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What are you terrible at?
too many things lol
Your tit size?
32 a cups
Where in Canada are you? I'm in Canada too and wouldn't mind meeting up, if you're legit.
I want to see you getting fucked by a big dog.
never again done with animals
let me fuck you silly next time im in toronto, email me at
email me when you have the time and money
do you have any limits?
dogs piss blood gore
What do you order at Starbucks?
dont drink coffee
Do you give blowjobs?
always and love it
How would you describe your style?
mm well most of my clothing is like partying clubbing dress short tight stuff. and i usually just wear my clubbing dresses to work and stuff
what do you think of italian guys ;)
how many fingers can you fit in you?
to fuck fast 2 fingers, 4 easy after lots of fukking
What time did you wake up this morning?
8am for my 930 am shift at work
what's an Asian girls job
dog cunt
hey babe i'd like to fuck the living shit out of you email me at if your looking for a good rough fucking
I'd love to see some of your nudes.... I visit Toronto often for business from Vancouver, next time I'm in town I'll take you out for a spectacular night on the town filled by a little hot tub fun and then a fantastic night of fucking... You down? Send me some pics.....
What color are your eyes?
how old are you and how many times have you fucked so far?
18, over a hundreds.
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How many PEOPLE have you fucked?  Master of Sex Slaves
Hey you sexy little whore. Im in t.o. 30 y/o white. lets party and fuck. i'm looking for a dirty little fuck toy to be my slut on a regular. are u still active on here?
i am but not always. i think that wud be fucked up and fun
When was the last time you danced?
last night lol i dance almost all the time
let me fuck your brains out just hit me up at
What's the first thing you check when you turn on your computer?
comments questions or request ppl ask
Are you > 25?
no lol
Do you prefer older?  rdsixer
HELL yes
Whats the smallest and largest dick size?
10' - 11'