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I think it was koufu😅


ahhh icic

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Pap snapstreaks

I think I saw u in central😅


whr!! haha i didnt see u 😂

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I love you

err ok??

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What do you expect in your future bf?

nothing haha

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What sch you from?

Next time just reply all my questions in class if you can😂 I like that you were a badass today

hahahaha im not a badass

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Please tell me you're free now😭

yes i am

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What's your twitter name?


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So you have a bf?

Not nice eh reply one by one after 1hr.

oops 😂

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Why only maybe? I miss sending you questions


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That's why I say you're a damn badass😍 I love a badass too haha. So after 5 you can reply properly?

yea maybe

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What's wrong? Hahaha I thought you're not even allowed to use your phone in class?! But you're secretly answering my questions! I love a badass😍

hahahah cuz my tcher isnt looking??

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Wait wait. You're secretly answering my questions in class? Omggg you're such a badass😍

hahaha whts wrg with tht 😂

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What time do you end?

Wah don't want answer the other questions?

i hv lesson la hahahha chill

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How old are you?

17 this year

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That's why I said advanced😎 Hehe. Btw why you bro me ah? Haha

cuz like too advanced its not even march yet 😂

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You seem pretty but your face is partially blocked by the snapchat filter

meh i prefer using filters 😂

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And.. happy advanced birthday to you

thanks 😂

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Happy advanced April fools day

broooo still long la hahah

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Do you feel comfortable, when being photographed?

hey! if you had school, how has you first week of school been! if it isn't good, just keep holding on, things will get better! life is like a swing, you can only push yourself up when you're touching the ground! stay beautiful and positive! keep smiling through your problems! i love you! *hugs* 🙆💖


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