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fish and chips
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u think u cool arh anon ?  f☹areesha
Anon her pasal la kanina. Tak happy perh  Ik I Cute
u and ur kanina since jn zzzz
anon balls less unanon lah talk settle  lutfil
cb her problem uh atleast she showing tht she sayang me  mustaqiim
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Why you put your bf name as sayang ew =_=
my problem la nvr disturb ur life rite
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Pap ws
Pap ws
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Ty ik i cute. You are wlc. 😉😉🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘  Ik I Cute
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Wahh liddat. Okay u good  Ik I Cute
u cute ah cute HHAHAHAHA
i tot from meh  Ik I Cute
From who HHAHAHA. Ltr nicole expose again  Ik I Cute
from him la HAHA
Siala u eat too much sweet isit. Thats why u so sweet tdy HHAHA  Ik I Cute
yes i ate the sweets mus gave me HAHAH
Wow. Okay lorh. Byebye :((  Ik I Cute
WAH dont sad leyh 😉😉😉 u sad i sad HAHAHAHAHA
Ur wlc . Thanks for ur compliment 😉🙆🏼  Ik I Cute
not welcome ✋ HAHA CHEY
Ty ik i cute ur wlc😉💖  Ik I Cute
eh eh pls HAHA 😏😂
Your parents approve your rs?
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ohwelzz  mustaqiim
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Facts abt mus??
- very mean at times
- on the other side, he's vvv sweet ;)
- he can never be mad at me ☺️
- he loves to play soccer actly idk
- very outgoing & funny person bcoz he can make ppl happy esp ME
- loves to annoy me alooooot
- he would send me home when he got nth aft sch or just send me to the busstop when its late
- his hug is the nicest i hv to admit obv
- he's mine 😉💟
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hello!! 💞🐘 how are you today? i hope your day went amazingly well and if not, be comforted that YOU ARE SO AMAZING and you'll get better days. jiayou with your schoolwork and all that boring stuff. here's sth to lighten the mood: Have you ever tried eating clocks? heard they're time consuming! 😹  x
hha thankyouu! ☺️
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How did you spend your anniversary !!
he came over to punggol and we ate mac and then we lepak thts all HAHAHA
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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
introvert but sometimes extrovert
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hello you!! how did you spend your Sunday?? please sleep early alrights and jiayou for the new week of school tmr!! 💖 (•̀ᴗ•́)و you can overcome all your problems. turn your cants into CANS. keep your chin up through everything ok 😎  x
thankyouuu ☺️
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imitate mus
"u ok?"
"ala cute uh"
"ishhhhh so cute"
"i love u"
*kiss me on the cheek*
"im not letting u go"
"stay with me"
"ye la ye la"
"fine uh"
"kkkk alaaaa sryy"
there's more but i cnnt think
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hey!!:-) firstly, im so sorry if i forgot to send a note yesterday. i was sick and i cant seem to remember if i sent one... secondly, how are you doing today? how did you spend your saturday doing? do you still have exams? if you do jiayou in everything ok. 💪🏼💕remember to keep fighting on! !😇  x
gwssss & im doing fine here in msia ☺️💞
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imitate laras
"kau ingat kau cool"
"ni mintak penampar nabi sia"
"kau cute ah"
"diam ah"
"kau tating ah"
"kau lame"
i cnnt think alr
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wahwahwah anon 👏👏👏 Wahhh my namee ..  f☹areesha
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