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Would you follow the white rabbit?
Man, I wanted a rabbit when I was little but my parents wouldn't let me have one. Rabbit, let's go.
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Do you think the whole online betting on FGC tournaments is still enjoyable or has that ship already sailed, and it should end?
I think it's still good, it brings in a different set of viewership. I know plenty of people who don't watch football but will make a pool for the super bowl, and I consider this to be along the same lines.
Hey Prog, what should I look out for at Combo Breaker this weekend? Story lines, rivalries, top players etc. This can apply to all games features there (but mostly Melee/sm4sh) :)
Honestly, not too sure. Haven't been following Smash 4, Melee-wise, well, it's a Midwest event. Dart, Darkrain and plenty others are going to try to defend their house, and I don't know too many out of towners that are showing up (DJ and The Moon, but I haven't looked over the entries). Skullgirls, you know, that game that we had a rivalry with over EVO2013, pulled in some really good numbers. SF could be anyone's game, but most SF fans will be watching Stunfest. UMVC3 is looking like it belongs to Justin, but who knows? It's a pivotal time for that scene, Saturday finals, and I hope it's intense enough that people get inspired all over again. KI is holding on and with the pot bonus, should be tense. MKX has been released to rave reviews, a lot of developer support (Ed Boon presenting a trailer at EVO, tweeting and interacting with the top players, not to mention the number of pot bonuses they've got), and it should be interesting too.
The best part of these events however, to me, are the auction tournaments, especially for Marvel. That and the Mystery Game event, especially if they take both of these from UFGT's lineage.
What is your personal opinion on using headphones(with music, not noise canceling) during tournament sets? What are the pros and cons for you?
Depends on the what the player prefers. I used to do this when I played Melee, but I'd turn the TV up really loud (as Doc, I had some conditioning stuff with his dash attack and then his boost grab; it was an audio based mixup). In Marvel, however, if available, I'll listen so I can hear everything. Some people like music to just zone out, others want game audio, it's just personal preference, and I've used both and I see the merit in both.
Hey prog how do you di and smash di can you please explain or give me a link to a video?
Hmm, normally I would, but eh, I'm going to make you work for it. There are so many tutorials and guides on youtube, smashboards, etc.
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How many more puns until Tafo gets booted from MIOM?
He can do as many puns as he'd like, he is carrying the team at this point. People don't know how much work he does behind the scenes for Melee, and for MIOM in general.
A lot of people look at Street Fighter 5 and say that it's looking kind of slow. Daigo said similar things after trying it out. What do you think? Reckon it looks like its heading in that direction? Alternatively, which way would you like it to go? Depart drastically from SF4? Stick closely to it?
I don't know, I'm not really one to judge a title until I have it in my hands. I want something new with 5, some new mechanic to separate it from previous entries in the series. Keep it different from the 3 series, from Alpha, from 4, etc. Stage interactions seem to be becoming more and more prominent with fighting games, and that's cool, but I wonder what else they'll add to separate it from the pack.
Why are corgis so amazing?
They have a cuteness factor from the oversized ears and stubby legs. Look up the cat breed, munchkin, a bit of the same.
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Seen breaking bad?
Yep, one of my favorite dramas.
Thoughts on League of Legends?
I play it occasionally, enjoy it. Don't keep up with the pro scene 100%, but I'll watch it if I've got nothing else going on with fighters. It's a fun genre, fun character pool, etc. but sometimes some of the people you run into...auto mute.
Ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion? If so, any thoughts on it?
Watched it, was good, but not one of my all time favorites.
Who's shine do you think is better fox or falco ?
Eh, I think both are crucial to the character and each has the one that's better for their moveset. Not a matter of better or worse, both fit the character and helps their goals.
No question, just need to vent. Played a MIOM Top 100 ranked player at a local recently. Lost 2-0, but the games were a 2 stock and a JV2. For the first time, I felt like I actually put up a good fight against a great player, like I could win with a little more work. It felt really good.
That's always a good feeling. I know I played Noel Brown at my first Marvel tournament in months, and although he bodied me, I felt like I played well, my decision making was there, but there are other things for me to work on. Seeing yourself improve and advance is the best motivation.
Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?
I'm a planner. Have to calculate just about every step.
Whats your favorite line to say on the mic? Think D1's "Destruction"
Eh, I've tried my best to eradicate catch phrases when I'm on the mic. A lot of people ask for "is this what you wanted" or "playing lowercase," but eh, I don't remember the last time I said either, and for good reason.
Sir could you give me your input on SmashCon? I'm a European who THINKS about MAYBE coming over for it as it sounds just great. But so far there is no hype what so ever? There is nothing.. You think it will live up to Evo? The pots should attract all of the top-gamers right?
I don't know, it's up to you, talk to the TOs. It's a new event in the middle of a packed summer, battling against some of the biggest and brightest out there, so who knows?
Thoughts on the .1% difference between Smash 4 and Melee at Evo?
Good stuff to both scenes. I'll admit, I was a bit worried for Smash 4, seeing some players I keep tabs on saying they don't want to support X event or Y, and well, if they don't want to do it, it's on them, but its good that other people are stepping up to the plate to play too.
I'm not really surprised though. Melee has exploded over the past couple of years, and I think that a lot of Smashers that weren't Melee fans and didn't attend in 2008 missed out on EVO, and what it means, especially in the modern day. For that group, yeah, the game they love gets a shot, and well, I kind of know how good that feels.
The biggest thing is what happens with the momentum from EVO. Smash 4 needs its MIOM to get people invested before and after. Melee, this may be the curtain call at EVO, especially with Smash 4 showing that the numbers can keep up and possibly even surpass it; this could be the changing of the guard, I guess. 2013, EVO was MIOM/CT/VGBC/etc. 2014, TL, C9, etc. 2015, Melee and Smash 4, 2016 may be like 2014, just with Smash 4 people holding the standard for those teams and Melee at it's own events.
This EVO is going to be a formative time for both scenes, but it isn't the end all. A lot goes into it before and after, and that is crucial for how scenes go. That said, I'm not too concerned, I think slowly but surely Smash 4 is starting to gel in terms of leadership (although the myriad of arguments are out there) and they won't drop the momentum after July, rather, they'll examine themselves more closely and try to find the best way to appease players of all levels and the spectators they're looking for.
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can you explain what a "conversion" is? i hear commentators throw the word around a lot and whenever i think i know what it means, a commentator uses it differently
Basically, when you convert a stray hit into a combo. Most often, it's in reference to that stray hit connecting in a weird situation that requires some odd moves or movement, etc. just to keep it going.
How is Phoenix Wright in UMvC3? Thinking of getting into the scene and am a huge Ace Attorney fan. How is he?
He's not the best character by any means, but he's interesting. Wolfstreet is the guy to watch for PW.
Can we get some of dat Hax$$$?
when he's done play twisted fate, maybe, idk
do you think smashers can be gated by their age? (too young or too old)
Not really. Hax/Jman/Mango were all relatively young when they started, and if you look at other fighters, there are dudes putting in work with families.
Favorite anime?  Brian Smawley
I don't know. Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Monster are all ones I hold in high regard.
Nothing new, IIRC, ZSS and G&W were viewed as a strong team in Brawl because of bucket shenanigans.
If you had never gotten involved with the smash community, where would you be right now?
I don't know. I got into video editing because of Bob$'s Overdose, so there goes this job. Probably would have come to terms with being out of the closet anyway, but wouldn't have been as easy, plus a different support system. When I got into Melee, I was dabbling with 3S and MVC2 at the same time, but I don't know where I'd be.
Shiba Inus. Do you like them? They're my favorite dog
Not bad.