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Biju B. @bijunkie
Biju B. @bijunkie
Swear like a sailor & cut like a razorblade
bite me
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how can one become friends with you?
the same way you become friends with other people, talk to me! i don't bite, and if you're cool and we have stuff to talk about, we'll be friends.
Old lady days are the best though. I can't wait til I'm 80 and I can do it all the time and not give a damn aha. Thank you darling! I'm super excited/nervous/ I'm gonna be all suave and charming, hopefully.
yes! and I'm sure you will be and everything will go wonderfully!
Oh wow not much then xD Quiet day for me too. I visited a friend at work and now I have a date, exciting times!
no, today was old lady day for me hahahah and a date! whoa! i hope all goes super well and that the person is v interesting
Glad to hear it! The good bits I mean. How was your day?
it was v quiet, i was sleepless for a few days so i slept in, dealt with some emails, wrote a bit of my essay, i went out to do my washing now but somehow forgot the bag so i'll do it tomorrow cause i'm taking it as a sign. some bureaucratic bullshit is going down which is quite upsetting but i'm pretty sure it'll be easy to solve if i call them up tomorrow. What about yours?
I'm doing pretty good actually! How are you on this fine day?
i'm good too! some things are stressful some things are alright and some things are really great
Evening darling.
evening! how are you doing?
several butts
Splinky plinky alio namata il tonky pink shazzaboo. How much of that was actual proper foreign words?
Heauhea ah, que gracinha, que bom então :)) quando eu souber que você vem pra cá, dou um jeito de esbarrar em você hahahah
^-^ sim!
Pq seila é uma viagem minha, improvável, eu moro em sp etc etc e você não se interessaria de qualquer forma, me sinto meio babaca por te achar tão gracinha tão de longe e constrangida haha
Mesmo que seja improvável que eu volte pra SP, não precisa achar que eu não me interessaria poxa, aposto que você é super legal! Eu me sinto muito honrada por você me curtir, mesmo platonicamente, não precisa ficar constrangida! Não é babaca não e não precisa ficar constrangida! Da minha parte pelo menos eu me sinto super elogiada :3
Tenho uma paixão platônica por você e me sinto muito mal por isso! Sorry
Ox não se sinta mal! Porque cê se sente mal?
I hope you have a great time too! Next time you're on here, I'll message you and we can chat some more :3 Sleep well darling! <3
Me too! New years is great. Most my friends are away at uni so. Only get to see them so often!
Yay! I hope you have a great time and that the new year brings many good vibes! I'm gonna go sleep now cause I'm super tired but it was very nice talking and I hope to talk to you more Kiss kiss
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Perhaps ahah. Thank you very much darling. And to you! Yeah! Partaaay with the friends! How about you?
^_^ yay! Same, going to a friends houseparty, im v excited! New heras is mg favorito celebration of the year!
You're quite welcome! This keeps a bit of secrecy so! Awhhh. Sounds good!
Awe! If you ever feel like telling me who you are, please feel welcome to, I'd be v happy to talk! And yes it was great! I wish you happy future Christmasses and strength to deal with the family! Lord knows it gets tough sometimes. Do you have any new year plans?
Indeed! I;ve admired you from a far for a bit now and I kinda just avoided telling you aha, Christmas! Family sucks and annoys me so drunkness!
Ah I feel very flattered, thank you for telling me! And yes I totally get where you're coming from, this was my first happy christmas bcs it was just friends, my family christmas always involved being the odd cousin and getting drunk out of boredom / annoyance hahaha
Sounds good!I'm drunk tbh which is why I had the guts to message you. Bit i'm grand.
Ah well, alcohol is always v good for courage I guess! Any occasion or just celebrating life?
I think you're very sexy! xxx
Why thank you! xx
Awesome. Hello. How are you?
I'm good! A bit burnt out from throwing a christmas party and doing many many things in the past week but very happy! How are you?
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Well tbh I'd like to be friends you're cool
Yes, let's be friends!
can I get to know you then?
You can try to, yes, that doesn't guarantee any biting or anything of the sort though
Why not? :(
Well I like knowing and being interested in who is biting me when they do otherwise it's not nice or fun
I would love to bite you.
Well you can't
am i allowed to kiss you?
you might be but i can't really tell as right now you are the internet