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Do you always smile for pictures?

Omg no have you seen my school selfies

Are antismoking ads effective?

Nope, people still smoke; do they not?

Who inspires you?

-Marina Diamandis
-Otep Shamaya
-Lana Del Rey
-The Farmiga Sisters
-Lacey Strum
-The band The Story So Far
-Angelo Parente

That's all of who I can think of atm

Do you trust your government?

Nah man

What motivates you?

New seasons of American Horror Story and Bates Motel is the reason I haven't given up on this year already tbh

Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?



Why do people treat animals so cruelly?

Because we forget that we aren't the only organisms that can comprehend feelings and emotion

How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

Send them a picture of Evan Peters' naked booty

What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up?

I'm tied between Santa Claus and that all men are disrespectful pigs because they aren't all horrible

What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?

A black panther and a tortoise would look so cool. A feline body with the shell, webbed paws and claws, half scaly skin; I wish I could draw better so I could try and create this!

Do you believe in second chances?

That all depends on the situation really

If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?

The Farmiga Sisters, Marina Diamandis, Otep Shamaya, & Sarah Paulson someone make this happen for me plEASE

What's your favorite movie scene?

The scene in the movie 'Mindscape' when Anna (Taissa Farmiga) mimics everything John (Mark Strong) says when he enters her room.
I was cracking up through that whole thing, I loved her sass and conniving wit through that movie; she fucking fooled me at the end.

Also the college tour scene in At Middleton with Vera and Taissa Farmiga, that was great too.

What made your day today?

Watching The Conjuring finally
Vera Farmiga is such a bae <3

What famous people were born in your city?

John Petrucci from the band Dream Theater

What do you think people should do more often?

Get laid and calm the fuck down

What angers you the most?

Nothing angers me more than ignorant people that judge something without ever experiencing it

How often do you use your brain?

A lot actually, I overthink way too much

What questions do you usually ask when you want to get acquainted with someone?

I ask about their interests mainly o:
Or just what they like in general to see how much we have in common~

What's something every teen should know?

Don't take your teenage years for granted
Growing up blows

And also all teens should know that they can be, do, and think whatever they want, as long as they don't harm anyone else in the process

What's the largest amount of money you've ever lost?

I've never lost any money
I'm way too anal and neurotic about my money

What associations do you have with the word "circus"?

My childhood when I saw The Big Apple Circus almost every year
Those were good days c:

Are you a traveler or a homebody?

A little bit of both, but more of a homebody if I had to choose one :'D

How far in advance do you prefer to plan?

.5 seconds before the event happens

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?

When dogs like this exist, my choice is obvious


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