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how old are you and how many times have you fucked so far?
18, over a hundreds.
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How many PEOPLE have you fucked?  Master of Sex Slaves
Hey you sexy little whore. Im in t.o. 30 y/o white. lets party and fuck. i'm looking for a dirty little fuck toy to be my slut on a regular. are u still active on here?
i am but not always. i think that wud be fucked up and fun
When was the last time you danced?
last night lol i dance almost all the time
let me fuck your brains out just hit me up at philtm69@yahoo.com
What's the first thing you check when you turn on your computer?
comments questions or request ppl ask
Are you > 25?
no lol
Do you prefer older?  rdsixer
HELL yes
Whats the smallest and largest dick size?
10' - 11'
u virgin?
hell no
What happened to your tumblr?
idk what happen to it why
you a girl?
yes lol
do u like smoll dicks ..!!
any type of cocks is fine
whats your tumblr?
What color do you like?
black white
Whats the youngest you'll fuck?
lol depends haha
You live in the Toronto area?
yeah i do why do u ask
I live downtown Toronto and work late....you and me for late night drinks and late night fun?
YES! email me if your older, im always in toronto
What is the most important thing you have learned in life?
not much, service a man, and im a dog basically
Would you let me step on your face while i fucked you in the ass?
that would hurt, if i was drunk and passed out u can step on me as much as u want i guess, lol fuck my ass all u want
I visit Canada often would you ever meet for a quick fuck in Montreal?
i've never been to montreal, the legal age is so young there i wish i would go and give u the quick fuck u deserve
How long would you keep my cum in your mouth for after you sucked my hard dick?
how ever as long as u want, or when it dried out or when i got man to service in my mouth
when are you coming to nyc so i can cum in your mouth?
hope in the summer time!!!
Can you send me personal nudes? ;)
send me ur email and waht kind of pics u like, i only do humiliating and degrading pics so be good
why do you have a picture of heer on your tumblr?
whos heer, i just found it on a someones tumblr and thouht she was hot so i reblog it lol