Carmel @bigrocketlauncher
Carmel @bigrocketlauncher
Somewhere, Over the Rainbow
"I've seen your eyes as they fix on me/ what is he doing what on earth is the Plan/ has he got one You better give give me some pointers since you are the big rocket launcher and I'm just the shot gun, I aint got no dollar signs in my eyes that might be a surprise.." (8)
Perhaps Vampires a Bit Strong But..
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Are you ok?
Most defintely. Why do you ask?
What was the last movie you watched that was really good?
Bigrocketlauncher If you know what I mean ;)
Lololol I'd rather stick with the Artic Monkeys definition.
I've been alone with you inside my mind and in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times sometimes I see you pass outside my door. Hello... Is it me you're looking for?
Hello by Lionel Ritchie <3
Mami yo bajo al pozo aunque este apestoso
Ajajajajajajaja Mi Verano Con Amanda XDDDDDDDDDD
Which is the best book you have read so far?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...and I've read a TON of books.
UUUU carmel tumbando!! (i bet you kno who this it) ;) ;) <3
Me imagino XDDDDD
antisocial pero linda!
Lol na' que ver
ENFP question guy here: Oh ok, and sorry if I was random but personality types and patterns intrigue me, still I guess that I still need some practice in type setting people since I mistyped you but it's nice to meet other intuitive people, they're almost always more interesting than sensing people
Haha it's ok hun.
Yo tambien te quiero hun. <3  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
Lol fu
Never, this is too fun to stop.  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
Lol fu
Quiero derretirme en tus labios
Lol fo. Carne humana derretida ew.
Esa negacion eterna no te llevara a ningun lado! PS: is true! eres preciosa! hazle caso al anon  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
Yaaa deja de joder Moises lol
Hahahahaha Such a Carmel (: Algun dia tendras que aceptarlo que tu jalas mas de lo que crees ;D  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
Aja si claro
Play with the lil kids? Anyway echaleee todos los random admirers :D enjoy the attention, you deserve it <3  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
Fuck no a las dos cosas que dijiste lol.
Tu eres preciosaaaa <3 :)
Ay gracias looooooooooool
XD are you this bored hun?  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
I'm in a waiting room, what do you think?
See la madre de Mis hijos para q Sacen la belleza de su madre
Hahahahahaha me meeeooo XDDD
How long does love live?
As long as you want it to.
Eres Una baterista muy sexy
;) Loool
Me gustas!!!! :P
Loololol xD (:
<3 :P
I see i see, such a Carmel-ish answer, then what about this: What you think of the things ur pride hold you back from?  Moisés E. Balcacer Gonzalez
well, then those things werent strong enough to overcome my pride.
Si, pues que personalidad tienes? Tu mente me intrigua.
Pues he cogido ese examen dos veces durante diferente etapas de mi vida. La primera vez mi resultado fue INTP si no me equivoco, la mas reciente fue ENTP.
Pero me gustan mas tus ojos!!! :P
<3 Xd