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How far are you on duolingo? :)

That far. I was stuck on the "Time" level for months. There are some parts of French that I struggle with terribly. I'm getting there though :).

Can you think of any female musicians that are good role models?

A few off the top of my head:


Kate Bush:

Imogen Heap:

Sarah McLachlan:


Which film role of the last ten years would you liked to have starred as?

Hermione Granger.

What's your favourite song from Horrible Histories?

Anna Lissie

One of many:

What do you do in the free time?

Attempt to sleep (and sometimes dream), eat chocolate, see people like Danny and make videos:

Do you prefer Bec, Becca, Rebecca or Reb? :)

Rebecca or Becca. Beckie was a phase when I started secondary school.

победи на змејот

I shall try.

When are you planning to post a new video? They make my day!! xx

Lauren Louise Munday

I posted this, this week:

I also created a video with Danny that thousands of people have missed! You may not have seen this one.

I never see you eat nuts. Do you have an allergy to nuts?

I LOVE nuts! Almonds, walnuts! - Oh my! Problem is, I eat too many in one go - which is bad for you. I save them as treats!

can you do a room tour video please

How old are you?? :))

LuKãs Sãŋchêz ★

I'm 20 :).

Are you scared of the dark?

No, I'm scared of the Vashta Nerada!

What have you theatre productions have you seen?

Anna Lissie

Oooh, over the years I've seen a few - more so in my early teens.

Woman in Black 2007 WE
Billy Elliot 2005 WE
We Will Rock You 2007 WE
Mary Poppins 2003 WE
How To Succeed In Business 2011 NY

Things I want to see in the future.
Phantom Of The Opera, Les Mis and Matilda. I'm big fans of all three :).

If you where a wicked tyrant what country would you rule?

I'd rule in the land of Stronghold (Original series!)
This is the first mission of a long series, so it's more an introduction to the gameplay. You play as the Hero. I'd love to play the Villains on that.

Much more advanced:

What is your least favorite beverage?

It's not my least favourite, but a beverage that I'm not fond of at all... coffee.

How many cats do you have at home? (I'm rather confused..) :)

In Essex, we have two. Tabby and Puss Puss.

What movie have you watched over and over again?

Ever After - Drew Barrymore :).

Your fringe is really growing! I bet that you'll have a fuller fringe in a month or two. I hope you're noticing it!

I really have to force it down though :). But yes, with the right amount of force/correct accessories, it's starting to take shape. :). Thankyou.

If you were a teacher at Hogwarts school, which subject would you teach?


You don't even have mental health problems though? Oh except for a bit of depression that most people get.

I do, and yes at some stage in everyone's lives - they are depressed. That doesn't make it any less harder to deal with.

Would you ever want to see Matilda the Musical?

I'd love to! I love the book/film as a child. Sarah and I talked about seeing it a while ago :).

If you could do anything in the world what would it be?


What photoshop do u use ?

CS4-6 :).

Do you have a favorite breed of cat? You imitate them so well. It's adorable.