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PAP of your favorite person?


Why not

why should I

Screenshot sc


Lock screen?😊

my babe 😍😍😍

Such a nice girl,gorgeous,funny,always here for you,basically family😋love you loads💜💜


thank you baby, love you too❤️❤️

talking to anyone

wouldn't say I'm talking to anyone, I have lad mates but not talking to them like that

Current mood/feelings?

dunno anymore

PAP of the very first image on your camera roll?

my ickle princess❤️

Occupation? Or are you at School/College/Uni?

college and Saturday girl in a hairdressers


dead happy tbh

Who is a non-politician you wish would run for office?


are you bothered that macs seeing Emily

it's nothing to do with me lol

What would you do if an elephant were charging at you?


I bet he is then taking a trip in your bed

rather not

When you seeing him again tho

next Friday, he's coming mine to watch forest v Derby with my dad and brother

When you seeing him next then😈

leave me alone you freak

Well you wouldn't see it like that beth but he does

whatever haha

Yes he does beth you don't realise he looks at you more than a friend

no he doesn't hahah

But he has feelings for you as well

no he doesn't

Did he give you a kiss


Get up to much

no just played beer pong and that I didn't drink tho

I see you was with kieran last night then 😮


Shag him when he comes round yours

or not

He wants you so bad I can tell



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