alyssa @awitsalyssa
alyssa @awitsalyssa
i do dumb stuff
ayy lmaNO
Make a gift
whattcha wanna know??
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thirsty ass
i'm not thirsty. i just could use some friends right now. you aren't really helping.
ya bitch friend spelled phase wrong
oh wow like i have control over how people spell... smh
I had your kik but not anymore I lost it, haha sorry
yooo asiansgotswagg hmu ahahh
Don't have your kik anymore and I'm a freshman
i have my kik and i like freshman haha
Do u have an idea on who dis is
ahha no man! that's why you should kik me! haha
Yeah haha have a good one
uh..? you too. wish i knew who it was ahahah.
Don't have your kik any more but it's fine. After all you hate freshman.
ahaha oh!
Don't worry. We've met (;
kik me or something.
You are very beautiful
nah ahah who are you?
I'm not sure why those people are trying to make you feel bad but I really hope it doesn't faze you because you're beautiful inside and out
well it hurts yeah but i mean i guess im fine ahah thank you
Yeah anytime stay positive beautiful
i wish i was haahh
Hey ignore all those stupid questions and rude comments. Your very pretty and from what I know of u your very sweet
aw wow thank you man much love
What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?
"my brother touches me at night"
bitch ur fucken dead
do sum
I'm gonna neuter you bitch
actually, you spay a female dog
but if you're implying that i'm a boy then good one
can we like...never make out ever because you're disgusting
ayy whatever floats ur boat lol
ur not talented enough to go to sota you have the talent of a fish
a rainbow trout fish?
You know about condoms? Your mom doesnt
Thank god you aren't going to tn next year
yeah i know... THANK GOD
Nah for real drop dead
drop dead gorg...?
I hope your mom turns off the wifi at 6 pm
no chill
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tell your mom to finish the abortion she started
that's real mean guy
I wish we had a thing
hey u and me both pal
Can we like ... make out?
Did you and Richie have a thing?
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