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When you quince
Y is that
Use to see u Isis and him talk but now only u and Isis
He use to be my friend
y u get so many questions damn nosy pple cant mind their own bussiness☝ hahahah cx!  Arleth Hernandez
Do u not like Alvaro
Why you asking?
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Friends are important
Hiiii Arleth
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Don't u think he still cares
Idk leave me alone I got many things in my head now that hurt me and don't know how to handle them.
Well he was ur best friend
Don't you think u have to talk it out
Talk about what?
Y didn't u come to school
I had a fever on Monday night and I wasn't feeling good in the morning
He scares me
Okay look do you think I care.... No I don't, so can you like STOP bothering him and also stop bothering me because it's annoying and if I answered you more than he does that doesn't fucken mean he has to answer you, like I'm not trying to be rude but leave him and me alone.
Umm who ever is asking all these questions about Alvaro needs to cut the crap . If you want answers go ask Paola to her face it go ask alvaro . You shouldn't even care anyways it's their business  Nafisa Adams
Thank you.
No more
I mean I do trust him alot.
Weren't u guys best friends
Yeah we were.
He quite so it no suprise he ain't talking
Yup ik.
That don't mean he ain't
I guess..
Y is that
Because we don't talk that much and I really just don't know if he considers me like his friend..
Are u and Alvaro even friends
I really just don't know anymore....
we don't talk no more y is that  raevyn williams
Idk you never talk to me.
So how was he ur friend
Next time ask "did you like alvaro like a friend"
Because whoever is asking makes it unclear the way it's been ask....
Did u use to like Alvaro