raiza magbunal @ayaleah
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Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
long hair
expert ka lage sa kalokohan?
di ko nga alam anong ibisabihin ng kalokohan eh
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Who is your biggest mentor?
Asan makabuy ng pennyboard? :) help pls :(
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Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
di completo ang players...
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
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What would animals say to us if they could talk?
arf arf
anong gina play mo pag bored ka?
boredgames HAHAHHAHAA board pala hihu
Where do you find new music?
phone haha
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?
no bai they should be kept at home HAHAHAHA.
Is it ethical to eat meat?
half yes and half no.
Are you in Love?
with ma mum? yes
What do you spend most of your money on?
i dont have money.
What has been the scariest experience in your life?
when i met u. hihi
What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?
50 shades of grey. obai. HAHAHAHAHA. joke lang
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Is there something you eat every day?
food bai. HAHAHA
Wat is je persoonlijke top 5 van films?
ano that?
Who do you trust most in your life?
raiza bai
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?
Where would you bury your treasure if you had some?
in my heart. hihi
Who do you follow on Vine?
Magaling mag guitar at matangkad si AC CRISOSTOMO! please share ;)
atik? HAHAHAHAHHAA. #supportac
Sino ang gusto mo maging sc pres?
noynoy hehe
Gwapa si kyra?
kinsay kyra?
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