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Are u single ?
Sure, why?
Can I see ur pretty feet
I would rather you not, that's weird lol.
What makes a person rich?
Their money clearly.
do u have pretty feet
Someone once told me I have 'cute fat feet' so I guess their cute lol.
I would swim up the Mississippi River holding my breath with 50 lb weights strapped to my back if it meant that I could have a 15 minute oovoo dinner date with you one day.
Who are you?
oh really? Then I'll just fall back
Who are you?
Because I want to know lol
Kinda, I talk to someone tough...
Why? Lol
You ever cheated on someone
Yes, sadly...
How often do you drink coffee?
I stopped drinking coffee...
If you could own any building in the world, which one would it be?
The Trap House! Lol.
You like getting head
Yeah, who doesn't? Lol
ok ok
Do it now lol.
Its obvious if you think about it
Kik me & ill keep it between us lol. Fvckmybitches << my Kik.
Cant do that o:
But tell me please.
Do you like niggas or only girls ?
I like both.
yea we did
Tell me please, I might like you to.
Did we talk? Come on tell me, I'm sad now.
Nope just know you sexy as fuck and we had first period (:
Tell me pleaseeeeeee!
Dont trip who i'am but just know that you know me.
Now I wanna know who you
I usally dont like black/lightskinned girls but your sexy ass fuck <3
Thanks? Lol. Who are you?
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Ambition, that shit is sexy as who knows what lol.
Do you believe in fate?
In a way..
What is your favorite city?
L.A off top.