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Imunique ❤ @asvpsnap
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You ever cheated on someone
Yes, sadly...
How often do you drink coffee?
I stopped drinking coffee...
If you could own any building in the world, which one would it be?
The Trap House! Lol.
You like getting head
Yeah, who doesn't? Lol
ok ok
Do it now lol.
Its obvious if you think about it
Kik me & ill keep it between us lol. Fvckmybitches << my Kik.
Cant do that o:
But tell me please.
Do you like niggas or only girls ?
I like both.
yea we did
Tell me please, I might like you to.
Did we talk? Come on tell me, I'm sad now.
Nope just know you sexy as fuck and we had first period (:
Tell me pleaseeeeeee!
Dont trip who i'am but just know that you know me.
Now I wanna know who you
I usally dont like black/lightskinned girls but your sexy ass fuck <3
Thanks? Lol. Who are you?
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
Ambition, that shit is sexy as who knows what lol.
Do you believe in fate?
In a way..
What is your favorite city?
L.A off top.
What is your favorite type of pie?
Apple pie.
Last nigga you fucked ?
That's none of your business, who are you anyway? Asking personal shit...
What's your favorite movie scene?
The one in ATL when NewNew & Reshaad was in the car & Aaliyah-At Your Best came on & she was like ohhhh this my shit & was all off beat & shit lol. Oh & the one scene when he took her necklace & she's like
'Gimme back my necklace! Gimme my damn necklace back!' & he was like 'why?' & she say 'cuhs it mean something to me...' Yaaassss my part!
where was the last place you had sex ?
In my bed lol.
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What makes you lose your temper?
A lot, to many to explain.
ig?  Erica :)
Foureyez_ :)
If you ask a boy are they over you and they reply "in a way yeah" what does that mean?
Means, they don't want commitment but they still wanna have the opportunity to come back if they want to.
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
Honestly, Jesus cuhs that's all I got at about this point...