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ayreena @ayreenaxx
RSS answers
your dare is to last forever w him ;>  tafta
aye in sha Allah :-))
rate : 90/100! (:  ashley
thankyouu :-))
Fav. Textbuddy?
no one
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Which is your favorite song?
sledgehammer & one wish
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dare you to err hug mustaqiim HAHA  ashley
sureeee hahahahha
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tbh er idrk u ._. but u seem nice and friendly :) talk more if we meet in school okayy xD  Daineee
haha ayee okayy :-))
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owd ; caring  amel
thankyou :-)
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How many questions do you have on
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What would you never post online?
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Pap Ws chats
fak off
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PAP with someone please
since u said please HHAHA with zackeron!!! qt3.142 <3333
PAP with someone please
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fi - pretty, skinny, cute, friendly (: ci - same + nice & kind ^^  ashley
aye thankyouuu xd
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Not only weird . Is damn weird  Qiye
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otp you and mustaqiim duhz lol  ashley
but i ship u and me ;))) cheyyy hahha lmao
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List some weird facts abt yourself!! :D
- i love indian babies idky HAHA
- i can eat fillet o fish in less than 5 minutes hahahha
- i adore fat young kids xdd
- i only walk on people's right. like if u walk on my right, i'll pull u to my left so im ur right side. (if u get wht i mean)
- i find it cool when a chinese ppl speak in indon
- im scared of heights eventho i live on the highest level
- idky but i laugh at every single thing
- i talk to myself when im alone idky
- i sing in the lift sometimes lmao
- i dream abt weird things everynight
- im just weird
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Likers get Dp rate?
did tht recently, how bout this haha
Likers get Dp rate?
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Oh haha u looked like vvv gd person haha sry last long :-)  gtfomel
hahah cheyy itsok hue thankyouuu :-))
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✋based on look✋ Hot or not - Hot ! Virgin or not - virgin ! Smart or dumb - smart !! Single or taken - single ?? Athletic or lazy - athletic !!!! Nice or rude - nice! Age -13 ? (( based on LOOKS ))  gtfomel
ayee im taken & 14 yrs old huehue thanks anws!! :-))
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Likers get a question: hi how's your day?  CassidyAng
good aha hbu
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Most used app in your phone
erm telegram ig askfm line
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date or pass: pass bc u got mustaqiim HAHAHA.
yarrrrrr hahahah
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tbh idk u but u look friendly and pretty  ❁sharifah❁
hue thankyouuu :-)
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What would you name your first child?
too young to think of that
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Weird facts about yourself please :)?
i stay on the highest level but am still scared of heights lmao
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Likers get owd : tall sia kau  x_x
ah ah sia taller than u can ready HAHAHA.
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