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is your family rich?

Not worrying about money but not so rich.

Hi, so you are living in China ? How can you access website like facebook and Instagram ? Thanks !

Yes I am. I use Goagent and some free VPN for iphone.

do you think burgundy colour is easy to style ? like a burgundy shoes?

Yes I think so, I have some burgundy items and my docs oxfords are burgundy too, they go well with almost all of my clothes.

你好,唔知你系唔系广州人?你拍摄的图片挺有风格,挺有感觉。你自己拍摄的吗?不知道你多大了?我看到你下面的问题,你谈到你1米71其实不矮很多模特都不是很高,最主要是有风格特点!我也退过学,也不大喜欢跟别人交流。或许我还不了解你,但我觉得你一直在努力,你有微博吗?我觉得微博是个不错的平台!我喜欢你的风格,我觉得你挺有潜力的,加油!Doing what you like is freedom,Liking what you do is happiness:)


Hi do you have a job or what do you do every day?

I don't have a job at the moment, I have plans on studying something but right night I'm stuck on getting driving license :(

It sounds creepily but I would like to be friends your friend. I live in Hong Kong and I look like Daria from Daria we could be best frds

Daria & Jane that sounds awesome.

how tall are you?



you don't even need a commercial face and height doesn't matter, you're absolutely stunning.

Thank you :)

you're so beautiful, you could be a model.

Thank you but I'm too short and my face is obviously not that commercial.

Hi dear, how are you doing? :)

I'm alright, I guess.

why schooling didn't work out for you?

I don't think schooling didn't work out for me, I was a really happy girl when I was in middle school, it's just high school I disliked. As I went to high school everything just went wrong. Too much stress, too much homework and I didn't feel like making friends with anyone. Besides I couldn't accepted the fact that I was not an excellent student anymore, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't remember anything, then I started to have insomnia and my parents still put so much stress on me so finally I got emotionally break down. I returned a year later, things were the same as first year, I struggled a bit and then I realized it wasn't for me so I decided to quit school for good.

Why do you blog? And if you have a job, what do you do?

Just want to find a place to post my outfit photos/photography/random shit. Unemployed at the moment, not sure what I want.

What is the point of your existence? All you seem to do is promote misery.

Good question, I'm still finding the point of my existence. But I'm not promoting misery, it's just a song. Who the hell am I? I'm nobody, I don't promote anything.

you are really pretty

thanks :)

what camera do you use?

Canon 450D

aurora!! i'm visiting shanghai and hong kong for vacation -- what are you favorite spots to shop and eat and hangout in both places? love your style, girl, keep bloggin!

Thank you! Um I have only been to Shanghai once and I can't remember much; If you go to Hong Kong you must go to Mong Kok & Causeway Bay, there are lots of big malls and tons of restaurants. Better try some dim sums, they aren't expensive and quite tasty.

do you feel embarrassed in front of the camera ? i mean the posture and all those stuff especially people are staring at you ! How do you deal with all these ? thanks xx

I always feel awkward in front of the camera but I usually ask my cousin and close friends to photograph me so I can feel more comfortable. And I choose my locations carefully, I never shoot my outfit photos at those places where have tons of people walking around. And most people don't even care about me but if someone shows interest then I would just stop shooting and walk away.

I think I've read somewhere before that you stopped school. What grade will you be in if you'll go back to school? I'm 17 and I stopped as well because ~i hate people~ haha but i'm going back this year i'm really scared :(

I went to high school for the first two years, it takes three years to completely finish. I'm not planning to go back to school anyway, I'm almost 20 I would rather study on my own, that works better. Going back to the place that drove you crazy is scary, I know that feeling, but you gotta face it when it comes right?

It didn't work out for me again but I'm not regret for that decision. Maybe you will find someone you like this time, I met two different groups of people and I felt related to none of them, I think I was just lack of luck, I hope you won't be following my footstep ;)

Is cherry red three eyes docs versatile?

To be honest, no, they look amazing with certain colours, but you can't wear them all the time.

hi! i am traveling guang zhou next month! I just wanna ask how's the weather and any places you recommend to me to do some shopping and sightseeing>? thanks!

May is definitely going to be hot, not sure if it's going to rain though. The night view of Pearl River is amazing, you must see it. Tianhe has some big malls and it's the most flourishing area, great place for both shopping and sightseeing. And China Plaza is young people's fav, there are also two underground malls nearby. And the best Cantonese restaurant must be Bingsheng, there's one located in Tianhe. If you're lucky enough you will see people doing sports and dancing in the squares at night, it's a very interesting culture, too funny my friends and I always stop and watch.

When did you first fall in love?


Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?

People have different thoughts.

What sport do you do?

Moving my fingers and hands.

Romwe had them but they are no longer in stock.

If the whole world were listening, what would you say?