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Okay Paige.

Paige is an ugly name isn't it

It's do weird how I know you're middle name BPB.

Defiantly weird, it's not as if it's in my twitter name, instagram and for a period of time in my Facebook name lol

what does an orgasm feel like


im jake goggin i have a 5 inch penis and im ginger ... interested?

@AdamWatson23 hahaha

Do you spit or swallow? And is your favourite number really 69?


Describe your last Orgasm!!


does chunks cock taste of chow mein?

Sadly no, I have to marinate his willy in a pot of chowmein and lick it off myself

Stop talking to adam watson and get your hairy fanny out

Stop ask.fming me and uninsert Dominic davey's dick from your vagina/bumhole

What type of knickers do you have on?

None I'm nakey for you baby, FUCKING CREEP

do like the taste of cock

Can't get enough of it

Bra size

Right now I'm wearing a 34 c, wbu?

What are you thankful for today?

I am thankful for cats, kittens, lions, tigers, snow leapards, jaguars and meerkats, I love kitty's

best sex you've had

I am a virgin but the most exitement I've had was when my friend amber sucked my toe

what size are ur boobs

I actually have no idea, it depends if im having a big day or small day, they use to be so much bigger though :-(

how bigs chungs cock?

He has a vagina

What is the very last thing you do before you settle in to fall asleep at night?

Pray to the almighty god thanking him for the life he has given me and the sacrifices Jesus made

how many boys u fucked then


what's the naughtiest thing u have ever done

Stole hubba bubba from one stop when I was five

What do you think is the most enjoyable thing?


How much do you love your boyfriend?

Due to the fact he just ate a bco burger in front of me and didn't offer me any I strongly dislike him

Why do you smell of poo?

Y u so ugly

What would you bring to a picnic?

Dr pepper

has anyone ever squished your face up before?



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