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P A A O O L A A @ayee_paola
Ask me a question
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Because u butt hurt
But who I like doesn't relate to why I was butt hurt
Who u like??
I'm not trying to be rude but why you care?
Y was u butt hurt in school
Because stuff....
Looks like it
Oh Well we are not.
Are u going out with Edilson???
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When ur birthday
April 6
You just said u liked someone
I actually do qnd he goes to balboa hs
What grade is the guy u like in?
I don't like no one.
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Is he friends with everyone
Who? The person I like?
Well u been hurt alot so....
Did u ask him??
Why you wanna know?
The person u like
Is he in ur quince
Who u like
Don't worry about it
La macarena??
Ges you do know me
Guess* and Idk
Que es tu kik morra?
-.- do I know you?
Do u like burritos
Do u like burritos?
Do u like BURRITOS??
Do u like burritos?
Of course I do duh
Do u like tacos
Do u like tacos?
Where are u now
U ppl should stop messing with her let her do what she wants
Thank you