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Nab (✔) @Asyaa242
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hi  Anati Naiemah
Heyy, Naiemah c':
kesian jua eh 'take a long long break' :( sedih hati i melihat text atu :p
Was this supposed to be a damn question ?
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Dare=Post a Selfie. :)  MDIrham
Oh . . Wow D':
I never post one here . . So . . .
Two peeps in one pic, but . .
Weyy heyyy xD at least I'm the only one who's looking :P
Dare=Post a Selfie. :)
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heyyy nabbb!!  Qilxh
heyyy qilll!!
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Nab,napa u break dengan zakwan? :((( i miss you both
Now, to the haters or whatsoever you are, why the hell ! WHAT ? Is this fucking for real or what ?
"You should break up with nab" wtf is that true ?
Nab,napa u break dengan zakwan? :((( i miss you both
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Stop it nab!!you know you changed!?? Cursing is not making you feel better
Antam tah kamu . . Tagur aku saja . . . . --'
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why didnt u reply the 'assalamualaikum' atu? wow ure so rude :/
. . . and then ?
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siuk putus? haha. ia nda suka kau bah lagi. cari tah boyfriend baru, biartia ia sma org lain. over jua eh, sampai post video arah ig
Oi baie, unfollow tah aku bah dari Ig klau my posts offend you . It's easy as an A, B, C !
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i personally dont like sabrina :) and you :p
Nice compliment
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assalamualaikum nab :))
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Cali? -Fornia ? CALIFORNIA au cali tu kalau aku menampar kau rasa lah ! jumpa aku esok di sekolah ~Jangan kau . Aku pernah menampar kawan ku sal kurang ajar ni . . . Sial kau ah
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i think we should go out ;)
No! ugh . .
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i love u
Shutup . I don't love you
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Pap of today :))
lol k tpi I don't take a lot of pics sal malas
Pap of today :))
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thoughts on faiz?
Hiiiiiiii . . Which Faiz are you talking bout ? Yr 8 ? Yr 9 ? Ugama ?
Harith Faiz - He's so cute and extremely adorable . My classmate . . Shortie c: (no offence)
Faiz (Yr 9) - Okay first of all (tbh), idrk him at first . He's the one who texted me . . . That was last year . . . . If yknow; some guys areeeee . . . . Ummmm . . . *coughs* dir *coughs* -ty minded *coughs* hahahaha sorry to say . . . So that is how I started to know him --' Now that I know him, we usually text each other up til' 5+am . . Yeah i didnt slept . . He's thoughts are sometimes of what I think of others; He's like the mind-reader . . .well idk hahahaha Kdg2, ia ani blh jua lh dkatakn "funny" coz idk . . Sometimes I laughed coz of him . . Faiz is tall c': k done
Faiz (frm ugama yr 5) - idk him but he's kinda funny and, sorry to say, he's acting SUPER weird . . Sometimes I just, tried to, ignore . .
Oh btw, Happy Eid Mubarak anon :)
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What is BTT ani kan? :'((( I know i'm lame aku ketinggalan zaman. -I'm one of the 7I just shut up people
Wah... hmmmmmmm Banar Tah Tu (?) X'P
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nabs apa your phone number?  shiqin
Wae ? Hahaha 8964170
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thoughts on me  shah.
Dambass :) u geymeit c'x my bestf . Cali eh . Likes to hangout with the guys XP shah ambung ah :'(
We ended up having a playful fight, which Bunny disagreed about it :'3
Shah still have eyes of a kid (no offence haha just telling lol but . . . IT'S SO CUTE MAN) ai lav mai nigger su mac :'P The bestest friend I ever had; unny, irritating (in a good way), weird, awesome and all . . We always fight, but on the other hand, we made up too . lol you made my day, even with just a simple 'gag' from you . Tbh I love teasing you too H A H; and from deep inside . . hey I'm treating you Starbucks nanti eh XD 2 - 1 = 1 ticket left Y A Y c:
OH BTW, bai mai esshol ;)
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Zakwan likes nurin.
I'm re-answering
Yeah . Haha I know lah ~ His busmates told me bout it . Like idk ? Haha
Oh . don't think I'm doing the "haha's" and "lol's" just bcause i dont care . Well I actually do; and
(MESSAGE TO ZAK) I'm just like you last year, when you love me so much, but I'm just pulling it off . So okay ! We're even now k ? We're even now, zak . If you keep on liking other people than me, I still won't stop loving you and that's my promise, as you promised last year too . . .
Sorryyyyyyy have to say it here . Might read here rather than texts . P to the E, A - C - E
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Im sorry. But can i know? Are you still with zakwan?
Do I even know you ? Trollolololololol but srsly . .
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pap of you with ur boyfriend.
Can everyone just . . . stop asking these types of questions to me ? It's really annoying . . . fml
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thoughts on meh :3  SabrinaPHAB
U m m m m . . . Hey . . I just opened up my
Soooooooo . . .
Hey you're sabrina . You're the first person that go to me when I first got to MS, when I dunno who you are at first . You're my bestf . We rarely hang out . We sometimes argue and fight . You're a runner . I think you're taller than me (?) Oh well . . Anw, goodnight
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Nab Nab Nab Nab Nab Happy Fasting hahahah late xP  HakimPmbf
Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Happy Fasting hahahah same xP
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Mib wahhh, yg kau left knapa?
Suka hati ku bahhhhh -_-
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Kalau nda mau datang... Sudah lah nab
Eh apakan . . ? Is this pasal mib thingy or what ? Can you just, text me or anything ?
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