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Like my OTP still k me .  LukeFarmer
Tbh idk you well but from your dp you look so cute and pretty. I guess I saw you taking the same bus as me last Friday. Anyway last long with Mustaqiim .  nabila
hehh yass u were w nadhirah haha and thanksss :-))
cb diam
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OTP u with Mustaqiim ~~  LukeFarmer
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Tbh ure tall for your age haha  Zulaikha
aha yasss
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tbh u look rlly kind and pretty!! (-: haven't talk to u before ;-( and um last long :-))  shery!
hehe naww thankyouu :-))
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pap of u now!
isnt my dp a pic of me haha
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tbh u pretty lah and last long ok
thankyou haha who are u btw
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Quote of the Day?
"You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it"
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Fmk:Syah,Mus and Lut
fuck marry and kill all k.
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rate - pretty!!  tammy♡
thankyou :-))
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Fmk: mus, cas, lut  nat
f; lut
m; mus
k; cas
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tbh u're gorge and such an outgoing person huehue and last long w him!! ;-)  Haziqah Hashir
hehe aww thankyou!! :-))
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tbh u are my one and only and im blessed to hav u;)))ily ;)))))  mustaqiim
hehe aww cb why so sweet :')) ilyt ;))
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tbhh v stunning and beautiful, talkk moree luhh andd lastt longg wif mus! <3  _xmokmokx
haha okiee thankss ;))
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tbh- you're pretty,kind,helpful,skinny and last long with mustachepimple. sorry mus  CassidyAng
HAHHAHA kk thanks
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tbh you are very friendly, kind , pretty , love to help others and last long with mus :)  lutfil
haha naw thankyouu :-))
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tbh you are pretty and friendly! last longlong with mus ah!! see you next training!  raiin
haha yeaa thanks and u last long too!! :-))
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tbh u fierce. no sarcasm. hahah kind and friendly also la duhhh. hahaha. We should hang out more and talk more. hehe: ) last long with mus.  urkacheng
haha i whr got fierce sighpie :( haha yess and thanksss :-))
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Likers get TBH?
ok sure but selective
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pap followers pls
pap followers pls
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PUL ; Are you a carbonated drink? Because you’re making me all bubbly on the inside.  Tengg.
haha naww
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Likers get "if we dated" ?
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hi! :) tbh i've seen you in school before and sorry for not saying hi :( i suck at making friends so hahaha sorry about that xD anyways you seem really nice :) would like to know you better! all the best for eoys :)  ashleyy ❥
hihi naw itsokay its not ur fault hhe! haha thankss yea sure back at ya! :-))
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anon, don't look down on NT, they are also smart in their own ways andd funn to hang out wif  _xmokmokx
heheh yessssss :-))
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