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Who u inviting to your quince
People that are close to me.
where are you right now
y u awake so early
The month
y u mean
Am I mean? If I'm mean to you that's because u have done something to me...
when is ur quince
Next year
u sound like a man when you sick
Alvaro!!!!!! Dead asf
y weren't u at school
Because I'm sick.
no other ppl
Nope well the next day on my birthday emeline came to my party
who was at ur birthday last year or where you go
I spend my day one day before my birthday with Alvaro and Isis
is it going to be like Kelly's
who you inviting
people who are close to me
Are you going to have a quence
Quince* and yes
how old you turning
do you like Ruben
Who is a Old friend that you see don't talk to them no more
There's many
Who is the last person you met?
when is ur birthday
April 6!!
how many friends have u had in middle school and aren't talking to you as much as they did last year
Idk I don't really pay attention
how's your free day of no school
It's good ig.
has their been a friend u had that avoided u
Idk maybe...
What color are your eyes?
Dark brown
Who is the last person you met?
Ruben! Haha
what are you looking forward to this year
for many things.
What's your biggest fear?
Getting close to someone and then seen them leave out of my life.
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