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La macarena??
Ges you do know me
Guess* and Idk
Que es tu kik morra?
-.- do I know you?
Do u like burritos
Do u like burritos?
Do u like BURRITOS??
Do u like burritos?
Of course I do duh
Do u like tacos
Do u like tacos?
Where are u now
U ppl should stop messing with her let her do what she wants
Thank you
Ppl going to think that and u gonna cry again
So u don't want me to hang out with him so I won't cry again about that
Sure you be going to quince with him
Is that bad?
U sure be spending alot more time with him going to quinces with him
And u like him
I don't like Armando
okay ig
U be spending alot of time with him
With who?
Nor Armando
Umm okay ctfu
That's y Ruben don't like u
I really don't care
Because u don't have an explanation because you are a mean person
I think I am then...
Don't u think that's mest up to someone that likes u
Ikkk It is but ugh I can't explain....
U might like him
I don't like Edilson and won't ever like him
Not yet
Maybe not yet??
Ik he's not
Nope but it's a possibility
Ik he's not the right guy for me I can feel it.
Are you sure you guys might have alot in common??
I'm sure about that.
Then who?? Edilson??
No ik he's not the right guy.