Last movie you watch?

conjuring 2

hi i love you

I love you too

desc ur first love

first love as in first crush or first rs or what AHAHA

anon what's your problem mustaqiim

chillll b

Lol you won't last wif Mus lah keep on break attach :o

if we can proof to u tht we can, wht are u gnna do abt it? ;)

Who do you want to spend yr future with?


Best beaches close to you?

@n_fatin HAHA

sn : hello last long with mus 😂 adamshah

HAHA thanks 😂

Pap Ws chats

i dont use ws

What is your favorite drink?

teh ice

things you wan 2 do this june but you did not?

1: study
2: 1🙂🙂🙂

u still with mus?

yeap, why?

likers get sn - hello!! dont really know you but ure friendly for a first impression hehe. ure very pretty and tall!! do say hi when sch starts! atb for sec 4 and last long w ur boyf! 💗 jessica

hehe thankyouu and u last long too!! 😊

likers get "we should..." – say hi in school!! hehe nicole♡

yesyes we shld 😊

lg emoji rate : ☺😍😎😂 adamshah

thanksss 😊

Pap Sc friends pls?


Pap Sc chats?

noo cnnt

Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?


What do u think of thigh gaps ?

okok la

How do you maintain a Healthy r/s?

respect each other's privacy & communicate is impt too

likers get owd:mustaqiim's ★xilyhx★


yeah but why o.o

search abt it

Why can boys get caned in school but not girls?? That's soo unfair

it is illegal

Do you ever dream of winning a lottery? What would you do with your millions?

travel the world w someone

likers get a short note; hii altho we've nvr actually talk bfr but u look rly friendly! see u in sch hahah sandy



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