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FMK:Syahir,Mus,Wei Kiat
f; syah
m; mus
k; weikiat
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short note: hey you, last long #ayrtaqiim and talk more. U always v silent when i see u n with the same girls hais. kbyeeeeeeeeee  Socks
im actly very noisy tho HAHA but thanks yeh talk moreee
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likers get fmk me , yani , mus ;))  n.fatin
fmk u all hehe
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likers get fmk
yea sure
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can I don't post it? haha regretted promising you sia. it's damn embrassing to post on ig  mr strawberry
our deal ok only for one day idc hihoho
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What is the best song of all time?
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likers get short note; hahahaha hihi nayeh!:) i wonder who is turning older in afew days time hmmmm i rlly wonder who*smirk i hope ur doing well in sch n i miss u alot hurhur xoxoxo u suck i wont give u gifts on ur bday cause u didnt gimme chey ill try to get u smt k?love u miss u  aileen(:
EH NAYEH I WONDER WHO HAHA. i'll give u ur belated x10 bday gift the next time we meet ok hopefully!! hehe xoxo love u and deffo miss u come back okieee<33
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i dare u to tell your friend you're in love w someone and ask them to guess who it is  weiling
she's a satan
i dare u to tell your friend you're in love w someone and ask them to guess who it is
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tbh you perf luh so gorg like *.* ❗️❗️ last long with mus talk more!! :)  nat
naw back at you babe hehe thankyouu yeh talk moreeee (:
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Turn on(s) & turn off(s) for boys? :)
turn on - mus
turn off - you.
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Fav colour?
deffo black and sometimes blue
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Describe all your close friends one by one?
laras; teddy bear
shahira; pendek HAHAHA
fatin; all time fav bij
angel; one & only longkang
aileen; complain queen CHEY
seri; satan101
syahir; annoying adik
cassidy; retarded & annoying strawberry
weikiat; annoying son
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what would u like for u birthday?
polaroid camera or kanken bag tbh HAHAH but im fine w anything
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date percentage : 0% cause you got mus. lastlong galah  Zaannn
thanks midget hahaha
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Any plans for your birthday? :)
no haha
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Any comments for directioners that self-harmed because Zayn left 1D?
theyre just hurting themself just bcoz zayn left 1d like urm he's still alive tho haha im sorry but its just kinda stupid
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I remember when we dgaf about what happened late night at Jogja but we still follow them hahaha  AYJBWKZ
ikr kecoh sia HAHAH
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Do u agree wif wat zulfa said about the sec ones becoz i tink she iz being rude
she's not being rude tbvh, she's just stating the fact and yes i agree with her bcoz MOST of the sec 1s acting as if they rule the sch when theyre just like 3 mths old in the sch. plus if u think tht zulfa is being rude then why abt the sec 1s? arent some of them being rude too? HAHAHA im sorry but i agree 100000% with wht zulfa said and ik u dont so ok
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likers get date percentage
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fmk:mus,syahir,cassidy  nabila
im so close to them help?!?!??!!!
f; syahir
m; mus
k; cass HAHA SOZ!!
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You're not close to mus?
he's my bf hello
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Boys you are close to in 3t8?
syahir and cassidy
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Pap of your handwriting please!
its ugly soz
Pap of your handwriting please!
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dare you to post here a very sweet conversation between u and mus !  Xin Yi ☺
sweet enough? hehehe
dare you to post here a very sweet conversation between u and mus !
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tbh you're skinny and tall! very pretty too! last long with mus! and see you in school! ;)  elaine
haha thankyouu! u too last longgg (:
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