it's bashair ;ֆ~ @biishoo
Riyadh ;D
They loved me, I loved them, they hate me, I leaving them, I will not regret if one move from my life, who want me will stay near me and who like his life without me I wish him beautiful moment <3 .. - Follow me on twitter : ‎@bashair_f - Facts about me :
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كن رآقي بحوآرك تجذب النآس بجوآرك ♡!*
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If your life were a movie, what would be the title?
Cinderella maybe
Ana z3ltk fe 7aga ? :c
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ﻵ ﻳﻜﺘﻤﻞْ ﺟﻤﺂﻝَ ﻳﻮﻣﻚ ﺇﻵ ﺑْــ " . . . ؟  Mazyd bn Mohammed
كاي تي :$
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أهلنن $فلويني .. شيء لا تريد خسآرتهہ [_ _ _ _]" ‹☺› ♥  Mazyd bn Mohammed
Alnas al6yba :c<3
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Ajml mn (................) ma 3mri shft ♥.♥ *Complete* !  3s
9a7bati :(<3
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ﻛﻠﻤﺔ ﺗَستخدمُوَنها ﻟﻠﺘﺼﺮﻳﻒ . . . . . . ‹(˘̯˘)›'  Mazyd bn Mohammed
"Ma adri" =))
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ممكن تعطيني لايك على افظل اجابه في صفحتي ؟ =*  Abdualaziz alTamimi.
Mumkn :$
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al 7yah ma lha 63m bdun (........) <3*Complete*  3s
3mi allah yr7ma :')
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و مِا النعيّم إلا ( _______ )  Mazyd bn Mohammed
Aljna <3
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I'm lucky because I have .... *complete*  Fadi Bin Nasser ⭐️تعالو باث
More things <3 ..
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I love to spend the day with ".............."Complet ?  3s
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lo kan fy 7yati shi esmh(.............) Ma kan 6fsht :') *complete*  3s
M9ba7 s7ri :(=))
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I smile when i remember ....... (complete)  3s
He's words :c♥
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صفحتك تدل على انك ........................ ( اتحفوني :$ )  حمد بنـ عبدالعزيز
Ensan kwys ;p
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باسوي تصفية لأن عندي 600 واجد ولازم استبدلهم .. حذفت الكل واللي يرد على سؤالي هذا با رجع الفولو اليه .... *  حمد بنـ عبدالعزيز
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used nikon d7000 camera for sell with 2 lens the 50mm and 55-300mm for 4600 sr my number 0505299920 im in riyadh
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فهد تدري انك ... ؟ لو شيء واحد !! ^_^  FahaD Wld Hia✅
Wld m7md :$
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Ya5ii {..................} *complete* ?  Fadi Bin Nasser ⭐️تعالو باث
A7b KT :c♥
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Who will go to hell?
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يرحم والديك شيليها الله يجزاك خير بكره بيوم القيامه راح تتمنين انك ترجعين دقايق عشان تشيلينها الله يوفقك ويجزيك خير ي رب
Shukrn jzak allah 5er <3
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قالو انك(.............) اكملو :$  Mazyd bn Mohammed
Ashbh jdti :$=))
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تمم الفولو  Mohammed Bin Abdullah
Shukrn<3 ..
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Km sh59 3amla lh follow ? ;p  Noura.m ♪ ..
Maybe 5 ~
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What do you see from your window? (post a pic)
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Love is...?
Beautifull <3
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