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Beth Rossetto @bethrossetto
Beth Rossetto @bethrossetto
Perth, Western Australia
16, Single and ready to eat another Pringle
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Hotties from work?
I don't even have a job at the moment haha
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Do you prefer talking or texting?
Talking defs
come to my wall plzzzzzzzzz <3  Irtaza Qureshi
you okay? :)  Shaun Evans
Yeah :) are you?
hey beautiful :)  Shaun Evans
What's the worst thing you have ever done?
The list is endless hahahahahhaha
Do you always smile for pictures?
Hella yeah
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Top 3 fav girls you go to school with
Idk I can only think of two
thoughts on daniel douglas ?
used to be mates, nice guy
thoughts on Megan McBeath?
She's lovely :-)
what would you rate blair
-3/10 :-)
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You said you want someone you "shouldn't". so it's obvious you don't feel the same about me
Things have changed since then
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But you want someone else:/
What makes you think that? Just inbox me haha
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I want u
Inbox me then
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Ur perf
aw thanks :-)
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Hehe ty
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Who do u like?
someone i shouldnt
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
2 or 3.... boxes
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Like any1?
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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
No way, hate that shit
Thoughts on David?:-)
you do ok ;)
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i think you would :)
Hmm I don't know, because I have really dark eyebrows and pale skin I'm not too sure haha, but I've definitely thought about it :) x
you should dye all your hair blonde x
Haha nah, I don't think I'd suit it full blonde :/
Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
Thoughts on me  David Trevisani
You're so lovely, I'm glad we've started talking again, I missed you! You always put a smile on my face without a doubt. And I'm so glad you're taking me to the ball hehe
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