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When was the last time you had some good pussy?

Earlier today

What age were u when u first had sex?

12 lol

So u and monica borsella??

Who isthat?

Are you a virgin??

HA no

do you find it creepy that all these girls say this stuff to you ?

Nahhh aha

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

Fuck no

NIIGGGGA I fucking want to fuck you

Ahaha okay

Your most likely never gonna answer this but ohh well.I want to passionately kiss you.I want to kiss you all the way down to your navel.thenI want to suck your dick and I will be the BEST you've ever had. afterwards I want you to eat me out and give me multiple orgasms.then I want you to BEAT IT UP!

Im no good

I'm a senior at old mill. Don't you go to gb or something

I used too, i just moved back to virginia

Do u get on kik often? And do u have a snapchat?

Nooo and yeah its bradybeck

Do u not live in maryland anymore?


im so tempted to make a vine of me twerking for you but idk


Brady.. I want to feel your abs against my body, I wanna know the taste of your tongue , I wanna feel you glued to my body. Literally I want to fuck you so bad I will give you everything you want a need a more, my best position is definitely the doggy style! So you in or nah? ;)

Aha idk who you are...but if your oomf than sure

Seahawks or broncos?

Obvi seahawks all the way! NFC baby

So why did you get in a fight and post the fight please

He said he was going to shoot my siater and nahh

Your sexy bro, I will go gay for you

Ahhh appreciate it but stay straight man lol

Brunettes blinds or red head?

Hmmm prons blondes to be honest

Do u have kik or are they fake

Mine is bigdaddybeck

Do you think the term bae is annoying

Sometimess but not really



I heard somewhere that if we have sex every day during the week for a month we'd burn more calories then jogging 50 miles....(;

Damn worth a try lol

all these bitches are like "fan since last fall" oh please honey I have been hearing my friends in fburg talking about Brady since middle school. baahha

Ha oh yeah?

You like dem cougars ?

Yeahhhhh hahhahaha

Are u brady that has the vine



I love you



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