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afraid he don't like you the way you like him
Kinda but I don't love him I'm just trying to tell you that bc I feel like you think it's love but it's not love , I like him and there's a difference between love and like and I like him but I don't love him.
u afraid of ppl asking him if he likes you
Not really.
because I wanna know out of curiosity
Well I won't say who no more, so don't waste your time asking me.
Why you want to know? Tell me
I'm asking a question
would you do anything to be with him
Mmm... idk would I??
Have you ever been in love?
Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
and why do you think that
Because there's something you say that made it seem like you do.
oh umm I never said I knew who you liked
Well It sounds like u know who I like.
to have a special connection u know him and the way he is that what I meant to say
Oh umm... so do you know who I like?!
yeah like u know that person very well
If you aren't afraid to say who you are , say it.
love at first sight is that u like their body and all that like guys liking ass
Yeah you look at the features but then deep in ur heart u feel a special connection... you haven't answered my question do you know who I like or something?
to be able to like someone u like things about him because you can't like him at first sight
I mean then why does love at first sight exsist, do you know who I like or something?Ha.
u can just ask him not like their going to be a big impact in ur friendship with him
Umm... why you say that I have a friendship with that person...
u won't know for sure until u ask him
Yeah but... idk
y are you kinda afraid of being in love
Because... sometimes the person you're in love with don't like you back.
Are you afraid of falling in love?
Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
Post a selfie!
Post a selfie!
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How long have you not talk to him?
Why you want to know?
How do you not know if the person you like likes you back?
Because haven't talk to him and I don't know...
I think you are really beautiful and i have a little crush on you. Sorry to waste your time
Thank you... can u tell me who u are please?!
Can i be your bf?
Tell me who you are?!?!
Does the person you like like you back?