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would you consider texting me?
Who is this?
how old are you?
I'm 16..
heyy :)
Then text me or kik me
Umm... You can text or Kik me.
I get nervous telling you things because I never know how you will react to it. I did not allow you to leave I fought for you plenty of times trying to talk things out with you, but when you act like you don't care and you push me away what am I supposed to do ?
I'm not doing this on a social media site. Everyone's in our business this way.
Well I saw you after school today and I wanted to run up behind you and hold you close to me but I got nervous and looked away. I hate the fact that we act like strangers. I guess I don't know the meaning of exes or goodbyes but I do know that I love you to the stars and back and I always will.
I hate you can never tell me these things but you can ask me privately, this is another reason why things web bad you need fought for me & you never acted as if you wanted me to stay you just allowed me to leave.
Do you like dogs?
I love you
I love you more ;**
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i asked my boyfriend how much does he love me and he said enough what does that mean
honestly I don't know , he gave you on of those up in the air answers /.\
You dont deserve her I hope she realizes your just playing with her emotions and leaves yo ass and when that happens ill be right there for her bitch
excuse me ? who & what are you talking about ? my girlfriend ? because I doubt that will happen lol .
Who so u like at ur school? And how she or he look? Lmao
ummmmm .. who is this ? lol .
You can suck my dick you ole ugly ass bugs bunny looking MF. I was just asking why tf you our your number somewhere where anyone can get that shiet. So calm tf down
my nigga byee , your ass is worried about irrelevant shit . asking about shit that has nothing to do with you , obviously you have no life since your worried about what I'm posting on MY ask .
Y the FUCK would u put ur number on here? That's stupid af.
who are you ? cuhs I'm pretty sure your not Imunique , so why you worried about me & what I do ? huh ? bitch mind yours okay ? thank you :)
I should (: what's your number ?  Jada Broomè
503 980 1883 ;*
Lol thank you :)  Jada Broomè
you should text me :)
What is your attitude to smoking?
Cigs ; nasty, gross, & they'll kill you .
Weed ; fine by me , that's my drug of choice lol :)
There I took it off  Jada Broomè
awwwwww , I know who you are ! I always though you were cute , I just was to shy to say it :)
Yes I'm a girl lol
okaaaay lol ... who is our mutual friend ? lol . this could be so much easier if you just took off you anonymous lol /.\
Lol Even if I told you my name you wouldn't know me
then take your anonymous off so I can see what you look like lol /.\ are you a girl ? lol .
I'm too shy, but we've talked before sorta.. more like stood next to each other while you talked to someone else.
aww , really ? just tell me . I won't tell , it'll be between you & me ;)
Well I just wanted to say you're really pretty. I tried to tell you at first lunch today but I got nervous and walked away.
awwww , thank you baby . who are you though ? :)
What does it mean when your girlfriend or boyfriend tells you they love you as a girlfriend or boyfriend? They claim they are not in love with you tho?
ummm .. I guess it would mean they love you enough to call you their girl/boyfriend but prolly not enough to want to be with you forever or maybe they just haven't reached the 'in love' stage . it takes time . it all depend on how long you guys have been in a relationship .
Are you single
yeah :)
If you were a scientist, what would you invent?
I would invent blunts that never burn out lol . so a nigga can be getting high off the same blunt for like a whole year lmao !
What is education to you?
Education to me is the foundation of building your future .