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What's a phrase you use often?

(please shut up)

Do you prefer cinema or theatre?


Who was the last person you said thank you to?

you to ... YOU hahaha LOL

but i love u more and do not care if you're famous or not, because I like you anyway. Many people like you, and do not care if you're famous or not, because the heart and way of being is what matters, and that's why I like you, okay?? Be you the same and everyone will like you :)


Do you like olives?


http://ask.fm/Defiis On veux des défis please :)


you have twitter :/ ?


oh come on listen to me okay http://www.facebook.com/www.miniperiezgi.com.tr this is my faceboook account and ıf you want add me b'cause ı wont write this here :)

i haven't facebook sorry

anybody not hate you belive me :) xx ı not hate you :) why hate you ?

but its trua many people hate me cause Niall and Harry llove me :(

Harry isn't in love with me really


ohh :(

ı think you relax baby okay ? and why you angry me ı just ask ok?!!!!

sorry i'm not angry just hater bother me !!

Eleanor say this


say what ?

really ? sorry but ım not ill ı see your name but.. ı not meet you ?

cool i not meet you too !! i'm not famous !!!

who are u ?

i'm olivia west -_-

Im fifty cent

oh ok but i don't see your name !!

sorry sorry its was my hacker behind me not me

but who are you ?

Hazza not in love with me real :'(


oh shit :'(

Hey HowGetYouALife

what ? i'm REAL sto)p


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About Olivia West (✔):

its my New acc guys ! my older is hacked
proof : http://ask.fm/NiallHoRaNxxxx/answer/33418644207

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