What was your favorite toy as a kid? PAP

barbie doll hahahaha

Burgers with pickles or onions or both?


likers get dp rate: 7/10 clarerissa✨


Name all your closest friend from each class in your level?

i oni have like 3-4 closest friends from my stream heh

hello tbh we should talk!! shamim

hello and yess! 😊

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

i think its not a compliment but he sent me a song called perfect-p!nk & every girls out there shldnt feel insecure abt themselves 💯

likers get rate; a+😄 Beeshi√


who is Teletubbs?

@YaniTomlinson @n_fatin

Fav people in school?

mus & teletubbssss hahhahaha who else

likers get tbh // mom4life hahaa 10yrs friendshipp!! bare_foot_warrior

oh yeahh!!!! 😂

tbh I really like your height and we should really talk more!! ♡ⓢⓗⓐⓡⓛⓔⓝⓔシ

thankyouu & yes we shld! 😊

heyy! i hope your week has went well! anyways, this will be my last note in a while, so stay positive and keep smiling. if you want to know me, do ask me! dont look at yourself and see what you hate, but look at yourself and appreciate yourself! you were made beautifully and wonderfully! *hugs* 💖🙆 WeeklyHappiness


Close friends?

teletubbs & some classmates & some others

likers get fi : tall and friendly!! last long w your boyf 😊 xinni

thankyouu & u too 😊

SN: Heyyy I don't know you but you have a really cool name :> Ana Erica ♪(´ε` )

thankyouu! 😊

Pap lock & home screen

likers get tbh:vv pretty👧last long with him ok stay sweet😊dun rlly know so lets talk more😊 _xilyhx_


likers get short note;Hello Nina (blackshot character?😂) you are beautiful and friend,perfect for mus😋👍last forever agn and hope you pass all your papers and go to the school that you want😇will miss you if you leave bv :) Beeshi√

hahaha thankyouu😊

Still with mus ?

yes why

i can only kill u because mus will kill me Hantenggggg

yea HAHA

likers get fi : pretty & tall yet skinny ☺️ jiajia


fi : tall & pretty! min hui

thankyouu 😊

Hey idrk you but I always mistake you for the twins HAHAH . Do you have a twin ? 😂😂 Alayuthen Zulfan

HAHAHAHA how do i look like them😂😭 and nope i dont😂

hihi, my first impression of you idreally rmb bc so long ago but i think youre a really easy going person thats fun to hang out with & indeed you r & i miss you!!😭💕 Angelllx

aw i miss you toooo we shld catch up real soon!!!

HII !! everyday when u go to sch , dont forget to smile okay ? bc ur smile may brighten up someones day ;) Atb for your upcoming exams aitess :))) cheer up if you're down okk && stay beautiful , gorgeous and positve ok & last long w mus :))

aw thankyouu iz!! 😊👍


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