austin mahone
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noura al alshai5 =))?

Huh ?

what ever i have 2 go bye nice 2 meet u


will in december i will be 15

but you still 14 liar ;p

or bb pin ?

i have both
why if i may ask i mean

do u have a email ? :P

yea why ?

i am 14 :D

older than me by year


i am sorry
keep asking ;p

where do u live?

next to you
mexico city - new

im a mahonee!!

lucky you
can i ask why you talk a lot ? :\ i can't even answer all the q's

how old r u ?


where do u live in usa ?

who said i live in usa ?

so are a girl or a boy ?


so how's USA ?


XD i dont want people 2 see my info

why ?


cool :\
so why you dont show your info ?

yes i do i love him <3 __<3

girl or boy ?

i am a big fan 2 of austinmahone his a good singer i love him !!!!!!<3<3<3

every fan of austin mahone is AMAZING PERSON <33
he is the most talented person in youtube Dont yea think that to ?

غبي غبي غبي شوف انا افهم انجليزي بس انت الغبي الي ما تفهم يا دلووخة

i wanna make you feel so angry that all u want is just screaming
and when you finnish screaming you die :)
cause i told you million times speak EN please :)


the person that all my answers was about him

ur saudi

who is saudi ?
i am austin fan

I meant big in the real world! Not youtube

youtube is people world

Where r u from?

somebody asked me this and i already an answered him
where r you when i wrote it ?

He's so talented ! I believe he's going to be big someday <3

Yea i know & he is already big
thank you

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم :*

english please

you are stupid :P

dont talk to your self in my page again please
thanks hope your mind understand what i am saying <3


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i am not the real austin mahone i am just his biggest fan i love him so much <3