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Where the happiness can be found?

For me, it's her :')

I'm so curious about you lol can i just ask random questions haha

Yknow what? I'm just gonna end up by receiving hates from other anons if you start by asking me those kind of questions, so it's better if I don't answer them before anything happens. Thank you .

Tell about your favorite teacher!

• In the past, she has been awarded for being the best bio teacher
• When our tests results came out, most of us failed, but she said, "I'm glad that you failed"
"I'm glad because you will eventually learn from your mistakes. I don't care if you pass or fail in tests. What's important is your O level"
She gave us motivation. She gave us the spirit to study
• Even though she's not my class teacher, she acts like one
• She worries the most than my class teacher when I broke my hand
>>> She's my favourite teacher because she just is

Kau wakil ms for sprinting kh


It's life stay strong nab x


nice name, anon but thanks

That's what I thought.. 😌😌

wlaupun aku bukan ia tpi i can tell yg ia inda siuk sma kau apath tu kmu main piano jua gnya crita2 text2 atu gnya kh kau dpt buat lol cli eh ktwa ku


What? You want me to stick my tongue in her mouth?

What, when, why… ask


bah k tu tapi soalan mu inda masuk akal. kan ku masukkn dlm akal ku pun ia nda terima 😌😌

yg pnting i know ia inda kesiukan sma kau HAHAHAH


You're not her

good like can u think now what r the good things hv u done to her????? ndada knn HAHHHAH


jangan skati ckp cematu eh. if im not good she wouldnt have accepted me yknow you have to open up your fucking mind and stop being such a fucking fool for making fake usernames just to waste your time sending bullshits to me

au au au jantah marah nah bye away ku


marah ku ni 😌

oh btw i just found ur acc thru her acc so why not folllow rite


eh bagus eh stalking mu op aku bagi award for being the best stalker 😌

n i know u couldnt make her happy HAHHAHA BELIEVE ME


bah k tu

btw how can u be with her omg slucky


"Napan jeles"
- shikin

ur just not a good one for shikin


Define 'good' 😌😌😌

u dont deserve to be with ashikin, dont u think so? HHAHA SFUNNY


weww funny banarrrr ketawa ku smpai melaung ke angkasa

BoooOooOOo penjelessszZz

lol apaan kau suka kacau HAHA bye

What makes you lose your temper?

Those who talk behind my back or said something falsely about me HAHAHA and lagi satu, if im in a realationship is when that person make me jealous HAHAHA but inda pulang batah kalau aku marah 😌😌

How do you handle people you don't like?

let them be

Apa ni

You want a punch? CoMe HerE


Siapakani D':


Wth you want from me anon 🔫

You know what.... i hate you and love you at the same time

Umm.. okay? 😂 but im taken

Balas wah



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