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secute lah korang !!! i ship musreena ;)  Fatin
hehh :'D
How did you know Mus
okey so its gonna be long but i'll thank you for reading huehue.
so basically during the june hols our sec2 malay got some overseas trip. so from tht trip i knew his name before i even know how he looks like HAHAOmg. so during tht trip i kept on thinking who is him(simply bcoz his name is cool) and i think on the 3rd day i finally realised his face bcoz he was sitting w soofee in the bus i think? HAHA i found him cute zzz and he was really funny tho and somewhat i adore his laughter heh :')) so i started to somehow 'like' him. then during the fasting mth we went out to have our breakfast w some of our frens and i think i can rmbr how he looks like from there??? idfk omg HAHA then got one day before we and our frens go out for jalan raya, i asked him (in the pic below) and so tht was the day we started talking everydayy and apparently we became bestfriends(annoying ones) and i think i started to have feelings for him ya. so then on 19 aug he was dared to treat me icecream yaaa and thats when yall started shipping me and mus here zzzz. then few days ltr he told me he had feelings for me and so i told him tht i have one on him too andddd soon he asked me and yeaaa 2408 was the day we're tgt till now ;))) ps my english is bad so sorry for tht heh :'D
How did you know Mus
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do you cut?
cut what HAAHAA
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
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Who is the craziest person you know?
mustaq HAHA
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class pos.?
from 1-37 u guess ah haha
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Anon dont know but I know  CassidyAng
aiya u shuddup la u used to be part of it lmao
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Describe everyone in teamkpo ??
how dafak do u know teamkpo ._.
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How did you know Mustaqiim
somehow a long story !
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How many subjects you fail ?
geog & hist only
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Describe your class
we dabomb
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Likers get dp rate ?
okay but dont expect me to do it fast haha i'll take my time
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Did your mum scold u?
lol nope
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How do you communicate most with your friends?
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Did you tell your parents about yr rs?
apparently my mum found out and then she told my dad lmao
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Do your parents know that you have a boyfr
hmm yea haha
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why your mum took your phone ?
smth la u dont kepo can anot ugh
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my mum took my phone zzzzzz
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second monthsary siol
ya ik but sorry not in a mood rn
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How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?
say "shuddup" HAHA omfg idek
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Who are you friends?
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Are you afraid of people?
heh yaaa
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Liker gets a qns/dare: Dare you to SS how mus ask U to be his gf hehe :)  [J]ANNN
Liker gets a qns/dare:
Dare you to SS how mus ask U to be his gf hehe :)
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me and him keke
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