll make an appearance. Speedrun streams, Smash, fighting games, VGCW, I'll hide in plain sight.
Which one was your favorite DBZ Saga?
Oof, Android saga.
Hi prog. How can I get over a mind block?
Take a different approach, walk away and come back later, etc.
Do you think Project M will still live on when Smash 4 starts becoming big in the competitive scene, or will it slowly fade away like Brawl?
Who knows? I think a lot of people wanted something new and different from melee, 64, brawl and smash 4 gives them that all over again. That said, I've seen stream monsters and a few respected players scoff at thinking about playing anything else, but who knows what will come of it.
What's your opinion on 2v2s in the smash scene? Do you think they open up an entirely different meta than 1v1s?
Definitely. It's still unexplored or underdeveloped in the states by the average player, Europe has this teams finesse innately it seems.
Hoow do I beat my friend who just spams marth c stick or counter
You know his move choices, they sound linear. Wait and bait is one strategy, but you can come up with others.
In reference to the question about every major tournament being in the States, there are currently 48 Canadians regged for BH4. We invading! Hopefully Canada puts up a strong showing! What do you think of Canada as a scene?
Strong players in Ontario and BC, gotta see more of other provinces but can be a force to be reckoned with again
I was watching S@X PM and they were using the term "taunt cancel", can you explain to me what this is?
Google is your friend for this one.
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Do you know anyone going to BH4 that will be passing by the pittsburgh area and has room for me?
Nope, post on the boards or fb groups
Prog I need to know. Do you have a hot chocolate tier list?
Swiss miss>
I'm going to school in NYC and looking for a place to start playing Smash with a group. Any recommendations?
There are various NYC fb groups depending on borough and game, reddit.com/r/smashbros has a huge list of groups
Is Corgi bae?
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Do you think Smash 4 is a lot more footsie based than melee?
The game hasn't been out a week.
Okay so, of the two Marsalis brothers who's music do you prefer more? I figure this might be a tough one for you since you're named after both of them. I'm partial to Branford myself, but obviously both are wonderful.
Wynton, just because we met years ago.
Duck Hunt Dog looks so amazing! I can't wait for the full Wii U port. Who are you waiting for the most?
Basically, I've never had the same main from game to game. Ness, doc/fox/falco/falcon, Lucas/Ike/diddy, so I want to see how some of the old main characters feel in this new game, plus little Mac, DHD, etc
Would a hardcore solo training regimen help my game noticeably? Or do you only really improve playing against other humans
Yes and no. You can learn things solo, build muscle memory and such, but strategy and application is what you get playing other people.
You have a nice first name, you know that?
Dad is a jazz fan, so I'm Wynton Branford, thanks to the Marsalis family.