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Nab (✔) @Asyaa242
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If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?
Can I know who invented alphabets? 😂😂😂
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I m i s s y o u :')
Mun u untick lagi bisai :P i miss you too 😌😌
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taken by ? 😌
A living organism
do u hv a crush ? iff yes give me a clue 😌
I don't have a crush, but I'm taken :)
who do you love ?
Someone who's not me ;)
If you could eliminate any word from the dictionary, meaning no one can ever use it again, what word would you choose?
The whole dict. kali bisai 😌😌
Describe each one of your new classmates
Bruh malas kn describe each one buttttt ummm,
First term of school, i thought they would be VERY quiet in class. Now it's mid year and they're really awesome :p rn i'm struggling to get comfy with them xD
heyyy nabbbbb
Heyy lil budddyy. missed youu
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RQ- whut would u do if someone likes u, BUT u're in a relationship/u like someone else/or single?
In a relationship : I'd ignore them
Like someone else : I'd ignore them
Single : I'd ignore them
Mmhmmmmmmmmmmmmm pi Tarikh aku nda berapa consistance HAHAHAHAHA yooo dtg rh ms carnival ahhh it'll be funnnnnnn
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pick one girl and one boy in each class in ur batch n describe them in 1 word
8B - Raiyan - pren || Nab - bee u tea pool
8E - Ziq - lalalalala || Sha - pretty
8C - Qins - kaka
8H - Lin - smart
8A - Man - cute || Liaah - nigWatWatWat
8M - Azdi - Okay? || Syaa - Okay
8P - FiZiq - hot || Sri - coach
8I - Halim - sporty || Miza - cheeky
8O - Rawi - cool || Nuwai - my 'Google' idk haha
Nast Fam mwahaha - zak - manusia || Shah - Psycho :D
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What would you name your first child?
Muhammad Nabil Aryan (idek where I get this name from); OR,
Nur Qamariah Assyahirah (LALALALALALALALA what the fuck)
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What's your phone?
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Fish you are damn fast ;)
Fish ayam nut
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yo nab
Hi ?
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Thoughts on Farhan
Farhan my classmate kan ?
Par . Far . Han . Hani . Honey . Hanz . Zraq .
He's one of the fastest kid in MS . The eldest . My grandson (oh I saved his contact as Farhan-G.Son) :P
My coach - he trained me for running everytime when we're using our PE attire
*goes to Han*
"Kan belari kah?"
*wide, creepy smile* "au" *giggles*
"Bah lakas tah"
O M G he knows already xD
Par pandai berabis . Dangannya ni si Hassan becerita di class, giving signals to each other kalau duduk jauh
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mun compare driving skills, ia pandai auto and manual . Aku auto saja yang kna ajar :')
Always gave me advices on sports and sometimes on studies too
My inspiration ~ ♡
K bye . Dah x)
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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
Everytime when I'm sitting for a test(s) --'
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i ship you with hakim.
Harrraaaaaaaaaaaaaam :O
Thanks anw ...
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what the fuck do you want, anon
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ahh? last time aku ckp hy but u nda bls and just jln. sakit hati bah tu rasanya kalau ckp hy nda kna bls... hahaha. srsly no one will hate or dislike you if your attitude nda berubah. atu jua dinamakan 'mementingkan diri sendiri' tanpa memikirkan perasaan org. sorry, aku bkn kn send hate :')
Maybe you didn't listened . I did said hi afterwards
"Hi nab"
*walks* "oh hii"
Kadang2 i may forgotten about it k (I forgot easily in a nick of a time) . Memang pun ada dah people yg hate/dislike me, so I don't care anymore
hy. napa u makin ambung ani kn?
Hi. Ah manada. Kadang2 I don't feel like menagur anyone because I'm lazy. And sometimes from the look on their faces, I can tell whether they're mad at me/hate me, in a bad mood, and etc.. I knew one day someone would ask me this -_-
hi  Anati Naiemah
Heyy, Naiemah c':
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kesian jua eh 'take a long long break' :( sedih hati i melihat text atu :p
Was this supposed to be a damn question ?
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Dare=Post a Selfie. :)  irham
Oh . . Wow D':
I never post one here . . So . . .
Two peeps in one pic, but . .
Weyy heyyy xD at least I'm the only one who's looking :P
Dare=Post a Selfie. :)
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heyyy nabbb!!  Qilah ✨
heyyy qilll!!
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