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And u like him
I don't like Armando
okay ig
U be spending alot of time with him
With who?
Nor Armando
Umm okay ctfu
That's y Ruben don't like u
I really don't care
Because u don't have an explanation because you are a mean person
I think I am then...
Don't u think that's mest up to someone that likes u
Ikkk It is but ugh I can't explain....
U might like him
I don't like Edilson and won't ever like him
Not yet
Maybe not yet??
Ik he's not
Nope but it's a possibility
Ik he's not the right guy for me I can feel it.
Are you sure you guys might have alot in common??
I'm sure about that.
Then who?? Edilson??
No ik he's not the right guy.
What if he was in front of u but never realized it was him because u thought he was only a friend to you at first
When do u think u will meet the right guy??
Ctfu idk. Do you know?
Where do you see yourself in the future??
What do u want to be in the future?
What has been the worst mistake u have made
Going out with someone.
Who are ur best friends?
Do u like someone else but doesn't like u back
Nah I don't like someone else
What is your favorite type of flower?
The Alcatraz flower
Y u guys break up??
Because it wasn't working out..
Didn't you go out with noe??
Who's noe? <3 ? What school?
he's a 10th grader and kipp hs
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